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Tips for caked hair in cats

Cats are one of the animals that gives more importance to personal hygiene. Practically all the free time they have during the day use it to preen themselves. Their technique not only keeps them clean, but also helps them prevent parasites and bacteria and control body temperature in hot environments.

In the same way, there are cats that, however groomed they may be, have a tendency to matted hair and the accumulation of residue and knots in their fur. We, like your human companions, should not trust that our pet will keep its own grooming by itself, so we must give them a hand so that it is always healthy and in perfect condition.

Caked hair is very common in cats and has its treatment. Continue reading this article where we will give you some solutions to remove the matted hair in cats.

Start by removing knots and dirt

We know that a cat has matted hair when it is full of knots, most of them dirty and sticky and that sometimes do not stop falling. Although this does not look unpleasant to the naked eye, it is not good that a cat’s coat is in such conditions.

Caked hair occurs more often in long-haired cats, but this does not mean that it can not occur in short-haired cats. The caking is produced more in the spring and autumn times when the cats are doing their respective hair change. The change of dead hairs is normal and is a process that can not be avoided.

In cats that are overweight this problem tends to accumulate because they can not access, just as easily, certain areas of their body. This group of knots also appear when the cat has very tangled hair because it has not been brushed regularly or has long time without a good hairdressing session. These cases can be taken to the extreme to the point that the cat is so uncomfortable that he feels the need to lick and scratch more than the bill, can produce lesions on your skin as an acral granuloma. Finally, if they are already too many and are very attached to the skin, they can only be removed by shaving or cutting the animal’s fur.

Another cause, related to health, is that the caked hair could be a symptom of some fungus on the skin. For this, the cat should be taken to the veterinarian and performed the respective tests that rule out any skin disease or bacterial problem.

The cat with the most healthy and beautiful hair

La prevention is the basis of all good health and correct physical condition. It is important to be consistent with all the cleaning dynamics, such as bathing our cat, unraveling and brushing its delicate fur. If we are already applied in this area, the caked hair will concentrate much less, disappear completely or it will not occur. Do not forget that long-haired cats require specific types of brushes for long-haired cats.

At a general level and even more so when a cat already has matted hair, one of the main objectives in our fight against the world of knots, is to facilitate detachment. First locate each knot and try to undo them or at least soften them with your fingers, you can apply some baby oil, natural talc or corn starch. Do not wet it with water, you will only make it more compact. Detangles and removes residues from the tip to the root, never the other way around. Then when it is undone and clean it is proceeded with the straightening.

For this we recommend the use of a strong wire brush type “rake”, they are very good because they get into the lower layer of the fur, which is where the nasty knots develop. Do everything with caution and in principle with great delicacy. For short-haired cats use a rubber card, these are perfect to eliminate dead hair, while protecting the feline’s skin.

The infallible change of hair

As we will not be able to fight with this, the best thing will be to facilitate and accelerate the whole process. At the same time that you brush, every day or maximum every three days the hair of your cat, try to give it beer yeast. One tablet a day will help the next moult be a bit lighter.

The food also helps

The feeding also contributes to capillary health of the animals. You can promote the good condition of your cat’s coat, including in its diet foods that have good fats and omega 3 and 4 fatty oils, such as sardine oil or blue fish, that help maintain a healthy skin, and so both a beautiful, hydrated and shiny coat.

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