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Seychellois Shorthair Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The Shorthair Seychellois Cat belongs to the Oriental family, has a similar appearance to the Siamese, has white patches on its fur and bright blue eyes. It is a mischievous feline, playful, intelligent and a very meowing kitten.

What is a Seychellois Shorthair Cat?

The cat Shorthair Seychellois o Shorthair It belongs to the Oriental family, it has a similar appearance to the Siamese in appearance and personality. The characteristic features of this breed are its white patches caused by the gene piebald and his bright blue eyes.

He is a naughty, playful and his character marked. Intelligent nature and very meowing. They are very curious, since they like to explore in outdoor areas, they adapt very well in houses with gardens, where they can play freely.

What is the origin of the Seychellois Shorthair Cat?

This cat breed is quite new compared to the other cats, it was created in the decade of 1980 en United Kingdom. The British cat breeder Patricia Turner was the creator, who made the crossing between bicolor Persians with Siamese and Oriental.

She succeeded in creating a cat that fit the description, which has now gained popularity and this has created great interest in the Seychelles race.

As a result of the crossing three types of Seychelles cats were given; Huitiéme (with the largest color patches), Septiéme and Neuviéme (with the least color). The latter is the only breed of cats that recognizes the breed is the International Feline Federation.

What are the most common characteristics of Seychellois Shorthair Cat?

The Shorthair Seychellois cats breed is characterized as an active, athletic breed. In this section we show you the main features about this pussycat.

Size: Seychellois cats with short hair have a medium size.

Weight: The weight of short-haired seychellois is 2.5 to 5.1 kilograms.

Body: They are slim, elegant, with a refined, medium and muscular appearance.

Eyes: of medium size, almond shaped and oblique. Of intense blue color.

Nose: It is long and straight.

Ears: They are large, broad base and pointed.

Head: It is medium, balanced with a wedge shape.

Extremities: They are long and thin. It has small and oval feet.

Tail: It is long and thin.

Fur: It is short, silky, thin, shiny and close to the body.

Coat color: The colors are varied but always contains white. It acquires homogenous tones, both in the colors of its mask (especially in dark tones) and in the rest of the body (light colors such as white, cream, etc.)

How is the character and behavior of a Seychellois Shorthair Cat?

Seychelles cats with short hair share many of the same personality traits as Siamese cats. They are intelligent, extroverted and social cats. It is a race that enjoys the company of humans and develops warm and loving bonds with them.

The cat Seychellois likes games, especially fun activities where he can run and jump; You must educate this feline very well, as he is very active and dynamic. Although he has a naughty character he is very affectionate with his family. It has a character that easily attaches to its physical characteristics. You must channel your energy through training so you can enjoy your fun and caring nature.

How much does a Shorthair Seychellois Cat live?

Seychellois Shorthair cat can live from 12 to 15 years. The care and attention will have a much longer life expectancy; as long as you do not have inherited genetic diseases.

How to care for a Seychellois Shorthair Cat?

Cat breeds Seychellois, due to the active character, needs to move freely in open space. It is important to dedicate time for your games and to wear out all the energy you carry. It is necessary to avoid that the minino falls in sedentarismo since it could affect his physical and mental health.

In relation to your hygiene, brush the kitten weekly eliminating the dead hairs. In this way the cat will have its healthy coat.

Another important aspect is also the feeding, give him balanced and quality food, to grow healthy and healthy.

Do not neglect vaccines and deworming, if you comply with basic care, your cat will enjoy and live a pleasant life accompanying you at home.

What do Shorthair Seychellois Cats eat?

Seychellois cat with short hair with good nutrition can finish its development and growth. You must provide your kitten with a quality and nutritious food in its different stages of life to live a healthy life.

Most breeds of cats eat meat, which is why the food of cats must contain a large part of proteins. You can provide dry food largely and sometimes wet food, so that your cat does not get bored or bored with your food.

Providing clean, fresh water is an important factor in the development of the feline.

What diseases are most common in Seychellois Shorthair Cat?

This breed of cat has a very recent origin, which is why it is still being investigated the possible diseases of this breed. As it descends from the Siamese cat, the common diseases of this could affect your feline; Among these diseases that could occur are cataracts, amyloidosis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy are pathologies inherited from the Siamese.

It is important that you take your veterinarian visits every so often to prevent any illness from your kitten.

Curiosities of the Seychellois Shorthair Cat

Among some curiosities of this cute cat we show you the following.

  • Today any bicolor or Balinese siamese is considered Seychellois.
  • There are two varieties of this breed: Seychellois Longhair and Seychellois Shorthair both approved by the FIFE in category IV of Siamese, oriental.
  • In 2005 the FiFe granted standard approval to the Seychelles, the only important cat registry to recognize the breed. As a relatively new breed, Seychelles cats are not widely recognized and are rarely found outside the United Kingdom and Europe.

How much does Seychellois Shorthair Cat cost?

The short-haired Seychellois cat is a cat that is gaining more popularity little by little, due to its rarity. You can find it at a price of 150 to 400 dollars.

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