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Sacred Cat of Burma: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The sociable Burmese Cat or Burmese Cat is a beautiful feline, with blue eyes, with a playful and docile character.

Photos and Images of Sacred cats of Burma

In this section you will find pictures of the Sacred Cat of Burma or Burmese Cat. Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

What is a Sacred Cat of Burma?

The race of Burmese or Sacred Cat of Burma It is a very sociable domestic cat. It is the seductive cat with blue eyes that they say creates addiction.

It has a docile character and adapts easily, they are very playful animals. They have a good relationship with children and other pets, which makes it ideal for families.

This precious animal is an animal of medium race, it is characterized by its gloves, they have a white mantle, their eyes are sapphire blue and they have long thin hair.

What is the origin of the Sacred Cat of Burma?

The origin of the Sacred Cat of Burma is uncertain, although there are several theories that can give us some notion of their place of origin.

There is the legend of the sacred cat of Burma, which tells that they were venerated in ancient Buddhist temples. This breed is the result of several crosses between Siamese and Persian or Angora cats.

Another story tells that in the year 1920, an American millionaire Mr. Vanderbilt got two female and male Burmese cats. They gave origin to a litter of cats taken to the French city Nice, which were exhibited in a feline exhibition in 1926.

There is a legend that tells that before the appearance of Buddha, in the Lao-Tsun temple of Burma. The Goddess Tsun-Kyang-Ksé, was the one in charge of guiding the souls in their journey to the beyond. His eyes were sapphire. It allowed the Kittah monks to end their lives, to stay their spirit dwelling in the sacred cats.

This race of Burmese cats was recognized by the FIFe in 1926. Only since the year 1950, these cats were exported to England. And it was adopted at this time the name that currently carries Sacred of Burma. A decade later in 1960 this beautiful cat was exported to the United States and Germany.

How to identify a Sacred Cat of Burma?

These felines belong to races with Siamese genes. They have dark features in places like the mask of their face, ears, legs and tail.

A particular feature of these, are their white gloves on their four legs. When they are born, the Sacred cats of Burma baby are white. They are taking color and characteristics of the Siamese gene from the second month.

Size: the Sacred cats of Burma have a medium size.

Weight: The weight in the males is 4.5 to 8 kilograms and in the females of 3.5 to 7 kilograms.

Height: its height has a variation between the 23 to 28 centimeters in the males and 22 to 26 centimeters in the females.

Body: it is lightweight, slightly elongated. It is strong, muscular and robust.

Eyes: They are large, oval and in sapphire blue color.

Nose: It is medium and straight.

Ears: They are medium, rounded, separated, broad base and slightly inclined.

Head: It is strong, broad, medium. Skull quite rounded and has short hair on the face.

Extremities: Their legs are medium length, but powerful and well muscled, with rounded and broad feet.

Tail: of medium length, abundant fur. They usually have it upright.

Fur: It is semi-long, dense, soft and silky. It has a dense fleecy undercoat, it is short on the face and long on the body.

Coat color: has the pattern colourpoint (mask, ears, legs and tail darker than the rest of the body that is clear and ivory). The colors of the Burmese cat are blue, seal, lilac, chocolate, gray, red and cream, in combination with tabby and turtle.

How is the character and behavior of a Sacred Cat in Burma usually?

The Burmese Cat has a character sociable, calm and pleasant, they like to play with children and other animals of the same species. He is an excellent companion, he loves to be with his family and follow them around the house.

This pussycat is a homelike animal, they are ideal for the family, they are nice and very nice. They are pets, they are noble and they are affectionate with visitors.

It is one of the most faithful cats, they pass it to their masters. Although each has its own personality, most of these cats are social and affectionate.

The Burmese cat is a very calm animal, it sleeps a lot, but it needs to pay attention and play with them. It is necessary to give their attention when they are small. when they are more active and playful.

They have a seductive and subtle look, they like to maintain eye contact with their masters. But do not be wrong with a kind of challenging look, but rather a loving and emotional look.

They are unique animals, with a very beautiful personality. Treat them like a member of your family. You will receive in gratification the immense affection that this magnificent feline can offer.

