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Salmon oil for cats – Dosage and properties

El salmon oil is a type of natural fat extracted from the tissues of some salmonid fish, specifically from different species of marine salmon. As well as fish oil, it is a very rich supplement in omega 3 It also offers an interesting contribution of vitamin D. For this reason, many people choose it to supplement their diet and feeding their felines.

Commercial feed for premium line cats usually incorporate salmon or fish oil in their formula. But many tutors wonder what are the benefits and different ways to incorporate this beneficial supplement to the nutrition of their cats.

We remind you of the importance of consult a veterinarian before introducing any food or nutrient into your feline companion’s diet. But in this new article, we will tell you the benefits of salmon oil for cats.

Why is salmon oil good for cats?

The salmon usually consume a large amount of plankton to supplement their diet, in addition to eating other fish that also eat plankton. In turn, the plankton is a set of microorganisms that contain a lot omega 3. In fact, it can even offer up to 30 more omega 3 than olive oil, which is already considered an excellent source of this nutrient. Thanks to the nutritional composition of their diet, meat and salmon oil are very rich in omega 3.

The omega 3 comprises a large set of essential fatty acids polyunsaturated, which are popularly called “good fats”. Particularly, salmon oil contains eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), two essential types of omega 3 that must be given to your feline organism through its diet.

Additionally, salmon oil offers a good supply of vitamin D, an essential nutrient for the absorption of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, which directly impact the formation of bones and the strengthening of the immune system. It is also a highly energetic supplement, which stimulates the physical and cognitive development of baby cats and is an excellent food ally for malnourished cats.

Properties of fish oil

Next, we will mention the most outstanding properties of salmon oil consumption for cats:

  • Salmon oil is an excellent cardiovascular protector. Thanks to its high content of omega 3, salmon oil helps regulate LDL cholesterol levels, preventing the accumulation of lipid and insoluble plaques inside the arteries. As a result, it improves blood circulation and oxygenation of body tissues; retains the elasticity and integrity of the arteries; and at the same time, prevent arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. 1
  • Fights nutritional deficiencies, especially vitamin D. The regular consumption of salmon oil contributes to the prevention of nutritional deficits, mainly from a vitamin D deficiency. Thus, it optimizes the absorption of calcium and other minerals consumed through food, stimulating the formation and strengthening of bones. and muscles. Thanks to its good supply of vitamin D, this supplement also combats the development of infectious processes that are more frequent in people and animals with a vitamin D deficiency in their body. 2
  • Fish oil acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Because of its omega 3 content, salmon oil shows a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, the moderate consumption of said help to prevent allergic and inflammatory processes, in addition to soothing the pains associated with the wear and tear of the joints.
  • Stimulates the senses and cognitive functions. Numerous studies have shown that the essential fatty acids of omega 3 have a stimulating effect on brain functions and, consequently, on the senses. In addition to encouraging cognitive, emotional and social development, salmon oil also contributes to the prevention of cellular aging and helps to delay the symptoms associated with aging, such as sensory and cognitive decline. 3
  • A good tonic for mental health. Some research suggests that omega 3 is able to relieve the symptoms of depression. It has also shown encouraging results in the treatment and prevention of bipolar disorder. 4
  • Anticancer properties of salmon oil. Recent research has confirmed that the consumption of salmon oil and other foods rich in omega 3, act directly in the prevention of colon and breast cancer. 5 In addition, the research center of Fox Chase Cancer Center Philadelphia (USA) has shown that this type of “good fats” is effective in slowing the reproduction and progress of cancer cells in the body.

Benefits of salmon oil for cats

After knowing the outstanding properties of salmon oil, we can summarize its main benefits for the greetings of our cats:

  1. It is an excellent ally for maintaining the appearance and health of your skin and coat, preventing and relieving the symptoms of allergies and skin diseases.
  2. It decreases the risk of developing cancer and helps slow the progression of tumors.
  3. Stimulates the development of their cognitive functions and their senses, especially in puppies and elderly cats.
  4. Strengthens your immune system, helping your kitty look and feel strong and healthy.
  5. It is an excellent ally to regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels, protecting the arteries and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes in cats.
  6. In older cats, it collaborates in the prevention of strokes and delays the decay of their senses and cognitive dysfunctions.
  7. It helps to prevent and relieve the symptoms of depression in cats, providing a better quality of life on a physical, cognitive, emotional and social level.
  8. It is a very beneficial natural supplement to supplement the diet of pregnant cats, helping in the physical and mental development of fetuses.
  9. Collaborate for the proper functioning of your kidneys, reducing the risk of kidney diseases.
  10. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, which prevents the wear and tear of the joints and combats the pain associated with arthritis in cats.

Possible adverse effects

“Everything in excess is harmful.” This old and accurate saying also applies when we talk about the incorporation of supplements in the diet of our pussycat. Exaggerated excessive consumption of salmon oil can lead to the following adverse effects on the health of cats:

  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Abdominal pain;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Halitosis (bad breath);
  • Dizziness;
  • Overweight.

When detecting any negative symptoms, we recommend stopping immediately the administration of salmon oil to your cat and consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Recommended dose of salmon oil for cats

Salmon oil can be very beneficial for the health of our pigs, as long as we respect safe doses for your body. However, there is no single, predetermined amount that is safe and beneficial for all cats. The dose of any food, nutrient and supplement must be adequate according to the weight, age, size, health status and purpose of consumption of each feline.

For this reason, It is essential that you have the guidance of a veterinarian before offering salmon oil to your feline companion, either through a high-quality commercial feed, as a supplement in capsules, or by introducing salmon into your cat’s diet. Your veterinarian will be able to orient you on the dose and the form of administration more adapted to obtain the maximum benefit of this nutrient for the health of your pussycat.

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