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Ragdoll cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The beautiful Ragdoll Cat a very affectionate feline, with the ability to stay relaxed in your arms. Originally from the United States, it is a majestic cat with intense blue eyes, which today has many followers.

Images and photos of Cats Ragdoll

In this section you can find photographs of the Ragdoll Cat. Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

What is a Ragdoll Cat?

The Ragdoll cat, which means rag doll in Spanish, is a domestic cat that has a very interesting characteristic, it has the ability to relax when held in the arms. She loosens all her muscles and looks like a rag doll, for that reason is her name. He has many qualities such as his intelligence and his character. They are calm, very affectionate animals, perfect for company and ideal for families with children.

They are big cats, with a robust and muscular body, have a weight above the average cats, have their reflexes somewhat slower.

What is the origin of the Ragdoll Cat?

This Ragdoll cat breed is originally from Riverside, a Location of California in the United States. in 1960 In the house of Mrs. Pennels, the first copies were born. They were the product of the crossing between the Turkish Angora cat called Josephine and a cat of the Sacred race of Burma called Daddy Warbucks.

Three kittens of the first litter were highlighted, due to their inherited character from the parents and their muscular relaxation. This race was approved in the United States in the 1965 year. The year 1971 Ann Backer founded the International Association of Ragdoll Cats (IRCA for its acronym in English).

What are the most common features of the Ragdoll Cat?

In this section you will find some characteristic features that will help you know how to identify or recognize a ragdoll cat.

With just knowing this information you can immediately recognize this beautiful cat. If you asked yourself how much a Ragdoll cat measures, or how much this animal weighs, here you will find all the characteristic data of this species.

Ragdoll cat features

Weight: the weight of the ragdoll cat, the males can be from 4.5 to 9 kilograms and in females from 4.5 to 9 kilograms.

Size: how much is a ragdoll cat, this cat has a very large size, similar to the Maine raccoon cat. It has a length of 90 centimeters.

Body: He is big, muscular, with a strong bone and something elongated.

Eyes: It has very large and oval eyes with an intense blue or sapphire color. They have a lot of distance between the eyes and aligned with the base of the ears.

Nose: it is medium, with a slight arch in the upper third and the skin harmonizes with the color of the fur.

Ears: They are medium, with rounded tips and broad bases. They follow the cuneiform contour of the head and lean forward gently.

Head: It is wide and triangular or cuneiform, it has rounded contours. The skull is flat between the ears.

Extremities: They are medium, just like the musculature and bones. The hind legs are longer than the previous ones. The hair that covers the front legs is short and that of the hind legs is long.

Tail: It is long and feathery.

Fur: It is semi-long, dense, smooth, silky texture, long on the neck and short on the face.

Coat color: can be presented in two colors, colorpoint, mitted and in seal, chocolate, lilac, red, cream colors.

How is the character and behavior of a Ragdoll Cat?

The Ragdoll is a very relaxed and calm feline, if you had it in your arms you would see that they look like a rag doll. Many admirers of this race that are like mink fur costumes. You can lift them, shake them and carry them from one side to another, while they sleep very quietly. Its most important feature of this pussycat is its exceptional predisposition to tranquility. Although it may seem that it has the tendency to be lazy or placid they are very playful animals.

These cats are very intelligent animals, you can train them as if they were dealing with canines, but you will need a lot of patience, dedication and time.

They will enjoy walking behind you as if they were your shadow, they love being the protagonists, they will follow you around the house, purring. And when you get home, they will make you an affectionate reception. Many fans of this feline claim that this cat has many characteristics of a dog.

The Ragdoll Cats breed are animals that can live quietly in an apartment or in a house with garden and open space. They simply ask for your love and your company. Unlike other breeds, this animal does not have that instinct of hunter, prefer to be at home with his family. They adapt very easily with other animals such as dogs and cats. In humans they have a therapeutic effect for elderly people and sick people, because they transmit calm and tranquility that improve the physical and emotional state.

How much does a Ragdoll Cat live?

The Ragdoll has a life expectancy between the 12 to 15 years, generally this cat is in good health and has few problems at the genetic level. Give the care and attention due can live a quiet, happy and long life.

How to earn the trust of a Ragdoll Cat?

If you want to gain the trust of this feline it is very simple, since it is a very gentle and tender animal. The first thing you should do is to create an atmosphere of trust, to offer them a safe and peaceful place where they can live freely.

That you do not lack food in your trough and water in your drinker, this is a very important requirement if you want to gain the confidence of this cat.

Treat him with respect and above all give him your affection and affection, he is a companion animal that will be willing to give you his love as long as you return him the same. Give it due attention, make it one more member of your family. In return he will give you all his affection and the trust you are looking for in this beautiful kitten.

