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Persian cat hair care

Card of the animal: Persian

The Persian cat is characterized by its long and dense coat, regardless of its face features so characteristic of this luxury feline breed. Obviously this type of mantle requires meticulous care that other cat breeds do not require.

In we will provide you with the guidelines for your Persian cat to look always well groomed and beautiful in this article about Persian cat hair care.

Discover what ideas we propose, keep reading:

Daily care

All Persian cats require daily care on our part. It is our obligation to provide them with food and water every day, while keeping their sand clean. Although we do not believe it, the benefits of a healthy, quality diet will directly affect the animal’s coat.

In the case of the Persian cat there is an added daily obligation: comb it.

Naturally, we must do it with love and with the right material for it, read on to discover the indications it recommends.

Material to comb the Persian cat

To properly style our Persian cat, we will use combs, brushes and card.

First we will use a comb, preferably plastic, with the tips separated and blunt. This utensil will allow us to orientate the sense of the hair and detect a knot in the coat of our Persian cat.

I must remind you that whenever you comb your pet it is advisable to do it on a towel, to avoid soiling the ground with dead hair.

The ideal brushes

Once the first comb is passed in a shallow way, and a knot has been removed if it was detected with the first pass with the clear tip comb, we will begin to brush the mantle of our Persian cat with a flat comb of separate bristles, long, rigid and protected their tips with balls.

In this way we will not cause wounds in the dermis of our feline, this brushing should be something more meticulous than the first previous hairstyle.

Thick brush

We will alternate the brushing with the first brush, with some passes with another type of brush: a Long, thick and soft bristle brush. Ideal tool to remove dust and remains of food attached, for example: in the gill of our gutter cat.

Combining the action of both brushes we will comb our complacent and purring friend through all the places of his hairy anatomy.

The metallic card

La metallic card It is a somewhat dangerous tool for our pet if we do not use it correctly. But if we handle it carefully, it can give the hair of our Persian cat a splendid finish.

There are two precepts, the most important is not to brush with the thick metallic tips of the card the dermis of the cat, but getting close to it to aerate and fluff the hair of our cat.

The other precept is to combine long passes with short passes, in favor of hair and against the grain. In this way each hair will separate and be charged with static current, which greatly annoys the mites and causes their escape from the fur of your cat.

Time and special tools

As we start from the premise that you will comb your Persian cat daily, the time spent on it should not exceed ten minutes. More than enough time to turn your pussycat into a Hollywood actor or actress.

  • During the spring and summer you will have to control that your cat does not contract fleas or other parasites, for this there exist in the pet shops very thick combs that should only be used for the purpose of deworming.
  • If your cat gets too dirty, you can get a dry cleaning shampoo to clean regularly without having to nail your nails. You can use baby wipes for milder spots.
  • In addition and especially for those cats with white mantle you should also know a very useful product to eliminate the tear-colored coffee that sometimes marks your complexion. Basically it is an antioxidant that gradually eliminates the trace.

Foods that improve the coat

Indeed, the care of Persian cat hair is not limited to brushing and feline aesthetic products, some foods improve the quality of the coat of the Persian cat.

  • Especially the omega3 omega6 fatty oils are super benefits for the cat organism and also their hair. Look for wet feed and cans containing these two oils.
  • Offering salmon and tuna once a week will also be reflected in a bright and healthy coat, in addition, the fish has a high protein content. For this we must clean it properly without thorns or viscera, it will be preferable to offer it raw.
  • Other options may be sardine oil or egg.

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