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Siamese cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The Siamese cat is an animal of Thai origin, they are very common felines, intelligent and adorable; They have an elegant silhouette and a particular coat.

Photos and Images of Siamese Cats

In this section you can find photos and images of Siamese Cat. Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

What is a Siamese Cat?

Siamese cat o Royal Cat of Siam It is a very beautiful, fun and affectionate animal. It is a very old feline race, very curious, sociable and an excellent companion animal.

There are two varieties or types of Siamese cat: modern siamese and Traditional or Thai. The modern Siamese cat emerged the year 2001, has a finer, longer and oriental aspect; his features are more pronounced than the traditional Siamese cat.

Siamese cats are loved and admired for their unique beauty and personality; for that reason they are in many homes around the world and participate in international exhibitions.

What is the origin of the Siamese Cat?

The Siamese cat breed is originally from Ayutthaya of ancient Siam currently Thailand. It is a fairly old breed and the first signs of its existence date from the 1350. They were venerated in temples and raised by nobles; in ancient texts they called them Moon Diamonds, which indicates that they had a value and appreciation for monks and aristocrats.

The year 1870 arrived in Europe and then the first Siamese specimens were exhibited in London. They arrived in the United States at 1890; It was at 1929 that the popularity of the breed grew and is now recognized in feline associations.

The Siamese was evolving a lot from the 2001. Today the Siamese are very little like the traditional ones. They were extremely stylized, today they are thinner, with pointed heads and big ears. Only the color with colorpoint pattern has been maintained.

What are the most common characteristics of the Siamese Cat?

How much does a Siamese cat measure and weigh? What characteristic features does the Siamese cat have? How to identify and recognize a Siamese cat? How to know if a Siamese cat is pure? These are questions that you may have asked yourself. It is considered the Siamese cat, as the most elegant cat breed and its standard usually meets the following characteristics.

Size: Siamese cats have a medium size.

Weight: The weight in the males is 4.5 to 5.5 kilograms and in the females of 3.5 to 4.5 kilograms.

Height: up to 30 centimeters high.

Body: Slender, elegant, elongated, with long and narrow stripes.

Eyes: They are medium, almond, oblique and of intense blue color.

Nose: it is straight, without deviation.

Ears: They are large, broad-based, well separated and pointed.

Head: medium size, triangular shape.

Extremities: It has legs, long, muscular and slender. With small and oval feet.

Tail: It is long, thin, narrow at the base and finely pointed.

Fur: It is short, thin, smooth, shiny and close to the body. Subpelo almost nonexistent.

Coat color: The color of the Siamese cats varies from cream white to dark brown gray. Presents the colorpoint pattern, has the pigmented layer in mask, ears, limbs and tail.

How is the character and behavior of a Siamese Cat?

One of the most sociable cat breeds is the Siamese, they are affectionate with the family. By nature they are very curious, intelligent and active animals; they are able to learn games and tricks, with a good education they can become obedient.

Due to its active nature, a cat of this breed needs open space, a garden or a terrace is ideal to let him play, explore and erode his energy. It can also be adapted in an apartment, as long as we play with it.

The affection that the Siamese shows to his family is very particular. The Siamese cat is very sociable with the members of the family and It is very related to children.

A negative aspect of this breed, is that they can not remain alone, they need a lot of attention, it is a feline that is very dependent on their caretakers. He needs to be treated with respect and patience, he locks himself up if they leave him alone too often.

How much does a Siamese cat live?

Longevity of the Siamese cat can be between the 12 to 15 years; a cat with all the respective care can have a much longer life expectancy; as long as you do not have inherited genetic diseases.

How to care for a Siamese Cat?

The adoption of a Siamese cat involves taking some aspects in relation to hygiene and the necessary care of the cat. How to raise the Siamese cat since it is very clean and careful with its daily hygiene, therefore it will not need enough care. The cleanliness and cleanliness of the kitten diminish the vulnerabilities to suffer diseases.

Brushing Feline between once or twice a week, it will be enough and it will eliminate the dead hairs. This action will enhance the shine of the pussycat and prevent it from going to your digestive system causing discomfort. This activity must accustom the Siamese cat since he was a baby.

Physical activity It helps you to keep your body in shape, for this reason it is necessary to educate it firmly with a lot of patience. With playing enough with this cat, you will feel at ease and waste all your energy that has accumulated.

