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The best feed for cats with kidney failure

La renal insufficiency It is one of the most common problems in elderly cats and there are two types: kidney failure, which is usually caused by an infection or the appearance of toxins and chronic kidney disease, caused by tumors, irreversible damage or unknown causes. A cat that suffers renal insufficiency must receive an appropriate feeding as well as concrete cares to improve its state of health and to increase its longevity.

Remember that a food for cats with kidney failure must be prescribed by the veterinarian since it is a product that could damage the health of a healthy cat or one that suffered another disease. In addition, the specialist will offer you advice to take better care of him and increase his life expectancy.

In this article we have compiled the best feed for cats with kidney failure and we will explain what benefits each one has and why you should choose them. Do not forget to discuss your choice with the veterinarian to make sure it is the appropriate food for your cat:

Feeding a cat with kidney failure

Before talking about the dietary needs of cats suffering from kidney failure, it will be essential to remember that The consumption of water it is vital to favor the recovery of the feline or to improve its quality of life. A diseased kidney loses the ability to retain water and that causes abundant urine that leads to dehydration.

Some tips that can help you are:

  • Apart from the feed, include daily wet food in your diet, but do not forget to choose products that are suitable for kidney failure.
  • Renew water from the sprue regularly.
  • Feel buying a water source, many cats prefer this type of drinking fountain.
  • Keep feeding troughs and troughs clean and away from the litter box.
  • In the most severe cases, the use of subcutaneous serum should be used.

Now that we know the importance of hydration in our cat, it will be time to talk about feeding what you should follow It is very important to highlight that it is about main treatment and that is the key to treating kidney failure or improving the quality of life of cats suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Diets, whether home-made recipes for cats with kidney failure or dry-based feeding, should contain:

  1. Protein restriction: Decrease the protein intake of the cat food prevents the degeneration of the kidneys. We must consult with our veterinarian the amount of daily grams of protein that the patient needs and also make sure that it is a high quality product. This detail will help us to correctly choose the feed.
  2. Restriction of phosphates (phosphorus): as with the protein, phosphate is difficult to filter by a diseased kidney, and can accumulate scar tissue in the organ. Especially in cats with a phosphorus level higher than 6,8 mg / dl, the use of chelators is highly recommended since it adheres to the phosphate of the food and prevents it from reaching the blood.
  3. Increase in lipids: it is usual for cats with kidney failure to reject different types of food and that causes anorexia in our cat. Increase the contribution of lipids improves the food’s shelf life and helps maintain the ideal weight. The animal should ingest between 70 and 80 kc daily, especially those that contain omega 3 and 6.
  4. Vitamins and supplements: consult with your veterinarian the possibility of offering your cat vitamins B and C (very important for the digestive health and the increase of the appetite), potassium and a control of acid base. Due to the acidity suffered by cats suffering from this disease, many veterinarians recommend the use of antacids.


The gamma of Hill’s Prescription Diet has clinically proven products that can help control the various health problems that a cat may suffer. In addition to the feed, Hill’s complements each of its products with food in cans, very beneficial if our best friend is delicate and needs soft food.

Here we propose 3 products of the brand Hill’s for cats suffering from renal failure:

1. Prescription Diet c / d Chicken

The stones or kidney stones of the cat are a serious health problem that should be treated as soon as possible. Definitely buy Prescription Diet c / d Chicken is to buy one of the best feed for cats with kidney failure since reduces the appearance of stones and dissolves them in 14 days. It is a very specific product and for a very specific ailment, so if you are not sure that your cat can suffer from the calculations you should never give this product. In this case Hill’s proposes the classic chicken flavor.

2. Prescription Diet c / d Fish

This product, Prescription Diet c / d Fish, is identical to the previous one, the only difference is the taste, which in this case it is fish. It is also used to treat stones in the kidney or stones, preventing their appearance and dissolving them in 14 days.

3. Prescription Diet Feline k / d

Unlike the previous products, Prescription Diet Feline k / d is thought to improve the quality of life of cats suffering from renal failure. It is an excellent product that also has reduced proteins, ideal for elderly cats, and with an important source of omega 3.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin has a range of specific foods that support different veterinary treatments. In this case, to treat kidney failure:

Renal RF 23 Feline

The product Renal RF 23 Feline, it is especially indicated for chronic renal failure, for the alkalinization of urine, for hepatic encephalopathy and for cats that have recurrent calcium oxalic uroliths. It has a low phosphorus content and also proteins are limited, which as we have mentioned in the previous case, is very beneficial for elderly cats.

Pro Plan

Optirenal Sterilized Turkey

Finally, Optirenal Sterilized Turkey It has two very important functions: it improves the quality of life of cats with urinary or renal problems and it is also perfect for sterilized cats. It is a very complete product. It is also a delicate food for cats with sensitive digestion.

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