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Tips to make a cat more sociable

Your cat is a endearing and affectionate cat with you but tends to be a bit grumpy with other people? Or are you just distantly with everyone, even with you and your own human family and want it to be different?

Although some cats are more detached nature than others, and this is a fact that must be accepted, this distance can be extended and encouraged or, on the contrary, be shortened in the early stages of development and throughout the life of the cat. cat.

If you want your cat to be more open, you and your family can help. Continue reading this article, where we will give you some tips to make your cat more sociable.

Early socialization

Educating from a young age is the key. Many people try to socialize their adult cat and that is when they notice this detail. We must accustom our cat, since he is small, to be surrounded and to live with other people and animals. This will make her get used to socializing on a regular basis and for the cat to break the distance gap since she was a baby.

If you want your cat to be sociable, the best way is to educate it quickly taking into account in socialization, efforts that are aimed at raising him as a cordial and open cat, giving him affection and positive contact.

The process starts naturally from the first day of life, when the cat begins to relate to his mother and, later, his brothers. That teaches you how to communicate according to feline language. Later, around three months, when it will be possible to separate him from his progenitor, the cat must continue his socialization, interacting with dogs, cats, children and adults.

Using positive reinforcement to attract and make the experience more positive is extremely important. Involves all members of the family in the activities and dynamics that are established, you do not want to just be sociable with you and distant with others.

Positive social links

make that the whole family spend time with the cat. It allows you to see them as friends, protectors and food providers, in this way the bond will be positive and pleasant for him. Perform daily routines where the main purpose is based on your cat being a more affectionate and sociable animal. You want me to love you, as much as you love him.

One suggestion could be to give eat several times a day In small quantities. Do not put too much food once a day, but your cat will not realize who is the person who, with so much love, feed him. By doing it on different occasions, you will be reinforcing the idea that you are the one who feeds it. At the time of placing the food in the feed, or when opening a can of wet food, talk to him and tell him how rich is what he is going to taste in brief. Paying attention to small details is essential, as he will feel loved and cared for.

Love and pure love

The physical contact you have with him tries to make it always with love. That improves any relationship. Play with him, enjoy his presence and let him enjoy yours. Talk to him all the time, caress him and comb him so that he gets used to the contact, yes, without overwhelming. Respect your security space and bring it to you with kind words and goodies.

Make him feel important within the family nucleus. Without insistence, make the whole family spend time near your space to talk or play, while you pay attention but let him approach for their own interest. It allows you to interact with everyone, adults and children.

If you follow all these tips with a lot perseverance and patience, you will see how in a short time, the cat will go from being distant to sociable and later to affectionate. The relationship will go from being distant to very close. Everything is progressive, this can be a process that lasts for days, weeks or even months.

Time to play

Everything that has to do with activities and games, promotes that the cat is more sociable, has more interaction with other people, improves their intelligence and contributes to the development of curiosity. It is basic for cats play a good time a day, and better still, if it is done in the company of the family or other friendly animals, besides, being an excellent way to strengthen ties.

Do not try to push the cat with games that may be somewhat invasive. For example, cats, unlike dogs, do not like to be persecuted. Your pet can feel cornered and even afraid. Better discover the different toys for cats that exist in the market and that best suit him.

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