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My cat is very heavy, why?

Although popular belief suggests that cats have an independent character, the truth is that they are very sociable animals that create a powerful emotional bond with loved ones. They love to communicate with us and their feline companions, however, sometimes, this attitude can become very tiring for those who do not understand why your cat has this behavior.

If your cat is especially heavy, it follows you everywhere, looks for your attention and your pampering, as well as licking and nibbling at you, perhaps you should investigate in this article the causes that can cause this situation, before it leads to a disorder related to separation. Keep reading this article to know why your cat is very heavyNotes:

Routines, sacred to cats

Cats, like many other animals, value very positively follow certain routines. Being able to anticipate what is going to happen helps them gain confidence in their surroundings and in their social relationships, as well as improve your emotional well-being.

For that reason, if your cat wakes you up every morning at the same time, asks you for food or protest when you are not fulfilling their “schedules”, you should know that it is a totally normal attitude and that we should start understand and respect, because it is a typical behavior in felines.

Demand for attention

Each cat is a world and has its own personality that makes it unique and unequaled. If your cat is one of those who follows you around the house, wants to sleep with you always or tries to play even if you do not feel like it, maybe you should evaluate if your cat is bored and needs more attention. Although at first it may surprise us, especially those who dedicate time and love, we should not take this point lightly, because for him it is much more important.

Remember that cats (except for those who have access to the outdoors) spend their entire lives on the same floor, without leaving, with the same stimuli and toys. In this case, value add environmental enrichment It can be an excellent therapy for your cat. Some ideas may be to create catwalks for cats, prepare a kong with your favorite food or use intelligence toys. Any new stimulus we can offer is valuable to him.

Many cats, even those who receive affection on a daily basis, need extra motivation. Either because it has accumulated energy or because they are especially attached, in this case it is convenient to assess adopt a second cat, with the same character and physical activity so that you can keep your best friend company. It can also be interesting to create a daily game routine, in which we participate directly with our cat. Buy a mouse and think that that will be enough is a serious mistake, the cat needs the interaction that only we or another living being can offer.

A latent disease

Cats are animals very reserved with your health and it is usual that they do not show the signs that would help us to identify any problem. Before thinking that it is a problem of behavior, it will be basic to know if our cat is sick. Do not forget that it is advisable to visit the veterinarian every 6 or 12 months, so going to the specialist will be a factor to consider, especially if you have observed any strange symptoms.

Suffers a disorder related to separation

Sometimes, the great bond we create with our cat turns against us, with the appearance of disorders related to separation, popularly known as “separation anxiety” It usually appears in cats that have been adopted during vacations or Christmas parties, time in which they spent a lot of time with the family.

Then, with the return to routine, the cats lose a lot of social interaction and feel tremendously sad each time we leave home, starting to develop more serious behavior problems, such as destructivity or prolonged meowing.

In this case it is essential to treat separation disorder, using different tools and toys to make the time the cat spends alone at home, have the best enrichment and distractions necessary to not suffer our march.

A change in your life

Sometimes, it may not be any of the causes mentioned above and is due to a change in the life of the cat that has marked a before and after, which has made it look for refuge in you.

Castration, a move, a new partner, a trauma or some lived situation can be the trigger for the behavior change of the feline. In this case it is convenient to review when this persistent behavior began, what could be the factor that originated it and what is our attitude towards the cat.

Remember that, sometimes, to separate our feline or punish him (actions that should never be used) can reinforce the “being heavy”. Your cat only wants your company, so even a bad response on your part may be desirable for him.

Finding the origin of the problem will be the key to resolving this situation. Take note of all the advice we have offered to improve your well-being and emotional state.

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