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Turkish Angora cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The cat Turkish angora a very beautiful domestic cat, with soft and long hair; a medium sized pussycat, has a sociable, faithful and affectionate character, ideal for your company.

Images and photos of Turkish Angora Cats

In this section you can find photographs of Angora cats. Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

What is a Turkish Angora Cat?

Turkish Angora Cat, Angora Cat or Turkish Angora (Anka Kedisi in Turkish) It is one of the oldest domestic cat breeds. Originally from the Angora region, in Central Turkey, now Ankara. He was taken to Europe from the sixteenth century and then gradually to the rest of the world. It’s one of the felines domestic more beautiful that we could adopt as a mascot. Her soft and long hair characterizes this nice creature, besides being affectionate, faithful and intelligent.

What are the most common features of the Turkish Angora cat?

The Turkish Angora is a very elegant and athletic animal, of small and medium size, it has some characteristics that the differences of other races, this section shows you how to identify and recognize a Turkish Angora cat:

Weight: between 3 to 5 kilograms.

Height: between 15 to 20 cm.

Body: Slender, long, robust and muscular.

Eyes: medium and large, oval. Its color may vary between green, blue, amber and copper; in some you can show up heterochromia. That is, eyes of different colors, mainly in angoras of white fur.

Nose: elongated and straight.

Ears: They are large compared to the rest of the cats, pointed, stiff with tufts of hair on the back.

Head: It has a triangular shape and a size between small and medium.

Extremities: They are thin and elongated, the later ones being higher than the previous ones.

Tail: It is thin and long, it has a lot of hair.

Fur: long, silky and soft.

Coat color: mainly white, there are currently variations between gray, amber, black, chocolate red, cinnamon, cream, caramel.

The Turkish Angora Cat and its varieties

Although the best known is the blue-eyed Turkish white angora cat, they generally exist in all colors except Orientals.

The Turkish Angora cat and its colors can be presented as the bicolor black and white; there are more than twenty varieties in smoke, brindle, silver or gray, white, black, hawksbill or red.

How is the character and behavior of a Turkish Angora cat?

When choosing a Angora cat as a pet and companion You will find a nice animal, faithful and affectionate, energetic and agile. They are sociable and companion animals.

A pretty intelligent animal, which can identify up to ten words. He is also very juquetón, he loves to play with balls and toys. He carries a hunting instinct, which helps him in his games by catching objects. He loves to climb the highest places inside the house, as he likes to rule over the house over other pets such as dogs and cats.

Turkish Angora cat character

If you choose a Turkish Angora kitten, you must show your affection with affectionate words, pampering and caresses. This animal is very faithful to its owners, is patient with small children. Choose a single person, who will be your favorite person and will show all your affection.

Although he has a gentle character, he has a strong and arrogant character, and will not endure a despotic or rude treatment. They detest the noise, the lights, the strange smells, the sudden movements, the trips and they find it unbearable to remain locked in cages.

Can you know the sex of a Turkish Angora cat?

There are different ways of identify your Angora is female or male, especially if you are adopting and you want to put the most appropriate name to your pussycat.

How to know if a cat is male or female analyzing its genitals?

The first thing you should do is raise your cat’s tail and observe their sexual organs. The cats have the vagina they have located just below the hole in the anus. In the males, under the hole of the anus they have their testicles. But there is a separation that is the scrotum as a bulge and the penis. In newborns, males are not as visible and sometimes difficult to recognize.

How to find out the sex of a cat is female or male by color ?

There is an effective way to know the sex of an Angora by the color of its fur. In males the color of the coat may have only 2 colors. In the females the fur they can have up to 3 colors at a time (tricolor).

Is it possible to know the sex of your Cat or Turkish Angora Cat by its body ?

The main aspect to differentiate between males and females is that the males are larger, heavier and taller than the Angora females.

In case of the females, the body is thinner and lighter, they have the most feminine body. The males however have a more corpulent, muscular and robust physique.

Turkish and female male Angora cat

There is an aspect to differentiate sex, it is the shape of the face, but only veterinarians or experts can. The shape of the face of the females is a little narrow and somewhat more pointed than that of the males.

If you are interested in knowing more about this topic, we recommend you read our article: Cat and its sex How to know if it is cat or cat?

How much does a Turkish Angora Cat live?

Longevity of our pet It will depend on the care and attention we provide.

A Turkish Angora that lives inside a home has a life expectancy between the 12 to 16 years. With the care you give your kitten, you will get her to live as long as possible.

How to gain the trust of a Turkish Angora Cat?

Turkish Angora Breed is characterized by the great affection he shows towards his masters and his family. They are extremely affectionate animals and demand the same from their loved ones. This furry is not going to try to please us, at any time, he just expects us to take care of him, with patience, respect and affection.

The first thing you should do is create an environment of trust. You must offer him a place where he can feel safe, a space in which he can be calm and play.

If you want to gain the trust of an Angora, you must treat him with respect, it is the most important thing. You should not raise your voice, or hit him, or grab his tail, nor should you force him to do something he does not want to have him in your arms, do not scare him or upset him.

Provide water and food, provide your food and do not miss at any time, if you want to please this species, find your favorite food that is to your liking.

Relax when stressed, this species loves company, pampering and caresses. Give her the time she needs, leave prizes scattered on the floor. Invite him to play by teaching him a duster. It will be then when it begins to remain longer within your sight and will give you the confidence you seek.

