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Oriental Longhair Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The Oriental Longhair Cat is a beautiful example, it is characterized as an athletic and active breed; They are very sociable and generally very calm.

Photos and Images of Oriental cats with long hair

In this section you will find the long haired Oriental cat or Javanese cat and their photos. Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

What is a Oriental Longhair Cat?

The Oriental cat with long hair o Oriental Longhair, Javanese o Mandarin It is a race of semi-long hair, it is characterized by being very elegant and beautiful.

This feline is hyperactive, does not tire of playing, let alone receiving affection. It differs from the short-haired cat only by its fur and its character; They are very similar in most of their features.

What is the origin of the Oriental Longhair Cat?

The Oriental Longhair cat is originally from Thailand, appeared in the middle of 1980, is the result of the crossing of the Balinese cat and the oriental cat with short hair. In England that time they were known as a variety of angora denominated British Angora or Long haired oriental English cat.

Only in 1998 was accepted as a standard breed of cats in the United States within the Eastern Siamese group. Currently this feline is not as popular in Europe, but it is quite popular in North America.

What are the most common characteristics of Oriental Longhair Cat?

This oriental cat breed is characterized by being an athletic and active breed, combining the beauty and elegance of the Siamese cat. In this section we show you the most important features about this kitten.

Size: oriental cats with long hair have a medium size.

Weight: The weight in the males is 4.5 to 5.5 kilograms and in the females of 2.5 to 3.5 kilograms.

Body: its shape is slender, elongated, muscular and elegant.

Eyes: They are medium, almond shaped and oblique. Colors are about the fur, they are usually green.

Nose: It is long, straight, without pronounced naso-frontal depression.

Ears: They are large, broad-based and pointed.

Head: of triangular shape with vertex in the chin.

Extremities: The legs are tall, long, thin and muscular.

Tail: It is long, thin and sharp like the Siamese and the oriental short hair.

Fur: It is fine, silky, of semi-long length. Feathery in the tail, neck and hip.

Coat color: The oriental cat with long hair is mainly unicolor (white, black, chocolate blue, lilac, red, cream, cinnamon and fawn) and bicolor (smoke tabby and silver tabby).

How is the character and behavior of an Oriental long haired cat?

The cat of oriental race has a character and temperament similar to that of oriental cats. It is a very athletic, hyperactive, intelligent and affectionate cat; is sociable in nature, an ideal and loyal companion animal.

The Oriental with long hair is very playful, but he knows when a person feels tired. This pussycat is fascinated by games, so you’ll have to put in your time to entertain your feline. You can get him balls of yarn or some toys to have fun.

This cat It is very curious, he likes to receive caresses and enjoy the affection of his owners, but with strange people he is introverted. They usually create the strongest ties with a single person in the family.

The agility and dexterity they make this feline an excellent athlete and jumper, he likes to do tricks, thanks to his long legs he can jump without any effort. And because of his affection for his owner he always tries to show his skill in jumps and games in order to get his attention.

It is an animal that can live quietly in a flat or a house with a garden or terrace; he likes that there are many people at home and I really enjoy the outside environment.

Finally, these cats are meowing, if they are hungry or ask for your attention they will emit intense meows until they are cared for. This is a characteristic of oriental cats.

How long does an oriental cat with long hair live?

Oriental cats are a strong breed, very resistant to diseases is for that reason they can have a long life and quiet.

The long-haired Oriental can have a Life expectancy from 14 to 18 years.

How to care for an Oriental Longhair Cat?

Oriental breed cats have a great aspect in their favor, enjoy good health. According to experiences of caregivers of this cat, few diseases are known; That is why if you are well fed and have the proper attention you will live a healthy and peaceful life.

Regarding your hygiene, needs brushing between one to two times per week, and also bathrooms every three months. It is necessary to eliminate dead fur, this will help keep it clean and silky, also prevent it from going to your digestive system, favoring the health of the feline.

The physical activity, exercises and games They are very important for this pussycat, they love running and jumping; It is a pretty playful kitten, it is necessary to devote part of your time if you are going to adopt this beautiful specimen.

The food and health are aspects that you should not neglect, provide good nutrition, healthy and nutritious to develop and grow healthy. Regularly attend the veterinarian and have their vaccinations and controls up to date.

What do Oriental cats with long hair eat?

This animal is quite healthy and very resistant, it is not so food selector. But you must provide the most adequate and quality food, according to their stage of life.

You must take into account that this feline grows very fast. Food for excessively hypocaloric puppies, you must remove them from your diet at an early age. This breed does not usually suffer from obesity, thanks to the fact that it likes physical activity. But they may be prone to be obese if they are sterilized specimens; in these felines should give food with fewer calories.

It is recommended that most of your diet be dry foods, being able to give moist foods from time to time.

It is very important provide the kitten with fresh and clean water; the most important thing is the cleaning of drinking troughs and feeding troughs, in this way you will take care that they can get some disease due to the bacteria that could lodge in their containers.

Thanks to a good diet, the respective care, our kittens will live happily and will be a strong and healthy cat

Most common diseases and prevention in the Longhaired Oriental Cat

As seen in the previous sections, this cat is extremely resistant to diseases, has a very strong immune system.

The most common anomaly that could affect this feline are the bezoars. Although the balls of hair in your digestive system can be avoided, giving you the proper preventive maintenance. It provides paraffin and malt to help your feline in case of this anomaly.

Keep in mind that the preventive care of the veterinarian, and the vaccines up to date, will minimize the possibilities of affections and diseases that this kitten may suffer.

Curiosities of the Oriental Longhair Cat

This cat is a very dear animal, very playful and has many curious aspects, here we show some interesting facts about this cat.

  • The Long Haired Oriental cat is the result of the cross between the Balinese cat and the short haired Oriental cat.
  • They were known in England in the middle of 1980 and were known as a variety of angora called British Angora.
  • Today this feline is not so popular in Europe, but it is quite popular in North America.
  • At the moment still they are carried out crossings to fix and to perfect the race of Oriental of long hair.

How much does an Oriental Longhaired Cat cost?

This cat has a popularity in many countries, which makes it easy to buy an oriental cat with long hair at a good price; the cost of this cat on average that you can buy it at the 600 dollars. But in some countries it is quite high between 700 to the 1000 dollars.

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