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Tips to strengthen the immune system in cats

Cats are resistant animals, explorers and instinctual, however, your body, as with other animals as with humans, is susceptible to many diseases, and although these can not always be prevented, the truth is that The better the state of health and well-being, the lower the risk of contracting some pathology.

Fortunately, the body of our most beloved pets, has its own healing resources and one of the most important tasks we have as owners is to adopt all those habits that will strengthen these responses and prevent numerous health alterations.

In this article we show you the best tips to strengthen the immune system in cats.

The immune system of felines

The immune system of cats is the responsible for maintaining health of the cat preventing any type of infection caused by a pathogen. A system of defenses in good condition destroys any threat to health before it can harm the body.

Contrary to what was initially believed, the immune system not only protects against infectious agents but is also responsible for preventing any abnormal cellular reproduction, that is, prevents the reproduction of cancer cells.

The immune system is not only made up of white blood cells or defense cells, but the active part of it is very active. bacterial flora of the cat, which is the set of healthy bacteria that are naturally colonizing the intestine of our feline.

Cats tend to have a weakened immune system when they are puppy cats or when they are in the last stage of their lives, although for different reasons.

The immune system of a puppy is in the process of maturation, however, the immune system of an elderly cat is losing ability to respond progressively.

Organic food and good quality

The feeding of the cat is a factor that intervenes directly on the health of the same therefore it is also the main tool to keep the immune system in optimal condition.

We recommend that you consult the nutritional information label of your cat’s balanced feed, the following components are responsible for reducing the immune system’s response capacity: dyes, preservatives and meat by-products.

It is preferable that you choose a organic feed that does not contain such substancesAlthough economically it is more expensive, it is also much more positive for your cat’s health and immune system.

Opt for more natural treatments

Any pharmacological treatment diminishes the symptoms associated with a certain disease since it acts by canceling the defensive mechanisms of the organism, therefore, the drugs should not be the first option of treatment.

Other natural therapies, such as homeopathy for cats, can be applied with great success to a multitude of disorders, offering a effective treatment but what it is not aggressive for the immune system, but it appropriately potentiates and modulates its response.

Obviously, these treatments must be supervised by a veterinarian who has an adequate knowledge and management of natural therapies, that is, a holistic veterinarian.

Probiotics for cats

Has your cat gone through digestive disorders or has he had to undergo an antibiotic drug treatment? In these cases the best way to keep the immune system in good shape is to perform a treatment with probiotics.

Probiotics for cats are specific products that are considered nutritional supplements and contain strains of beneficial bacteria for the cat organism, which are the same as those found naturally in the cat’s intestine.

A treatment with probiotics when necessary is a natural, safe and effective tool to improve the functioning of the immune system.

Avoid stress in the cat

Stress is a threat to the immune system, the higher the level of stress, the less effective the defensive responses of the organism itself.

It is important that you avoid stress in your cat, for this, you must provide a clean and adequate environment, a safe and familiar routine and enough love and time for your pet to feel a full state of well-being.

In addition to adopting all these guidelines, do not forget that Periodic veterinary assistance It is essential.

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