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The personality of cats according to their color

Just like humans or other animals, Each cat has its own personality, which can be influenced by sexual factors (male or female), hormonal factors or if you have followed a process of socialization in your puppy stage.

However, many specialists claim that there is a direct relationship between melanin and cat dopamine that causes one type of personality or another. Is it true? Discover in what would be the personality of cats according to their color.

Keep reading and find out if this post matches the personality of your cat:

Three color cats

Like tortoiseshell cats, tricolor cats are those that show a more variable personality and surprising. They are usually very active, playful and curious. A curious fact is that three-color cats they are always females. This genetic peculiarity and the personality that it entails can be closely related to hormonal changes.

Two-colored cats

Bicolor cats usually have a stable but distant personality. They can be extremely affectionate with you and the next minute flee when you try to touch them. This peculiarity of their character makes them extremely curious and surprising.

Black cat

Many people know that black cats are associated with bad luck as a result of their persecution in the middle ages, however, in other cultures the black cat has received a much more favorable treatment. Why?

The truth is that the black cat is the one that is more predisposed to be quiet, shy but very affectionate. As you will discover if one day you have one, the black cat has something special and unique, a personality much more sensitive than that of the other cats.

Orange cat

Orange cats are especially sweet and affectionate being those that more predisposition show to meow in search of affection, caresses and affectionate words.

They love to rub and receive caresses being the ones that they are left to manipulate of all the cat colors that exist. However, at the beginning they tend to be shy, like any newcomer, right?

White cat

White cats are undoubtedly those that have a more complex personality and hard to understand. They usually need more time and patience to establish a relationship, but once it is formed it is forever.

Except with their relatives, the white cat is usually the most shy, distant and rushing. Take advantage of any circumstance or close hand to throw a claw. However, and as we have said, the white cat will be very faithful with whom you have confidence.

Hawksbill cats

Hawksbill cats have a beautiful story that surrounds them, very mythological and supernatural. That may be why cats are more variable characterHowever, a hawksbill cat is the most faithful friend that can exist.

They tend to be the most timid and distant cats with strangers, but once there is a strong link, the hawksbill cat will show you its affection in a lion’s way; with bites and soft claws.

Gray cat

Gray cats have, in general, a naughty, funny and affectionate attitude. They are especially beautiful and have a bit of all personalities. It is a fantastic cat that is left to manipulate and caress but without losing its feline nature.

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