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My cat’s hair falls out, what should I do?

If your cat falls hair is very important to inform you to identify the causes, possible solutions and warning signs that will help you identify when it is time to go to the veterinarian.

It is a common and frequent circumstance since the cat spends long periods grooming during the day. In any case, it is important to pay attention to the amount lost in case it is a serious problem. Keep reading this article to know why your cat’s hair falls out and what you should do

Hair loss in cats, normal or not?

If you recently have a cat in the home, perhaps you will not be used to the continuous trail of hair on the couch, your clothes and even in the most unsuspected places. For this reason, we affirm that It is normal for cats to lose hair on a regular basis, especially if we talk about a long-mantled cat.

We should pay attention to cat care that includes brushing at least 3 times per week. In this way we help you eliminate dead hair effectively. Now, it is important to note that hair loss in cats It can also be due to health problems. If we observe the hair decayed or rough, the animal loses hair by strands or presents bald without any hair, we must worry and ask why our cat’s hair falls out.

On the other hand, older cats may lose more hair than those that are young. In this case (and provided that the loss is not excessive) the veterinarian would recommend us to improve the quality of the feeding.

Hair loss in cats by moult

Cats, like dogs, chinchillas or rabbits, change the coat to adapt properly to changes in temperature. In the case of wild cats or cats that live abroad permanently, this change is more pronounced, but inside the home it is not as evident or always occurs in the same way due to the presence of air conditioners or heating.

It is during one of the two changes that the cat experiences a great loss of hair. This process usually lasts between 1 and 2 weeks and is given to late summer and early spring. In this case, that your cat’s hair falls is completely normal, and you should look for measures that help you control the amount of fur fallen to prevent an accumulation of it in your home and the formation of hairballs in the stomach of the animal For this, it is advisable to brush the cat every day and maintain proper hygiene at home. In this sense, the idea of acquire a robot vacuum cleaner It stands out above the rest for several reasons: it is clean, comfortable, effective and saves us time. But what robot vacuum cleaner is best for cat hair?

Although there are many vacuum robots that we can find in the market, the vacuum cleaner robot from ILIFE It is one of the most recommended for its features and features. This robot vacuum cleaner not only sucks cat hair, but it is also a scrubbing robot. Likewise, it has two side brushes, a central brush and a brushless motor.

Does your cat lose its hair because of stress?

Animals, like people, have feelings and memories, which may mean that at some point in their lives they suffer psychological problems. Before a sudden change of residence, the loss of a relative or pet and even adaptation to the carrier the cat may suffer a more or less mild stress. These animals are highly sensitive to changes, which is why any alteration in their routine can lead them to feel nervous, anxious, anxious, fearful, sad or depressed. All these emotions are reflected, moreover, in the state of his mantle, which loses vitality and falls more easily.

What to do if your cat’s hair falls out due to stress?

For these cases, recommend without any doubt pay attention to the cat to find the cause of the stress and fight it. Meanwhile, we can improve their environmental enrichment by adding more scrapers or toys, and offering all our affection through caresses, relaxing massages or games. Likewise, it is worth visiting with the veterinarian the option of offering vitamin supplements. And if your pussycat is a glutton, prepare his favorite food to cheer him up.

These are just some of the proposals we have, but you who know the cat better than anyone and you will be the one who discovers what activities improve their well-being. If you can not identify if your cat is stressed, go to a veterinarian to rule out this or another problem.

Does your cat lose its hair and have bald spots?

Finally, it is necessary to add that there are skin diseases that directly affect the hair loss of our cat. The most common are the following:

All the skin diseases mentioned cause as a symptom the hair loss in localized cats, reddening of the skin of the affected areas, itching and intense scratching, decay due to discomfort or loss of appetite and weight. For this reason, if your cat’s hair falls out in strands, it has bald spots and suspicions that it is due to an illness or the presence of parasites, the most appropriate is see the specialist as soon as possible.

What to do if your cat’s hair falls out?

The first measure to take into account is Thoroughly examine the animal’s skin to rule out or confirm the presence of parasites and / or the development of any pathology. In this regard, we highlight the importance of deworming and vaccination as a preventive measure, since both protect the cat against pathogens of a serious nature. Remember, also, that both fleas and ticks are carriers of multiple diseases, some of them zoonotic (can affect humans). For more information, check out this article: “Diseases that a tick can transmit.”

In case of illness, the veterinarian will make the diagnosis and establish the best treatment. Under no circumstances do we recommend self-medicating the cat without the approval of a specialist, since administering inappropriate drugs can significantly harm the clinical picture.

If you are healthy and hair loss is due to the molt period, the measures to follow will be those already mentioned: regular brushing and the use of a vacuum cleaner robot to keep the house clean. In addition, to prevent hair loss in cats, we can administer 3 and 6 omega supplements, or offer a diet rich in these fatty acids, as they strengthen the mantle, provide shine and control the loss.

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