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Teach your cat to use the toilet step by step

Do you think that teaching the cat to use the toilet is impossible? That it’s just a movie thing? Well I have good news for you: it is very possible and you only need to train it to get it to use the bathroom. It is not easy, it is not fast and you will not get it in two days, but following our guide you can make your cat the most hygienic of your neighborhood.

Before starting, you have to make something clear. It is much easier to get a trained cat to do it than a more “lazy” one. Keep reading to know how teach your cat to use the toilet, step by step.

Place the sandbox in the bathroom: The first thing you should do is to have the cat litter box near the toilet. We have to get used to entering the bathroom, so nothing better than to take your box there. The normal thing is that in this step there are no problems. The cat will go to the bathroom to relieve themselves without problems and will not need more than a couple of days of adaptation.

Raise the height of the box: There is a height problem between the litter box, which is flush with the floor, and the toilet. How do we solve it? Little by little educating our cat so that it goes up. One day we put a book, another day one of those phone books that nobody uses and so on until the cat gets used to jumping almost to the height of the toilet.

Make sure that the box is well placed on top of what you have put underneath, be it magazines, wood or any other material. A bad or unstable placement can mean that the cat jumps, the box falls and our little one says “here I do not jump again in life”. That would cause the cat to have much more problems when it comes to getting into the box.

About the box to the toilet: We have our box in the bathroom and at a height similar to the toilet, now it’s time to bring it closer. Every day a little more, it is also not worth going from having it in a corner to being directly next to it. Remember that it is a gradual process, so every day we push it a little bit more and more. In the end, when we get to hit the toilet, what we will do is put it on top. Again make sure that there is not going to be any problem of instability, that we do not want to cause a trauma with the toilet to our kitten.

Reduce the level of sand: The cat is already making his needs on the toilet, but in the box. Now we have to go uncustomed to the sand and the box, so we will remove more and more sand. Little by little we reduce the amount, until there is only a small layer that is not even a couple of centimeters high.

Replace the box with a basin or similar: Now we have to change the mentality of the cat. You must go from doing your needs in the box to doing it directly in the toilet. There are different options to do it, from training boxes that sell in the own stores of animals to a simple basin that we have at home. You can create your box with a basin that you put in the toilet and a resistant paper that can support the weight of the cat under the lid. In addition, you can throw some sand so that the cat can still feel a slight memory of its litter box and relate it.

Punch a hole in the paper and remove the basin: When it takes a few days to make your needs in the basin and paper, we must remove it and make a hole in it to begin to fall into the water. This phase can be complicated, but we must take it calmly until the cat manages to do it comfortably. Once we see that it is comfortable, we are enlarging the hole until there is practically nothing left. At the same time that we are enlarging the size of the hole, we have to remove the sand that we are placing on top of the paper. Your cat has to get used to your needs without sand, so we will gradually reduce it. In this phase we will have managed to make your needs in the WC, but there is still one more to strengthen this attitude.

Pull the chain and reward your cat: Cats do not like to defecate or urinate on their own urine. Also, it is not hygienic to leave your needs in the toilet because the smell is quite strong. Therefore, we will have to pull the chain every time the cat uses the toilet, both for our hygiene and for that “mania” of the cats. To reinforce the attitude, you we will give a prize the cat every time he urinates or defecates in the toilet. This will make the cat think that he has done something good and that next time he does it again to receive his reward. And if you have come this far. Congratulations! You’ve got your cat to learn how to use the toilet! Did you find it difficult? Do you have another method to do it? If you have got your cat to do it, tell us how you did it. And if you have not succeeded, we can help you to reach this seventh step.

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