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My cat has dandruff – Causes and solutions

La dandruff It is a problem that not only affects the human being, cats can also suffer it. Small white spots appear on the fur that are nothing more than dead skin. Indicate a problem of dryness in the scalp and can cause itching.

Different reasons may be the cause, so it is important to determine the origin to apply the appropriate treatment. It is not a serious problem, so do not worry and keep reading.

In this article you will know the main causes that can cause dandruff in cats and how to fight it.

What is dandruff?

La dandruff it is not more than Dead skin of the scalp that detaches and sticks to the fur or falls off. The skin cells are renewed naturally, but sometimes certain diseases or problems can cause an excess of dandruff.

It is normal to sometimes see small white spots of dandruff on your cat’s fur. They should go with the usual brushes. It is important to keep your cat’s coat and skin as healthy and cared for as possible.

When you can see the reddened skin, your cat scratches excessively and the scales of dandruff are more evident. Cats can come to occur scratching injuries if your skin is delicate. Therefore, the problem should be eliminated as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Causes of dandruff in cats

Different circumstances can cause the appearance of dandruff. Next we will talk about the most frequent:

– Obesity

Overweight can cause your cat can not clean and lick easily. Obesity can limit the movement of your cat, leaving areas of your body drier where dandruff can appear. Discover some exercises for obese cats.

– Inadequate diet

A diet with nutritional deficiencies can cause problems in the skin of your cat. Commercial feed of low quality should be avoided. The lack of Omega-3 It dries the skin, causing the appearance of dandruff.

It is important to provide our cat with a good diet, a high quality feed and good hydration. Discover how to choose the best feed for my cat.

Omega-3 deficiency can be corrected by incorporating fish oil or vitamin supplements into your diet. Consult your veterinarian about the proper dose.

– Dry Skin

Living in a very dry environment with low humidity can dry out your cat’s skin. You can correct it by placing a humidifier at home that increases the humidity percentage.

Intense sun can burn your skin, you should avoid prolonged exposure.

– Allergies

Allergies caused by food or environmental conditions can cause skin problems that result in the production of dandruff. If you want to know more about allergies in cats read our article Allergy in cats- Symptoms and treatment.

– Mites

The presence of a mite known as Cheyletiella causes the known as “Walking dandruff”. Although at first sight it may look like dandruff, they are actually small parasites that feed on the cat’s skin. It is very contagious among cats so it is best to eliminate it as soon as possible.

Your veterinarian will recommend a lotion or shampoo that will eliminate mite infestation. You should also clean the cat’s bed and the areas where he likes to sleep. When dealing with parasites, it is essential to eliminate any remains so that they do not reproduce again.

– Stress

Cats are very susceptible to stress and changes. It also affects each cat in a different way. Provide an environment as stable as possible.

Diseases that can cause dandruff

Some diseases can be confused in their initial stages with a dandruff problem. Normally other symptoms will be present and the skin of the cat as well as dandruff will be especially irritated and with strong itching.

– Dermatitis

Cats can suffer from a type of dermatitis that can sometimes be confused with a dandruff problem. It is usually caused by the presence of an allergen in the environment or by direct contact with an irritant product. Rashes appear on the skin and scabs.

Ringworm is a skin disease caused by fungi. It causes the loss of hair, the skin is dried and dandruff appears. It is a very serious and contagious disease for other animals as well as for humans. Cats with Cheyletiella or “dandruff “are more likely to get this disease. You can read more about the disease in Tinea in cats – contagion and treatment.

Treatment of dandruff in cats

A mild dandruff problem can be easily treated with specific shampoos and lotions. But before it is essential to determine the cause.

Go to your veterinarian to examine your cat and rule out possible diseases and the presence of mites or other infestations. Check if your cat’s diet is adequate in case you need to improve it or incorporate Omega-3 supplements.

To improve the skin and eliminate existing dandruff there are lotions and shampoos special for cats. Never use anti-dandruff shampoos for dogs or humans because they can further dry your cat’s skin.

If your cat is not used to bath It can be difficult to bathe for the first time as an adult. You must also remove all traces of shampoo to avoid irritation. That is why it is advisable to bathe him since he was little and to accustom him to playing and to be comfortable in the water. Read our tips for bathing my cat at home.

If your cat is older or too cantankerous and you do not dare to bathe him a good alternative are the wipes for cats.

And remember to make brushed newspapers to eliminate dead hair and keep the coat healthy and clean. Choose the best brush for your cat and get used to brushing.

To choose the right one you can read our articles brushes for short-haired cats and brushes for long-haired cats. While you have sensitive and irritated skin, brush it gently, without pressing too hard.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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