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Shpynx Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

Sphynx cat or cat sphinx is a really unique cat in the world. He was the first to be accepted as a race without hair or without apparent fur and what is certain is that they create pleasure and dislike at the same time on the part of human society. Many professionals suggest that it comes from race devon rex, with which they share very similar characteristics.

They appeared naturally throughout history because their lack of fur is the cause of a mutation, a common process in the evolution of any species. It was in Canada, when in the 60 years they decided to fix and maintain the characteristics of cats that did not seem to have hair.

Origin of the shpynx cat

As for its origins, the sphynx cat or sphinx cat owes its essential characteristic of not having a mantle of hair to a dominant gene. In 1987 specifically in Russia it would be Elena Kovalena who adopted to the first specimen named Varvana and thanks to Mitu began to spread the race that received a warm welcome.

Physical characteristics

It is a cat medium, elongated and muscular. We can look at the huge ears that stand out on the naked body, which forms folds in different areas. Although it is considered that the sphynx cat does not have hair, the reality is that the fur is very thin and short, so much that it is not appreciated. There are a number of color combinations that result in copies that are unique.

If there is something to highlight this feline is its absence of mantle that makes it just as characteristic, although it should be noted that there are four varieties of this breed and some of them have a light coat of hair that barely reaches a few millimeters. The varieties of this breed are the following:

  • Rubber: that the cats are Don Sphynx completely hairless.
  • Flock: those covered by a millimeter mantle that gives them a velvety appearance.
  • Velor: Don Sphynx with hair no more than 3 mm.
  • Brush: with curly fur.

So, as we see we have a choice between these splendid and special pussycat.

Character of the cat shpynx

The cat Don Sphynx, despite his serious, delicate and rigid pose in the Egyptian way, has a sweet, delicate character and who feels comfortable in contact with people, will be sociable and speak with a soft and flattering voice.

Although as good felines they will enjoy their independence, the humane treatment gives them the warmth that these hairless cats need to live a happy life without dislikes. The character of these cats so tender is much admired by their owners and hence the people who know them want to have them and just want to choose between the varieties of hair being their perfect personality so cozy.

You should have your cat Sphynx in a warm place. Remember that hair is a protection against temperature changes and this particular breed is hard to keep stable. Especially in winter pay attention to the temperature of your sphynx cat.

The hygiene also has its importance in this breed as it tends to get dirty easily. It requires the owner’s help to stay clean and tidy, in addition, you will need a bath every 20 or 30 days. Likewise, it also lacks eyelashes, which causes it to tear excessively. Clean it with physiological serum and remove the legañas daily. The ears are very large and are very open with what accumulate wax in abundance that we should clean frequently and despite lack of hair if we should pass a brush gently from time to time but we can not abuse the bathrooms to avoid removing their oil natural. Go to your veterinarian for advice and show you how to do it.

Finally and to end hygiene we will emphasize the importance of cleaning your nails as well as the environment in which you are. For its lack of hair tends to sweat excessively and to shed some fat from its natural layer of protection, for that reason, if we are not above cleaning we can end up with a sad and dirty cat.

In addition, the sphynx cat needs adequate nutrition. In the market you will find specific feed for this unusual breed, always focused on your needs. It is also very important to leave fresh and clean water at your fingertips.

Obviously these cats are more vulnerable and exposed than other kittens that have their large fur, so it is very important to take care of the details. Discover in detail all the care of the sphinx cat in the article by.

Cat health shpynx

Although at first sight it seems delicate or fragile, the sphynx cat is a robust and strong cat. To keep it in an optimal state you must take it with the appropriate regularity to the veterinarian so he can check that he is perfectly and dewormed when necessary. In addition, it will be essential to go for the monitoring of the vaccination calendar for cats.

Some of the diseases that can affect your sphynx cat:

  • Feline leukemia: It is infectious and contagious through blood or saliva. Hygiene and preventive vaccination will prevent you from suffering from this disease.
  • Infectious peritonitis: Very contagious, present in the feces of the infected animal.
  • Herpesvirus: It affects the respiratory tract.
  • Panleukopenia: serious and contagious infection that is also transmitted through feces.
  • Rage
  • Chlamydia: Upper respiratory disease. It creates conjunctivitis and rhinitis.
  • Bordetelsosis: It also affects the upper respiratory tract. Very undesirable in young specimens.

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