Names for female cats in Japanese

Are you looking for Japanese names for your cat? Here you will find very beautiful and meaningful names. We know that naming an adorable kitten who has just arrived at our home is not an easy task and it is that we are going to repeat it for many years, it must be a nice name, suitable and in this case, Asian!

In this article we are going to make a review among a large number of Japanese names that we have selected for cats and we will try to help you choose the best one and the one that best suits your female cat in particular.

Keep reading and discover different names for female cats in Japanese, let yourself be surprised by the Asian culture at the hand of your cat.

How to choose the ideal name for your female cat

We know that before giving a name to your cat you will look for many different options and, you do well! You must choose a name that not only suits your physique but also your personality. The name you choose for your female cat It must be simple, easy to remember and to attract attention of our new arrival.

It is for this reason that we advise you to look for a Japanese name since there will be no mistakes or confusion when it comes to pronouncing it. Look for a name that is not especially long or difficult, that sounds natural. Although that yes, the name you decide should like you and should like your new cat.

Japanese names for cats and their meaning

Here is an interesting list full of Japanese names for your female cat together with its meaning, we have selected those that can awaken something in you:

  • Eiki – Gloria
  • Suzuka – Bell flower
  • Kae – Blessing
  • Taishi – Aspiration
  • Kazuhisa – Lasting peace
  • Yumeko – Dream girl
  • Satoshi – Agile and cunning
  • Shôta – Great jump
  • Yukihisa – Happiness forever
  • Shûta – Excellent
  • Misora ​​- Beautiful Sky
  • Tensei – Clear sky
  • Tomomi – Amiga
  • Marise – Endless
  • Hikari – Luz
  • Kyrinnia – brilliant companion
  • Chiyo – Eternity
  • Mana – True love
  • Yûka – Tender flower
  • Chie – Wisdom
  • Sumire – Violet
  • Saki – Blooming
  • Kata – DignoFk
  • Amaya – Night rain
  • Reiko – Gratitude
  • Yûsei – Brave Star
  • Miyabi – Elegance
  • Kantana – Sword
  • Sayaka – Breath of fresh air
  • Noa – Hope and love
  • Akemi – Clear beauty
  • Mai – Dance
  • Shina – Virtuosa
  • Hikaru – Radiant
  • Kira – Glitter
  • Nanao – Seven lives
  • Rika – Flower of the pear tree
  • Ryūta – Great dragon
  • Kasumi – Pink Nuve
  • Kokoa – Heart and love
  • Kohana – Small flower
  • Karen – Lotus flower
  • Hinata – Facing the sun
  • Tomohisa – Eternal Friendship
  • Aimi – Love and beauty
  • Miyuki – Beautiful snow
  • Naomi – Straight and pretty
  • Tora – Tiger
  • Kosuke – Rising sun
  • Maemi – Real smile
  • Haruka – Spring flower
  • Yoshe – Beauty
  • Yukiko – Daughter of the snow
  • Akemi – Beautiful sunrise
  • Inari – Success
  • Kaida – Small dragon
  • Akina – Spring flower
  • Asuka – Perfume
  • Hoshiko – Star

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