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The best cats to have in a flat

More and more families are launching to have animals in the home, since the benefits of having a pet are many more than the possible inconveniences. But undoubtedly, the king of pets at home in recent years is the cat, is getting to conquer countless homes, beating the dog as the preferred pet.

All this is thanks to the ability of felines to adapt much better to a full life inside the home and also to the labor customs that present the lives of their humans. However, as in all cases, you can not generalize, there are some breeds of cats that will adapt better to live in one apartment than others.

in the best cats to have in a flat with advice on the type of character you should look for so you can become the perfect roommate.

The character of the cat

To begin with, the most convenient thing is for you to try look for the following features in a cat to get it to adapt to both life inside your home and to be your roommate. To find the best cats to have in a flat you should not only look at the breed, but also the character:

  • The first and most important is to be able to spend at least 8 hours a day, because if you work outside (which is usually the most common) the feline must be able to overcome that period without you. Some cats are not able to fulfill this premise and are very dependent on their humans.
  • Look for a cat with a tolerant and adaptable character, able to withstand certain changes in habits.
  • It should not be very territorial, since it is a somewhat reduced space that you will have to share, maybe even with more pets, hence you also have to be sociable.
  • If it is not too active it will also be a plus point. Cats that have too much activity may feel confined in some way inside.

But not only the cat must adapt and make certain changes in their habits, at the time of thinking about having a pet of this type, you must ensure that you must also be able to change some aspects of your life to adjust to your needs if necessary.

Many cats will not be able to adapt to many parties or dinners “noisy” with friends, it can also be difficult to accept a constant coming and going of people, they are details to keep in mind when choosing a pet as “special” as it is a cat, although as with people, each feline has particularities in its character that make it unique.

The best breeds of cats to live indoors

Based on the aforementioned, the peculiarities that some races present of cats make them more or less advisable to live inside a house, but then each cat has its own character breeds that are more easily adapted to an indoor lifestyle would be:

1. The Persian: Mostly show affectionate and affable behavior, but keep in mind that this race needs a little more attention than others, so if you spend too much time away from home may not suit you as owner.

Having long hair and sunken lacrimal requires certain daily care. If what does not convince you is the hair, the race of “exotic cat” is a very similar to the Persian but with short hair.

2. The Russian blue It is probably the ideal cat for a bachelor because it is a kind of cat very affectionate but also very independent. You will be the most faithful when you are at home, but if you are not you probably do not remember you.

It has a beautiful silvery gray fur and a medium activity character although it enjoys playing with those who live. His character makes him perfect to include in this list about the best cats to have in a flat.

3. The ragdoll: It is one of the calmest breeds, it could be cataloged as “cat lap” for its affable and calm character. In addition they are practically completely adapted to interior so they are highly recommended.

4. The cat Javanese It is a race very indicated for those who have cat for the first time or for elderly people. It is undoubtedly one of the best cats to have in a flat since it is able to endure well the days in solitude but it requires a while of your attention to feel truly happy. It is also quite playful.

5. The race of short hair English also known as Brittish shorthair. Very similar in appearance and character to the Russian blue, very indicated as an indoor pet because it adapts perfectly to the space and the schedules of its humans. A very calm and affectionate race with its owners.

That as far as races are concerned, but as always, des we encourage you to go to one of the shelters or protective of nearby animals, besides being able to touch them and discover their character in person you can find there one of the best cats to have in a flat.

Obviously we all like puppies, they are beautiful and tender, but keep in mind that if you consider adopting a cat of 3 years or more, it will have its fully formed character and most importantly: it will not become a wild cat by surprise. The shelter or protective caretakers can guide you on the one that can best adapt to your needs and your lifestyle.

Do not discard so quickly the option of adopting an older cat, because if you can accept the fact that you will not spend as many years as a younger one with you, they will adapt more easily to you and become your inseparable companion. they are more grateful than it seems.

It is also highly recommended, in case you can afford it for both space and budget, the adoption of two cats. They will make each other company when you are not and as an advantage you will also have double the love when you return home. Of course, it is important that they are compatible with each other, otherwise your house could be converted into the 0 zone.

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