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The 5 breeds of the world’s smallest cats

In this article we present The 5 breeds of the world’s smallest cats. We tell you about their origins and their most distinctive physical features, which together with their small stature make these tiny animals really adorable beings.

If you live in a small apartment or apartment, it is logical to think that it is best to find a feline that fits the size of the home, since a larger one could have difficulty moving with ease. So, if you want to discover what are the smallest cats in the world, keep reading!

5. Devon rex

With an average of 2-4 kilos of weight, we found Devon Rex as one of the smallest cats in the world.

Origin of the devon rex

The origin of this feline goes back to the 1960, when the first of them was born in the United Kingdom, Devon. The character of this cat is affectionate, vigilant and very affectionate. Due to the characteristics of its fur, it is also considered a hypolargenic cat.

Physical characteristics

The selection and breeding of the breed for years has led to devon rex to present a short coat, dense and curly appearance. His oval and brilliant eyes allow him to have a penetrating look, which together with his balanced body and sweet expression make him one of the most tender and adorable felines. For this breed, all colors are accepted.

4. Skookum

With a Average weight of 1-4 kilos, the cat skookum is characterized by being one of the smallest in the world. In general, the males tend to be larger, around the 3-4 kilos, while the females can weigh between 1 and 3 kilograms.

Origin of the skookum

The skookum is a cat breed originally from United States, very small and characterized by its beautiful curly hair and very short legs, features that give it an adorable appearance and a certain similarity with the basset hound dog.

The race emerged from the cross between the munchkin cat and the LaPerm, and several associations have recognized it as an “experimental breed”. In this way, the skookum can participate in exhibitions but not in competitions.

Physical characteristics

The skookum is a very muscular cat with a medium bone structure. As we said, your legs are very short and its rather curly fur, being these the most distinctive physical features of the breed. He is such a small cat, that even in his adult stage it seems that he is still a puppy.

3. Munchkin

The munchkin cat has a Average weight of 4-5 kilos in males, and 2-3 kilos in females, being another of the smallest cats in the world, as well as adorable. Likewise, it is one of the most recent cat breeds, since until the 80 decade was not discovered.

Origin of the munchkin

Originally from U.S.A., the munchkin is the cat teckel: short and elongated. His name comes from the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, in which the heroine knows a small town occupied by the so-called “munchkins”.

His short stature comes from a natural genetic mutation product of the crossbreeding between races, and it was not until the year 1983 that it began to be documented about it. Often, this race is known as the “miniature cat”, an incorrect term because its body is the same as the common cat, with the peculiarity of the small length of its legs.

Physical characteristics

As we have pointed out, males tend to be a little larger than females. The short legs they are its most differentiating feature, the eyes of these felines tend to have a nutty shape and a bright color, which gives it a most penetrating and striking look. On the other hand, the fur is usually short or medium, and all the color patterns are accepted for this breed with the exception of amber.

Undoubtedly, the munchkin, besides being one of the smallest cats in the world, is a feline with a tender and peculiar appearance. His character is active, playful, intrepid and curious, so it is ideal for both children and adults.

2. Korat

The weight of the korat cat osculates 2-4 kilos, so that it is also part of the list of smaller breeds of cats in the world.

Origin of the Korat

Native to Thailand, this kitten is characterized by its blue color and green eyes. According to local beliefs, this is one of the lucky cats of Tamra Meow, a collection of poems that describe 17 different feline breeds.

Although it may seem incredible, the korat is a cat that emerged naturally, so that the human being was not part of creation and development as it has been with other breeds of cats and dogs. Thus, it was exported for the first time from Thailand in the 1960 decade to go to the United States.

Physical characteristics

We could say that the korat cat presents its head in the form of a heart, with big almond-shaped eyes of an intense green color. As a curious fact, both the color of his eyes and his blue fur It may take about two years to settle.

The life expectancy of this feline is another of the most peculiar data of the breed, since its longevity is estimated over the 30 years. In this way, besides being one of the smallest cats in the world, it is one of the oldest!

1. Singapore, the smallest cat in the world

And here we have the smallest cat in the world! And is that its average weight is Between 1 and 3 kilos, tiny!

Origin of Singapura

As you might expect, the singapura cat or Singapore is native of Singapore, as its name suggests. However, its real origins are still debated and unknown today, and there are several theories about it. On the one hand, it is considered that it was created and developed in Singapore, while on the other it is said that this was not his birthplace. Likewise, its antiquity is also an unsolved mystery.

Physical characteristics

The cat singapura is considered the smallest in the world for a clear reason: an adult female weighs on average 1,8 kg and a male 2,7 kg. Its head is round, with large ears at the base, shallow and deep. The fur of this feline is characterized by two different tones of brown, one lighter and one darker. So only one color pattern is accepted, the brown sepia

With the ivory tone, the sweet face and its small size, for many it has also been recognized as one of the most beautiful cats in the world. For us, all animals have peculiarities that make them beautiful, do not you think?

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