The most loving cat breeds

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The vast majority of domestic cats are affable pets, but there are some of them in which this feature stands out. Therefore, in this article we will point out the most loving cat breeds.

Surely many affable and sweet breeds will be out of this relationship, but there are so many adorable breeds for their beauty and sweetness that it is materially impossible to relate them all. In addition, you should always keep in mind the particular idiosyncrasy of each cat. You will observe, if you have more than one cat of the same species, that there is always one more affectionate than your companion.

The Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is a extremely affectionate race with the family with whom he lives, in a special way with respect to children, with whom he has an infinite patience.

A “doggy” peculiarity of the Siamese cat is its tendency to wait outside the door for the family member about to arrive home.

The Siamese cat is within reach of anyone who decides to adopt one. It is an extraordinary pet, guarantee of good times. It is a race with a lively and curious temperament, but with an enormous capacity to express affection. It is a very intelligent cat breed, able to communicate with people.

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The ragdoll cat

The ragdoll cat he is tremendously meek and affectionate, until the point of falling apart with the musculature totally loose when it is caught in arms, which explains the name ragdoll – rag doll -, with which this race is known. It is a curious contrast that a cat of such large size is so tame and affable with the visits.

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The cat maine coon

The maine coon breed is very popular in the United States, where the breed comes from, and they are part of the list of the most affectionate cats for being extremely social and affectionate with the family, especially with children.

This giant breed of cat has a couple of characteristics of the breed. The first is that they love the water and bathe in it. The second is that they always choose within the family a person with whom they are more affectionate and linked than with the rest. In addition, he gets along well with other pets.

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Exotic cat

The exotic cat is a breed, perhaps the most, affectionate with the family. So much so, that he can not stand loneliness well, getting sick if left alone.

It is very meek and it is always where the family meets in greater numbers to enjoy your company and offer them all your affection. On the other hand, it tolerates coexistence with other pets very well.

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Burmese cat

The Burmese cat, or sacred of Burma, is a race with a spectacular physical presence. His distinguished appearance combines very well with the affection he shows to the family with whom he lives and, for that reason, he is part of the most affectionate cat breeds.

It is not a race that is as naughty and moved as others. its gentle and calm temperament they make it an ideal cat for families that like a quiet environment in their home.

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The Bombay cat

The Bombay cat is a little known breed, but very highlighted by the affection that he professes to the family who welcomes it A characteristic of this breed is that it barely meows or emits other habitual sounds among the other cats. It is usually a very calm race.

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The cat Havana

On the other hand, the Havana cat is so affectionate that sometimes it becomes heavy because of the obstinacy ask to be caressed. He is very intelligent, playful and sociable, both with the family and with strangers. He is very active and constantly request attention or to play with him.

The Persian cat

The Persian cat is not only popular for its long and soft fur, it also stands out for being a Calm cat. It is perfect for calm families who want a cat with a relaxed lifestyle similar to theirs.

Besides being extremely calm, the Persian cat is very smug and he loves that we comb him and devote time to his fur. For that reason, if you are someone who enjoys grooming the hair of the cat, the Persian is perfect for you. Dedicating time and a lot of love, we will have a cat specially at our side attached and sweet.

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The scottish fold cat

The scottish fold cat has a really adorable look thanks to its ears folded down and forward. It is sweet in its appearance but also in its character: the scottish fold is a friendly and friendly cat, easy to adapt.

He usually remains calm inside the home and is, in general, a very docile cat who willingly accepts other pets, people and small games. Enjoy receiving affection and caresses.

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A common cat

Any cat can be affectionate and a great life companion if we dedicate time, love and games. If you are not sure which cat breed is right for you, we recommend that you go to a shelter and see for yourself how the cats are there. Any animal with a good treatment can be affectionate and sweet! And if you do not get it, do not hesitate to read our post to know how to tame a cat.

Both a common cat and the previous breeds are the most affectionate cats, but that does not mean that any cat can not be. Tell us about your partner and tell us how loving he is with you!

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