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The feeding of the cat

Cat feeding, both adult and puppy, is directly related to their development and health. For this reason it is very important to know what our pet’s needs are to feed it properly and have a healthy 100% feline.

In this article we show you the different types of diet: think, wet or homemade diets so you can decide which one your pet needs. Keep reading to know and know in depth what is the right diet for your cat.

What does my cat need?

The feeding of felines in the wild is based on meat and fish although it is true that they receive certain amounts of vegetables through their prey. For this reason, opimal feeding should have a 26% protein and 40% fat.

There are many products that we find in the market that do not meet these percentages and we can check it easily on the labels of the container. It is for this reason that more and more people are combine feed, wet food and homemade diets of the cat thus improving the quality of its feeding.

¿What recommends ?

Many owners, knowing the simple procedure to prepare homemade diets, quickly decide to change the animal’s diet. The problem arises when the lack of information or the lack of knowledge of some necessary nutrients for your cat provoke in your pets a decrease in the defenses or the disappearance of some fundamental sustenance.

Although we love that people dedicate time to elaborate high quality homemade diets for their pets, it is true that we always recommend the combination of feed, wet food and homemade diets thus providing a variety of food that will enrich not only the diet of our pet but also the happiness of this.

The dry feed

The dry feed It is essential for the diet of the animal because it facilitates keeping your teeth without tartar as well as being economical. Even so, we must pay attention to what type of feed we are buying since most, and especially those of low quality, provide a high fat content that can promote animal obesity.

  • I think for growing cats: In this case there are feeds with high protein and fat content that is essential for their growth. Generally, feed that focuses on feeding cats at this stage of development usually have vitamin and calcium supplements.
  • I think for adult cats: Adult cats need less fat. We advise you to look for a high quality and suitable feed (for example, a special one if your cat is neutered). Follow the feeding table correctly and remember that you must provide plenty of water.
  • I think for old cats: This last case requires special attention. In many stores you will find specific feed for older cats that have less fat and protein than the feed for adults, something totally appropriate since they spend less time exercising.

The wet food

The wet food It is the one we find in pet stores and shopping centers, usually packed in cans. This type of food is very well received in our pet who will devour it in a flash for its appetizing smell.

The main problems that arise from wet food are dry breath, soft stools and a strong smell of excrement.

We must also monitor the composition of the wet food cans:

  • They should hardly contain carbohydrates or the composition of these should be low.
  • At least one 35% must be proteins, if the percentage is higher, better.
  • Taurine must also be present in at least one 0,1%.
  • The level of fats should vary between 15% and 25%.
  • They must not contain more than one 5% carbohydrate.
  • They must contain Omega 3 and Omega 6.
  • Calcium, phosphorus or magnesium are some of the minerals that should be present.

Homemade diets

Finally we will talk about the homemade diets that lately they are tendency, since many proprietors choose them by feeding almost to the 100% adequately to our cat.

Although feeding a cat with home-made diets has infinity of advantages starting with the cat’s own health, we recommend not imposing it on a daily basis if we are not very well informed. There are many owners who, due to ignorance, end up skipping some fundamental components in the cat’s diet and causing damage to their health.

In summary, All quality diets are adequate to feed your cat, however, we recommend not abusing any of the three. The variety in our cat’s diet will make you happy, healthy and beautiful.

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