How to care for a Ragdoll Cat?

If you adopted a Ragdoll, you should know that it is a race with enough hair and you should take care of it and give it the respective daily attention. You must brush it daily, the hair of this kitten is very thin, it does not tend to produce knots. Use special brushes for this type of breed. When brushing it you will keep your coat healthy and magnificent, do it regularly and you will prevent your cat from eating hairballs, which affect your digestive system.

This cat is sleepy and calm, he does not like exercise as much, he prefers the simple company of his family. For that reason, you may be overweight if you exceed your diet, provide adequate balanced low-fat food. Play with him, do not let the sleeping routine become a habit of your feline.

One aspect to consider of his cat Ragdoll is that they hate loneliness, he likes to be surrounded by his family. She loves children and the elderly, she takes with other animals, for those reasons she shows her affection and care, the affection of the family is enough and enough to live happy and healthy.

How should I feed a Ragdoll Cat?

The Ragdoll cat has a diet not as complicated as it seems. Like most breed cats, it is advisable to feed them with high quality balanced feed, both in dry and moist foods, free of fat. It is necessary that this animal has at its disposal clean and fresh water, clean and refresh constantly as its consumption.

Being cats quite sleepy and do not like exercise, they can tend to be obese, especially when they are elderly. Experts recommend monitoring animals that are overweight and give care to your veterinarian so that your health will not deteriorate. If you are overweight, choose low calorie foods and increase your cat’s exercise rate and stimulate it through games that you like and enjoy.

What diseases are the most common in the Ragdoll Cat?

When they are small it is important to have up-to-date vaccinations and deworming, be attentive to their assistance to the veterinarian. This cat sometimes takes more than two years to reach adulthood.

A weak point as some cats of this feline is the swallowing of hair and its presence in your digestive system, is a common evil of long-haired animals. Give him the respective care about his brushing and give him prevents this disease giving the paraffin or malt every so often, which will help the expulsion of them.

Some of the most common diseases that can affect Ragdolls cats are: Urinary problems, Polycystic kidney disease and Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Finally, the Ragdoll is a home and family cat, which must be given due attention, since it does not like physical activity and is somewhat lazy. We must take care of overweight, which is very common in elderly cats and cats not sterilized, thus avoiding problems in their joints.

Curiosities of the Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat is an unusual animal, it has many very characteristic qualities. That’s why he has enough followers and fans of his race. In this section we show you some curious facts about this great feline.

Ragdoll cat curiosities

  • The Ragdolls are known for their striking bright blue eyes , although not all of this race have it. Some cats have greenish-blue or gold-colored eyes. Most are born with blue eyes, but they can change in their growth stage.
  • At the Algonquin Hotel in New York City they have cats from 1930. La Gata de Ruling in this historic hotel is Matilda a beautiful Ragdoll.
  • There are many myths about this species, it is said that the Ragdolls are not afraid, that they are immune to pain or apathy. A problem for veterinarians, because it is very difficult to treat them without finding the cause of the discomfort.
  • These felines are an ideal companion breed for families with children and get along with other animals. Many times the Ragdoll are called Puppy Cats because their behavior is similar to that of the puppies. They love to chase humans and even like to play with a ball.
  • The Ragdoll reaches its full development at three years of age. Something very curious is that the baby ragdoll cat is born almost white. When they grow and change their hair, they darken their ears, their faces, their legs and their tail.
  • One limitation that this race has is that its voice is weak, rarely meows. Which can present a problem in case of any problem.

Tips for buying a Ragdoll Cat

If you want to know how to buy or get a Ragdoll Cat or where you can buy it. Here we present some tips that will help to do it.

  • Today it is difficult to adopt a ragdoll cat in an animal rescue center, for that reason you can only find it in responsible hatcheries.
  • Only buy in a Ragdoll cattery that give health guarantees, with the respective vaccines, wormed and with pedigree. Ask for the document that guarantees the characteristics of the feline.
  • It is recommended to ask for genetic tests of the kitten, to avoid the different genetic diseases that it may have.
  • Require the kennel to be able to see the kittens together with the parents, the facilities. That complies with the hygiene requirements and that is legal. Internet purchases are not recommended to avoid being cheated.

How much does a Ragdoll Cat cost?

If you want to buy a Ragdoll you will have seen that it has elegance and all the qualities of this beautiful animal. Because of his behavior, affection, affection and above all his relationship with humans, this issue can be quite expensive.

The price of the Ragdoll cat is variable according to the breeding place where you purchased it, between the 500 and the 1000 dollars.

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