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Names for gray cats

The gray cats they are the most enigmatic cats of all. For this reason, it is not always an easy task to find the perfect name for felids with grayish fur, because we want them to express all the elegance and poise possible.

As always, to the rescue! Do you have a gray cat and do not know yet what to name it? Continue reading this article that prepared with the best options of names for gray cats.

If you have adopted a gray cat and you have some other name as a suggestion, write it in the comments at the end of the article and we will include it immediately.

What to keep in mind to choose the best name for a gray cat?

The gray cats are unique. Its shiny coat has that mystical and ancestral touch that many cat lovers love. There are people who say that the more mysterious the cat, the better. Therefore, finding the name for a gray cat is not an easy task, because it must be as unique as he. Gray cats are like little domestic panthers, so enjoying their company is a privilege.

Gray is considered a dark color and lack of expression. However, we believe that it does not have to be this way, especially in the case of charming cats. Gray is an interesting color that represents character, balance and equanimity, and all the gray cats I have known have these characteristics. Sure yours is the same!

Below you will see a list of name options for male and female gray cats, based on the above elements.

Names for gray male cats

As I mentioned in the previous section, based on the characteristics of these beautiful cats, and what their color represents, we have selected these names for male gray cats as the most appropriate:

  • Ashes: is the translation of the word “ashes” in English. It is perfect for gray cats that are reserved and mysterious, of those that you see and think are stalking you with their eyes.
  • GreyIf you are a fan of the literary saga “50 Shades of Gray”, this is the right name to honor you. Also, more suitable impossible, because the word gray means the gray color in English.
  • Chromium: if you are a chemist or scientist we give you this fabulous option. This name has character and is made for cats with different shades of gray, just like metal.
  • Alloy: I remembered that many years ago I met a gray cat, with a lot of personality, who was called Alloy. He was very sleepy and peaceful, so if your cat is like that, Alloy is the name for him.
  • London: like the city, gray but with British charm.
  • Rocky: for the gray kittens that are naughty and looking for lawsuits, but very spoiled.
  • Marline: We remember the gray beard wizard. This is the right name for gray cats that have a special magic, like felines that have eyes and a spellbinding look.
  • Dumbo: like the famous Disney elephant, this name is for gray cats that retain their enigmatic charm but, at the same time, are tender and even innocent.
  • Miaugris: If your cat is adorable, but is also of the professional meowing type, this name is made for him.

Names for female gray cats

And if your gray cat is a female, then you have a list of names for her chosen according to their physical appearance and personality:

  • Grace: for those kittens that are stylized and move floating with all the grace and elegance.
  • Agate: like the stone, although some are bright colors, others are different shades of gray. This name is for gray cats of exotic physique.
  • Silvia: Tender and friendly kittens. Silvia is a close name, as if your cat was the best company to live.
  • Silver: for gray cats with exuberant and shiny fur, we have chosen this name that describes them perfectly.
  • moon: If you are a lover of the moon what better option than to put this name to your cat, in honor of the queen of the night.
  • Cleo: very affectionate cats that love their owners and watch them with other people and animals. Of the possessive type as saying “this is my territory”.
  • Dorotea: If your cat is of the protocolar type, exquisite and of stately personality, this option is perfect for her. Dorotea is name for gray cats of nobility and will be the countess of the house.
  • Hematite: for the felines that are all a sculpture that can be exhibited as a jewel in a museum.
  • Fog: beautiful cats but they are so mysterious and stealthy that they do not even feel it happening.

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