How to care for a Turkish Angora cat?

This pussycat requires good care and attention, this animal is very clean, but it needs its coat to be healthy and healthy.

To the Turkish Angora cat you must accustom it to periodic baths since baby. For your bath, you need to use special shampoo and be very careful when bathing, without excessive shampoo, taking care of its shine and the vitamins of its coat.

To keep your coat beautiful, comb it daily with a special soft comb that does not mistreat your fur. preventing hair from getting tangled and in turn removing dead hair preventing it from going to your digestive system. It is also necessary to provide an adequate temperature in winter.

Regarding your diet, you need to be well fed, the Turkish Angora has a very delicate stomach, your food must be healthy, enriched with vitamins and proteins, avoiding excess fat.

The vaccines should be applied a few months after birth, to avoid congenital problems such as deafness. It is necessary to take him periodically to the veterinarian to ensure that he has all his vaccines up to date.

The most important thing is to give him adequate attention, the love of a family and enough space where he can play freely.

What do the Turkish Angora Cats eat?

Feeding the Turkish Angora cat It is not so different from the other cat breeds, but to give the correct nutrition to your pet. Your food should alternate in an 40% dry food and an 60% wet food. Although many experts recommend only dry feeding, such a diet can damage the kidneys of the kitten. They mistakenly mention that wet diet damages dental plaque, which is false.

According to the age of the Turkish Angora, a veterinarian will recommend us the brand of balanced meal or I think be the most appropriate, depending on the age of our partner (kitten, adult or older than seven years) or at some stage of their life such as pregnancy and some disease.

Turkish Angora cat food and feed

We should not feed our food, or get used to treats or prizes for pets (cheese, milk, etc.), obesity in a cat makes it prone to a shorter life expectancy in a 50%.

It is important to offer our Angora cat clean and fresh water daily, changing and cleaning the container or drinker. Preventing our pet from being exposed to diseases and viruses.

What diseases are the most common in the Turkish Angora Cat?

The Turkish Angora are generally very healthy and do not suffer from many diseases as with other animals. In addition to being a race that lives much more than the average of other cats. In this section we show you some diseases that affect this animal.

Turkish Angora cat diseases

Genetic Deafness

Genetic deafness is a common disease that attacks the Angora cat, especially those with blue eyes. Cats that have eyes of different colors may have deafness on the side of the blue eye.

Although this disease can affect the health of the Angora kitten, it can live a long and peaceful life. There should be a little more care and protection, avoiding outside contact. Due attention and regular assistance should be given to the veterinarian.


Lymphoma and feline cancer are the most common diseases in the Turkish Angora cat. Among the symptoms of this cancer of the lymphatic system can be weight loss, lack of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, difficulty breathing and swelling in the lymph nodes. If any symptoms are found, you should go immediately to your veterinarian. Unfortunately this disease is incurable. But with treatment like chemotherapy, it can prolong the life of the kitten a couple of years or more. There is no way to prevent, only the recommendation to keep kittens away from smoking families. Since there is the probability and incidence of lymphoma in these homes.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

La Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or HCM is another disease that can contract Turkish Angora Cat. This disease causes the walls of the cat’s heart to expand, affecting the pumping capacity and may end in the feline’s death. The main symptoms are: difficulty in breathing, weakness, loss of appetite and prolonged sleepiness. This disease has no cure, but timely treatment can prolong life up to 2 years after diagnosis. Anti coagulants and diuretics are applied in the treatment. It should keep cats free of stress with this disease.

How do the Turkish Angora Cat reproduce?

Cats in general is a species inclined to sexuality, it is important to know some aspects about reproduction and estrus in Angora cats.

The Turkish Angora reaches puberty and age to reproduce between the 6 months and a year depending on sex.

The females can be in heat in a year up to 5 times. The pregnancy can last between 63 to 67 days and delivery until 2 hours. In general they have a litter of four cats on average, the kittens are born blind and deaf. The senses begin to have operation between the 10 to 12 days after his birth. Cats can have about three litters a year. It is important to have control over population regulation. Many times it is convenient to castrate the males and sterilize the females.

Curiosities of the Turkish Angora Cat

In this section we show you some curiosities of the Turkish Angora Cat:

  • The Angora cat breed was almost extinct in the mid-twentieth century.
  • The Turkish Angora cat breed was recently recognized in 1988 in Europe and only the white varieties, with three possible eye colorations: blue, amber and disparate.
  • The Angora cat is often confused with other breeds like the Persian cat and the cats that are very hairy, but according to their characteristics they are different in many aspects.
  • The export of Turkish Angora Cat it can be punished with death in the case of a Turk or with the deprivation of liberty for life for a foreigner.

How much does a Turkish Angora Cat cost?

If you want to buy a cat of this breed you will see that the price depends a lot on the morphological quality and its breeding. The Angora Turkish cat has a price of 600 euros in Spain, with a good pedigree and a certified hatchery.

It is a little complicated to find animals of this breed because of its rarity, especially the black Turkish Angora cat.

How much is an Angora Turkish cat worth in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia?

But if you are in another country the Turkish Angora cat can buy it at the price between 200 to 400 USD in Mexico and Argentina, and in Colombia between the 150 to 350 USD.

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