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Tips to keep my cat from biting the wires

Cats love all those elements that hang, like laces, garters, ropes, ribbons and, especially, cables. It’s the best distraction for your cat to be able to play and play with them. Your cat sure is a specialist chewing wires. It has damaged computer cables, headphone cables and connectors of all kinds. You, on the other hand, do not know how to stop this behavior, you also know not only that it can hurt and even kill your pet, but that it could cause a fire at home.

In this article on Tips to prevent your cat from biting the wires, we will give you some homemade tips that you can carry out to eradicate this habit in your pet.

Why do cats bite wires?

Although it seems that your cat has an obsession with the wires of the house, the taste is not only for this element. What’s going on? When the cats begin teething they chew anything that happens to them by the sight and even more if it hangs and swings from somewhere, because it also becomes a game.

Most cats outgrow this problematic behavior from their second year. However, if it is not completely eliminated in this stage of life, it can become an obsessive habit. Keep the kitten and the home safe. Chewing a plugged-in power cord can burn your cat’s tongue, break his teeth, electrocute him, and cause internal damage and even death (depending on the intensity).

If your cat is an adult and continues with this behavior even though it has left the teething stage far behind, it may have to do with the boredom factor. Cats, although homemade, need a lot of activity and play. If your cat goes crazy with the cables and not only plays with them in a delicate way but chews them and breaks them, you could help correct them and divert their attention by distracting them with toys that simulate fun and challenge, supporting them with the interaction with their human family . For example, simple boxes, sheets, fabrics and cloth animals, cats love. For more information, do not miss our article on the most fun toys for cats.

Better to stay away from the cables

Surely, you have all the ingredients at home to perform the following magic potions that will get away your cat from the simple and powerful cables. If not, you can buy them at any store or supermarket. To know How to prevent your cat from biting the wires, take note of the following recipe:

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of Vaseline with 2 teaspoons of well-acidic lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of ground red pepper.

Spread this mixture through all the electrical cables that are exposed in your house. Although the felines are attracted by the smells, they hate the taste of a very sour lemon and the itch of a strong pepper (the warm-blooded animals avoid them). Vaseline acts as an adherent of the mixture to the cable and helps keep it compact.

Although visually it is not very pleasant, while you are in the process of eliminating this behavior in your cat, wrap the cables in aluminum foil, double-sided tape (the gray-silver color), or with the plastic called “bubble wrap” “That is used to pack and that, generally, the cats do not like it because of the sound and the effect they cause when popping the balls.

Home to cables and jacks

As always, in, we recommend prevention. And although we know that, practically, in every household in the world electric cables tend to hang, it is very important to do everything possible so that this does not happen, especially if you have animals and children. Make sure your home is safe for your pet and your family.

First, save all video game consoles controls, try to use wireless headphones and block spaces in your house where there may be some interest from your cat. Second, Any cable must be wrapped tightly and hidden behind the furniture. You can lean on the typical metal ties of the bread bags to make the cables shorter and prevent long extensions from hanging (that really catches your attention). Avoid the snake and pendulum effects at all costs; You can avoid these temptations, using a bit of tape to get the wires out of the way and stick them to the wall.

Follow all our tips to prevent your cat from biting the wires and you will see how, little by little, you will put aside this practice that can cause so much damage, both to the animal and to the home.

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