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Neva Masquerade Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The Neva Masquerade Cat a majestic and elegant feline, a colorpoint variant of the Siberian Cat, is originally from Russia. A companion animal, very sociable, sweet, cheerful and quite affectionate.

Images and photos of Cats Neva Masquerade

In this section you can find photographs of Gato Neva Masquerade. Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

What is a Neva Masquerade Cat?

This section is for a beautiful, large-sized animal, the Gato Neva Masquerade, which possesses a majesty and elegance. A colorpoint variant of the Siberian Cat. This breed has a magnificent aspect, it differs from the Siberian Cat because of the color of its coat, it has the colourpoint mantle and the ends of its body darker in the legs, tail, ears and nose. The intense blue of his look, his seductive personality, intelligence and fidelity, are several qualities that cause the fascination and admiration of many people.

What is the origin of Neva Masquerade Cat?

The Neva Masquerade is a cat originally from Russia, on the Neva River, near St. Petersburg, where its name comes from Neva and Masquerade (mask in French). The popularity in Europe of these felines was not known until the end of the 80 years. Although in Russia this domestic cat was so popular and was in charge of controlling the plagues of rodents. Since the 1987 year this breed was recognized in registries now admitted by the FIFe. Some federations do not consider this breed as pure, but as a cross between Siberian cats and street cats or Thai.

What are the most common characteristics of Neva Masquerade Cat?

The Neva Masquerade is a very elegant and mysterious animal which possesses many characteristic qualities.

Size: It is medium.

Weight: the Males they can weigh between 5 to 9 kilos, while the females are usually among the 4 to 6 kilograms.

Body: his body is elongated, robust and muscular.

Eyes: They are large and oval, of uniform intense blue color that combines with the fur.

Nose: It is wide.

Ears: has strands of hair in the ears, are medium, wide and erect.

Head: It is short and triangular, with a prominent chin and curved forehead.

Extremities: Their legs are strong and short with strands of hair between the toes.

Tail: It is broad at the base, opulent and hairy.

Fur: It is dense and very soft, especially on the sides of the body, long on the chest, short on the neck and shoulders.

Coat color: The Siberian cat point as the neva masquerade can appear in the color varieties: Seal point, Blue point, Chocolate point, Cinnamon point, Fawn point, Lilac point and Cream point.

How is the character and behavior of a Cat Neva Masquerade?

The Siberian cats Neva Masquerade is a companion animal, sociable, ideal to live with a family. He is cuddly, sweet, cheerful and quite affectionate, he gets along very well with the children and other animals of the house (both dogs and cats).

He has a calm meow, perceives the moods of the family and reacts with sensitivity and affection. He is very shy with strange people and they prefer to get away and look from afar.

They love open and wide spaces where they can enjoy nature and can play freely running, releasing their hunter instincts. They can also live quietly in an apartment, but it is ideal to have a terrace or balcony, where you can go out to sunbathe.

When you get home, it will provide you with a warm welcome, at night it will let you rest very calmly. They need their own space, an intimate space, they look for remote places where they can feel isolated and rest comfortably.

This cat is very intelligent, has a great capacity for learning and you can teach her many tricks.

How much does a cat Neva Masquerade live?

The Neva Masquerade if they have a healthy life and have the proper care can have a life expectancy Between 15 to 20 years approximately. The extension of life will depend if the kitten leads a healthy life, does not suffer from overweight and lives a happy life.

How to care Neva Masquerade Cat?

If you decided to adopt and take care of a Neva Masquerade you will see that they do not require too much specific care.

As for food, this cat will need a high quality feed rich in animal protein (at least one 70%). Avoid a balanced meal that contains cereal or other foods that may cause allergies.

For the hygiene of this kitten, you should brush it with special brushes for this type of animal, brush it frequently at least once or twice a week to prevent its hair from getting tangled. The most important, to eliminate dead hair, so avoid going to your digestive system. It is also important to clean your eyes with a clean wet gauze.

As for physical activity, you must dedicate your time to play with your Neva Masquerade, there are many games that you can entertain your cat, such as a rope, a ball or a stuffed animal. It is an animal that likes open space, a garden or the patio. It is recommended that you live in a spacious place so you can run and play. You can also train your cat to go for a walk on a leash.

As for health, this feline enjoys very good health in general, since it is a purebred animal without genetic modifications. Take care of diseases such as colds or others, in case your pet gets sick, go immediately to a veterinarian.

What does Neva Masquerade Cat eat?

The adequate food that your pet consumes will guarantee a long and healthy life. Like all felines, cats are carnivorous animals, which is why they require a diet rich in protein and nutrients. You must have the attention and care regarding the food you provide to your animal.

This cat must have constant access to its feeder and its drinking fountain with clean, fresh water. Use preferably running water, if possible generate the habit of drinking enough water to prevent kidney disease.

As for the food ration, it is related to the weight and physical activity of the pussycat, which can be seen in the containers. The most important thing is the quality of the food for the cat’s health. Choose the type of feed Premium and Super Premium that are the most nutritional.

Among foods rich in proteins that you can give as a reward to your cat is stewed meat and natural tuna, they are a delight and they love it a lot, but do not give them frequently because it can make them fat.

Something you should consider is that Nava Masquerade is a puppy up to 12 months. In this phase the amount of ration must be between 30 to 40 grams per day. After the year, the amount of ration can vary between 25 to the 60 grams per day.

Which diseases are the most common in the Neva Masquerade Cat?

Among the most beautiful breeds of cats is the neva masquerade, which is a healthy and healthy animal, does not have genetic diseases, since it is a feline of purely pure race. But it can present some health problems, which are really caused by the lack of care and overfeeding that you could give your Neva Masquerade.

The main health problem of this pussycat is related to overweight, which can cause hip dysplasia and other deformities. If you detect any anomaly, when walking or you notice something strange in your pet, we recommend you take your questions with the veterinarian.

The lack of grooming and brushing your feline can cause your hair to swallow. It is known that kittens clean their fur with their tongue, which causes them to swallow their hair, which forms fur balls. We can avoid it by giving proper and timely care and attention. It is advisable to give paraffin oil or malt, which helps the expulsion of the hair balls.

Does the Cat Neva Masquerade cause allergy?

Gato Neva Masquerade is hypoallergenic, as it has been shown through studies in the United States that the Siberian cat Neva Masquerade has a low production of the D1 protein that causes allergies in humans.

Tips for buying a Neva Masquerade Cat

If you want to acquire a Neva Masquerade, you must take into account some important aspects so that you are not deceived and buy a legitimately authentic cat.

  • If you are going to buy your cat from a hatchery, you should check some requirements that the hatchery should meet. Such as: facilities, cages, feeders and drinking fountains must be clean. Animals must have proper care and be healthy. The person in charge must answer your doubts and show you the parents of the feline. They should not deliver to the kitten if they are not at least two months old. You must ask for the necessary documentation of the kitten such as vaccinations, the pedigree certificate.
  • If you buy for a purchase with a private person, either online or by an advertisement. Ask for contact information, the advertisement must be written in one language and must be consistent. Must provide all the necessary information of the kitten, do not send payments in advance, distrust. Ask them to let you see the kittens and their parents before making the purchase.
  • If you buy the kitten from an animal store, the only drawback is that they may not give you the pedigree, but they must be healthy and well cared for.

What is the price of Neva Masquerade Cat?

If you are going to buy your cat Neva Masquerade in a certified hatchery, the price varies according to where you buy it; the average cost you can buy it at 900 dolares and more or less 500 dollars in an animal shop. But do not choose it only for the cost, but for the authenticity and care of the animal.

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