As for the food, these kittens are very independent, they do not need us to control their rations; it is only necesary provide you with quality and balanced food.

Usually this feline is in good health, but if you notice any anomaly, if you sneeze too much or lack appetite, you should take him to the vet; The kittens of this race need a lot of love and attention, they can not tolerate being alone for a long time. If you decided to have the Siamese adopted, you should give him your care and your time.

What do the Siamese Cats eat?

The feeding of a feline is essential for the cat to live happy and healthy. Therefore, if you have a kitten of this breed, you should take some advice on feeding; In this way you will grow healthy and strong, you will avoid diseases and you will have your pet with its healthy hair.

Choose adequate, balanced and quality protein-based food, that contributes to the nutrition of the Siamese; Your daily food should be based on dry food and sometimes wet food as directed by the veterinarian.

You must observe habits of the cat for measure the size of the daily portion. If your cat has the ideal weight and is a healthy cat, many veterinarians recommend leaving food in their feeder.

Type of food depend on the recommendation of the veterinarian and the life stage of the feline. There is food for puppy, adult, pregnancy, breastfeeding, old age and disease, whatever the situation in which it is.

Water is essential For any pet, provide your kitten with clean, fresh water at your disposal.

What diseases are the most common in the Siamese Cat?

The Siamese cat is in good health, but it can present some anomalies of the species.

Infection respiratory

The most common disease that the Siamese can present is the Respiratory infection, which can be viral or bacterial. A characteristic of this infection are the constant and repeated sneezing; You may also have discharge in your nose and eyes, you will have a low mood and even a lack of appetite. If you present these symptoms immediately take your cat to the veterinarian, he will provide the appropriate treatment.

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Siamese cats are animals that need the company of their family. When they remain alone they become depressed. A stressed Siamese can develop a psychological disorder called psychogenic alopecia;

This anomaly consists of licking obsessively and causing bald spots, it can be caused by boredom or anxiety; A new home or a new family member or problems with other animals can also cause this disorder.

Vestibular disease

Some cats of this breed develop a genetic disease of the inner ear. This vestibular disease has symptoms such as loss of balance and inclination of the head; this will make the cat look dizzy. It is a minor problem and it resolves itself in a few weeks. If the disease progresses, go to the veterinarian for the respective treatment.

Heart disease

The Siamese cat can sometimes suffer from heart disease; Symptoms may include difficulty breathing, resistance to physical activity and falling mood. If you notice an abnormality out of the ordinary, consult the veterinarian as soon as possible; only timely care could reduce the risk of major problems.

Curiosities of the Siamese Cat

This cute feline is well known in many homes around the world. He has gained enormous fame, his sympathy and sociability, have made this feline, a rather curious and attractive animal. In this section we present some curiosities of this beloved pussycat.

  • The Siamese race is a very old race, the first signs of its existence date back to the 1350 year.
  • In the years of its origin the Siamese cat was a real mascot of Siam. The king and his family had it exclusively, several specimens were considered pure and sacred because of their white color.
  • The Siamese cat arrived in Europe in the 1870 year and was then taken to the United States in 1890.
  • Although the breed of the Siamese cat is very old, it was not until 1929 that the popularity of the breed increased.
  • Currently there are two varieties of cats of this breed: modern siamese and Traditional or Thai. The modern Siamese cat emerged the year 2001, has a finer, longer and oriental aspect; his features are more pronounced than the traditional Siamese cat.

How much does a Siamese Cat cost?

If you asked yourself how to buy or how much is the price of a Siamese cat, you can buy it between 150 to 300 dollars approx.

Before buying it you should check that the hatcheries are certified, that they meet all the standards; and finally that they guarantee that the feline does not have congenital diseases.

Names for Siamese cats

If you are looking for a nice name for your Siamese cat there are a variety of names for cats. In this section we show you some suggestions of names for Siamese cats.

A proper name for a Siamese would be based on the color of its coat and spots on the feline’s body. The Siamese seal point is cream or coffee, then names could be given as Capuccino, Coffee, Caramel, Vanilla, etc.

There are names of famous kittens from books or movies, such as Sagwa, Skippy, Si, Am, Koko and Yum Yum.

It could also have an Egyptian name, Greek or Roman gods, such as Cleopatra, Apollo, Hermes, Mercury, etc.

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