How old is a Sacred Cat from Burma?

The Sacred Cat of Burma is an animal that can live for many years with his family. With the respective care and if you provide the love that demands until about We have spent 16 years coming up with. In all this time I accompany you give him all your love and you will see that they spent a few years enjoying their company.

How to care for a Sacred Cat of Burma?

Regarding the care you should give a Burmese or sacred Burmese cat is not really something complex are minimal. You need to take care of your fur, feed it well, have time to play with it. And give him some attention that makes him feel loved.

Beautiful Sacred Cat of Burma color Cream Point

As with many domestic kittens of breed and fine fur, it is important to brush them. Since it has an abundant mantle, it requires periodic attention, although its hair does not get tangled easily. You have to take care during the molting season and do it on a daily basis.

Many cats groom themselves and can swallow their hairs, reaching their digestive system that can cause some disease. If this is the case, you can give paraffin or malt to help with the expulsion of the hairballs.

Another important aspect is to provide the right food, which keeps your coat in perfect condition. The food that helps your growth and keeps you healthy for your entire life. Feed your kitten with high-end balanced feed, with good quality and according to their age. Be careful to overindulge, taking care of overweight as it may have future complications.

Another important aspect is to give attention, time and space to your cat. These animals are quite playful and they are also very intelligent. You can teach them distracting games like yarn balls and toys. If you have more than one cat, you will have a lot of fun with your kind. If you only have to play with it, you like cloth mice or any object that rolls on the floor that catches your attention.

How should I feed the Sacred Cat of Burma?

Feeding the Sacred of Burma will not be a problem, since this type of feline is not one that requires special care.

The food that you are going to give to your cat should be one of quality, containing the necessary nutrients for the kitten, which can be both dry and wet. The food must be rich in protein and nutrients, which strengthen your coat, to keep it silky and shiny, also to keep you healthy.

Many veterinarians recommend not giving human food, since it needs specific nutrients to maintain the health and coat of the feline. Since the Birman cat is a puppy, you must create the custom of balanced food, do not change brands and choose the best quality according to your age.

What diseases are the most common in the Sacred Cat of Burma?

The most common diseases that a Burmese cat can present depend on genetic and developmental factors. It is also important to take care of the feline from drafts and sudden changes of environment to prevent it from acquiring a respiratory problem.

The most common discomfort that this cat can have is related to its long coat. If you do not take care of your pet and do not comb it periodically during hair loss, it can accumulate hairballs in your digestive system, and can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Consider some other anomalies about the diseases of the Sacred Cat of Burma:

  • Alterations of the CS gene of the optic nerve, which can produce cataracts when the cat is elderly.
  • Neurological diseases such as axonopathy, polyneuropathy and encephalomyopathy, which affects some cats of this species.
  • They may also develop moderately elevated levels of hemoglobinuria and myoglobinuria.

Go periodically to your veterinarian, keep up-to-date vaccinations and pay attention so that your cat has a happy and healthy life.

Curiosities of the Sacred Cat of Burma

In this section we show you some curious facts about the Sacred Cat of Burma:

  • The Burmese cat was presented for the first time in France in the 1916 year.
  • After the Second World War, only one pair of Sacred cats from Burma remained, for that reason it was difficult to recover this species.
  • The origins of the breed of Sacred cats of Burma is not so clear, between that supposed to originated in the breed figure the Siamese and the Turkish Angoras, who contributed their genes, their colors and their long hair.
  • The Birman Cat breed was recognized in the 1966 year and until 1967 was not accepted by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) in the United States.
  • The pups of the Sacred Burmese cat are born completely white. The characteristics of the race appear as they develop from the second or third week of life.

How much does a Burmese cat or Sacred Cat of Burma?

If you plan to buy this feline, in Spain the price of a Sacred Burmese cat or Burmese cat is approximately 750 euros.

It is recommended that you buy the sacred cat of Burma in a hatchery that gives you the guarantee of the feline standard. The sacred cats of Burma bought in hatcheries have quality certificates and will guarantee your health and avoid genetic problems.

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