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Tips to prevent my cat from escaping

The reasons why a cat has a tendency to run away from home are not always the same, but the street is very dangerous for domestic cats. Cats and adult cats can escape as a result of jealousy, and decide that a romantic getaway suits them.

Cats are nocturnal hunters, they carry it in the blood. What young cat can resist a slight live noise that sounds among the leaf litter that he observes from the balcony? These are examples of the reasons why cats want to escape, but they are not the only ones.

If you decide to continue reading, we will point out some more reasons to elope and the ways to keep my cat from escaping, and yours too. Take note of our advice:

El celo

The only effective way to curtail sexual desires of cats and cats is castration. It may seem cruel, but if we want our cat or cat to have a long and serene existence it is the only solution.

In addition, the capacity of proliferation of cats is such that, if we let them breed without control, our planet would become instead of the current home for the earth inhabitants, on the planet of the “cat-eaters”.

So, nothing can prevent the love affairs of our pussycats, except surgery. For females, there are medications heat inhibitors, but a permanent medication causes health problems to the cat. Therefore, sterilization is much more advisable, which also entails a host of advantages.

Adventurous hunters

Cats and cats like to hunt. They are physically, mentally and genetically designed by nature for this purpose.

Do an experiment: if you are sitting on the sofa watching TV with the loud volume and your cat remains impassive in the same room; with dissimulation scratch with your nails the fabric of the furniture, causing a slight rumor. You will immediately observe that the cat becomes alert. You have heard a thud similar to that which rodents make during their feeding. Despite the volume of ambient noise, the cat will have caught the murmur of your fingers scratching the sofa. If you continue making the slight noise, the cat will locate the source of the rumor, and attentive will approach the place with all its muscles prepared in case you have to jump over a prey.

Urban cats have almost no such stimuli; but felines that live in a rural environment are perfectly prepared to perform night beaters in search of prey. That is why they are so lustrous, because they complement their diet with what they hunt.

Urban cats can be provided with rag mice to pretend to hunt them and thus stimulate their predatory instinct within the home. Spend time playing with our cat is very important to keep him entertained and avoid looking for fun elsewhere.

Bored cats

The cats that are the only pet of a home, tend to escape more than those who are a pair of cats that live together. The reason is that a lonely cat gets bored much more than two felines that live together and preen, play and fight from time to time.

The desire to perceive things other than the daily monotony of walls, hours, meals and care received, which are an identical copy from one day to the next; causes in some cats a kind of “The day of the marmot”, which impels them to escape away from the monotony.

Un playmate It is ideal to break the burden of the cat. Changes in diet, new toys and a little more quality time with him, will also be positive.


Cats are not infallible, they also suffer accidents. To jump from the ground to the edge of a work railing can easily do it hundreds of times; but any day you can miss the jump. If they fall from very high, four floors for example, they usually die, but not always.

If they fall from the first floor, it is usual for them to survive and remain aggrieved waiting for you to come down and pick them up. For a time they are careful.

I have been living with cats for a long time, I have lived various happy and unfortunate experiences because of feline errors and fatal unforeseen circumstances. In an article of mine entitled: “The theory of extraterrestrial cats”, I narrated how a young Siamese girl survived a fall from a fourth floor. In the following points I will narrate how other cats were injured in my home.

This type of behavior, known as the parachutist cat syndrome, is very dangerous and should be avoided with all kinds of measures: fences, fences, meshes.

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