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Sphynx cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The Sphynx cat is a mystical race without fur, medium size, friendly and affectionate. They are unique with their wrinkled appearance; friendly and affectionate, they love the company of humans, today they are very dear animals because of their loving and loyal nature.

Photos and Images of the Sphynx or Sphinx Cat

In this section you can find pictures of the Sphynx or Sphinx Cat. Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

What is a Sphynx Cat?

Sphynx cat, sphinx cat or Egyptian cat It is a medium, unique feline with a wrinkled and mystical appearance. They are very affectionate, curious, intelligent and active animals; ideal for the company; He gets along very well with families with children and other pets in the house.

Together with Gato Peterbald and Don Sphynx, they are the only hairless breeds with different characteristics.

What is the origin of the Sphynx Cat?

The specific origin of the sphynx cat is unknown, although there are some aspects that prove that they have appeared in Egypt. It is also said that the ancient Aztecs raised sphynx. There are many pre-Columbian engravings where you can see.

They were bred for the first time in Canada since the 1966 year. Since the eighties, both North American and European breeders worked in the development of the solid and healthy race. To reduce health problems Dr. Hugo Fernandez of the Netherlands, made the crossing with cats Devon Rex strengthening the species. The cat of today was the product of this last experiment. Currently the sphynx are strong and resistant cats.

Since the 2000 year the boom of Egyptian cats has taken place, it was also included as a standard breed in most international feline organizations.

What are the most common characteristics of Sphynx Cat?

The cat sphynx lacks hair, its skin forms folds and the veins appear marked; They are hypoallergenic ie they do not produce allergy. It has a mouse tail, its head is similar to that of a reptile and the ears of a bat.

It seems more like the description of an extraterrestrial, in this section we show you how to identify this kitten.

Size: the Sphynx have a medium size.

Weight: The weight of the Sphynx or Egyptian is between 3.5 to 7 kilograms.

Height: can measure between 20 and 25 cm.

Body: Robust and strong musculature. They have a broad thorax and a pear-shaped belly.

Eyes: lemon-shaped, separated, oblique and large. Any eye color is accepted, regardless of hair color.

Nose: It is short, wide and straight.

Ears: They are large, broad-based and bat-like.

Head: slightly triangular, medium and angular. It is longer than wide.

Extremities: The legs are long and slender.

Tail: It is long, broad in base, thin to the tip. You may have a lock of hair on the tip.

Fur: This feline does not have hair, but has a short and soft fluff. It has folds around the snout, between the ears, on the shoulders and on the legs.

Coat color: The sphynx, sphinx or Egyptian cat can have colors of all chromatic variety, including combinations with black and white.

How is the character and behavior of a Sphynx Cat?

This feline has is intelligent, playful and affectionate. Although in regard to this cat, has a temperament is sweet, quiet, peaceful and loving. It emanates an effect of serenity and mysticism, as if it were spellbound.

The fidelity of this feline is legendary, it is a very affectionate kitten, they are very dependent on their owner.

Due to its lack of hair, it always needs to have heat, it is for that reason that it seeks the heat and physical contact of its masters. They look for warm places because they are very sensitive to changes in temperature.

He loves to jump and climb, he adapts easily to family life, he has no problems with other animals, he is patient with children.

How much does a Sphynx Cat live?, Sphinx or Egyptian?

The sphynx cat has a longevity between the 14 to the 20 years. According to the care and attention you give to your cat, it could extend its longevity.

How to care for a Sphynx, Sphinx or Egyptian cat?

Having no hair like the other cats, the sphynx gives off grease and sweat. For that reason you need baths at least once a month. This breed does not have eyelashes, so they produce a lot of tear fluid, it must be cleaned regularly to avoid having eye infections. Use a damp cloth for cleaning with saline.

On the other hand clean your ears, this cat produces a lot of ear wax. Use cleaning drops to remove accumulated wax and dirt. Regarding your nails, clean them weekly.

This cat needs to eat enough food to accumulate its energy and stay warm. Feed your kitten with a food based on good quality proteins.

Take your cat to the vet regularly and keep all vaccines up to date; In this way, you will take care of your pussycat in the best way possible.

What does a Sphynx or Sphinx Cat eat?

The sphynx cat requires a different diet than most feline breeds. Lacking a thick coat of hair, these cats have a more complex thermoregulatory system than the other cats. The body temperature may be higher than that of cats with hair to compensate for the lack of hair.

They have a faster metabolism, making this feline consume more food than other felines. Feed your cat in a special way, provide quality food with the best nutrition. You can find special balanced feed for cats of this breed in the market. These foods have proteins and fats that you need in your diet to satisfy the nutritional requirement of the kitten.

What diseases are most common in the Sphynx Cat?

A cat that seems to be very fragile and delicate, it is really a strong cat and has good health, as long as you give it a proper care.

Although it is a healthy cat can suffer some diseases such as: infectious peritonitis, rabies, feline leukemia, panleucopenia, chlamydia, bordetellosis or respiratory viruses such as herpesvirus and calicivirus.

If you follow the control and care of your feline, preventing possible illnesses, opportunely going to the veterinarian, your cat can live a healthy and healthy life.

Curiosities of the Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cats are friendly and very loving, that is why it is gaining more and more followers. Here we show you some curious facts about this breed.

  • These felines are excellent pets for people who suffer from allergies, due to its lack of hair.
  • This feline is very sensitive to changes in temperature and that is why he likes to stay in warm places.
  • Its name of Egyptian cat is for being a race very close to the felines that the Egyptians adored.
  • The sphynx outperformed other short-haired breeds in many cat shows.
  • This pussycat prefers interior environments, the lack of hair makes it very vulnerable to sunburn.

How much does an Egyptian Cat, Sphynx or Sphinx cost?

This cat is a fairly new breed, but every time there are more people raising them, they are still not so common domestic animals.

The price or cost of a Sphynx cat, Egyptian or sphinx you can buy, is between 350 to 400 dollars in Spain; but if it’s of a better quality it could cost you between 650 to 1200 dollars. There are exhibition cats, where they are relatively of the best quality that you could buy between 1500 and 3000 dollars.

Where can I buy an Egyptian Cat, Sphynx or Sphinx?

If you are going to buy a cat of this breed you must know how to choose the best way, so that you have a security and guarantee. Follow these indications of the hatchery and the breeders to know where you can buy a sphynx or Egyptian cat.

  • Check the health status of the feline’s parents.
  • Verify the origins of the parents, the place of origin and the veracity of the pedigree.
  • You should also check the reputation of the farm, as well as the cleanliness, the care they provide to the animals and the health care.
  • You must have documentation that guarantees race and health status, such as veterinarian certificate, vaccines and deworming.
  • The kitten should not have health problems such as conjunctivitis, ulcers in the eyes, diarrhea symptoms. If you have diarrhea, perform tests with the veterinarian against intestinal parasites, since this breed is vulnerable to contracting them.

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