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Snowshoe cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The Snowshoe cat or snowshoe, characteristic for its white gloves on its legs. He is intelligent, curious, cuddly, active, social, very attached to humans, but he hates loneliness.

Photos and Images of Snowshoe Cats

In this section you will find photographs of the Snowshoe Cat. Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

What is a Snowshoe Cat?

Cat snowshoe better known as cat snowshoes It is the result of crossing the Siamese cat and an American Shorthair cat. A medium-sized cat, ideal for pets, intelligent, curious, cuddly, active, sociable; attached to humans, he hates to remain in solitude.

He inherited from the Siamese cat his elongated body and the blue color of his eyes. He also inherited his muscular body and white legs characteristic of the American shorthair cat breed.

The Snowshoe Cat, its origin and history

The snowshoe cat was bred from 1960 by Dorothy Hinds Daughery in Philadelphia, United States. They were the result of the cross between Siamese cats with an American bicolor cat with short hair.

This breed was at risk of disappearing for many years. But it was recognized in America in 1974 and was accepted in Europe in 1984 by the World Cat Federation. Years later, 1993 was also accepted by The International Cat Association.

What are the characteristics of the Snowshoe Cats?

The snowshoe cat breed has a wild aspect of extraordinary beauty and elegance. He has many qualities, likes to be observed and exhibits with pleasure his tail adorned with abundant hair. In this section we show you everything about the Snowshoe Cat.

Size: the snowshoe cats have a medium size.

Weight: The weight in the males is 4 to 6 kilograms and in the females of 3 to 5 kilograms.

Body: They have a robust and muscular physique.

Eyes: They are large, oval, bright and expressive, blue.

Nose: It is long, wide and straight.

Ears: They are medium to large in size, broad base and rounded. Commonly in black.

Head: medium in size, wide wedge shape, with rounded contours.

Extremities: The legs are long, robust and rounded. The tip of the legs is wearing white gloves.

Tail: It is medium length, and slightly sharp tip.

Fur: It is short to medium, fine, abundant and bright.

Coat color: the solid point and tabby point are characteristic, with well-defined marks in harmony with the body. Wears a V-shaped mask and has defined markings that complement the lighter tones of the rest of the body.

How is the character and behavior of a Snowshoe Cat?

The snowshoe cat breed is a feline peaceful and calm. It adapts very well with a family with children or pets, it is a very noble cat. You can live quietly in an apartment or in a house with a garden.

Despite its tranquility, it is a active and curious race, enjoy exploring the corners of your home. It is also a very feline intelligent, able to memorize words and learn simple tricks.

This pussycat is an animal very attached to its masters, does not support spending a lot of time alone, requires attention and interaction in games so as not to get bored.

A negative aspect of this breed is its strong personality and its constant meowing, which can become annoying at night.

How much does a Snowshoe Cat live?

This beautiful feline has no health problems, is a strong breed and no specific diseases are known. For this reason life expectancy could be among the 10 to the 19 years.

How to care for a Snowshoe Cat?

If you decided to take a snowshoe cat up for adoption, you need to know the basic care that this cat needs. You should know that the care it requires is not enough; just one brushing once a week, to keep your hair healthy. You can also bathe the kitten monthly, cleaning your ears and eyes very well. You must get used to bathing the snowshoe cat from puppy or since they are babies.

Regarding the feeding of the cat, it provides a balanced diet of high quality based on proteins. Keep your drinker and feeder clean to avoid complications in your health.

As with any kitten, make periodic visits to the veterinarian, meeting vaccinations and deworming, in this way your kitten live very healthy.

What do the Snowshoe Cats eat?

The snowshoe cat needs a healthy and nutritious diet, according to the stage in which it is found. Cats are carnivorous by nature, so give your cat food based on proteins.

You can give dry food mostly and sometimes wet, because you can get bored if you only give the first. You can give him vitamins too, if the veterinarian recommends it; in this way it will help you fully nourish the pussycat organism.

A complete and balanced diet will make your cat develop and grow healthy, the most important thing is that it will live for many years.

Diseases of the Snowshoe Cat or Snowshoe and your health

Snowshoe cats are animals that are not known congenital diseases associated with the breed. They are very resistant to diseases, but it is important that they have a healthy life. If you give the proper care and attention due your cat will have a long life and happy.

Where can I buy a Snowshoe cat?

The Snowshoe cat breed has a very adorable behavior, much loved by many people around the world. You would not regret it if you decide to take one of them for adoption.

The first place where you should look for this feline, is where the professional breeders, that guarantee healthy animals and without congenital diseases. Unfortunately you will not find breeding places in many countries like Spain.

You can look for it in some pet stores, or you can finally find it on the Internet. But you must take care not to fall into a scam.

How much does a Snowshoe Cat cost?

If you have decided to buy a cat snowshow or snowshoe, consider it a bit difficult to find it. If you are lucky and you find it, the price of a snowshoe cat can range from 300 to 400 dollars.

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