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My cat has an inflamed and red anus

One day our cat is presented with “something” red on his butt, and the scare is great if there is prolapse because we think that reddened mass means that it is “losing your guts”, literally. And no, they are not the guts, but a red and inflamed year in cats is reason for veterinary consultation, since we can be in a situation of risk. In this article we give you the information about the causes that can explain why your cat has an inflamed and red anus, and what is the most appropriate management and treatment in each situation.

What is it about my cat in the ass?

Shortly after our friend lifts the tail what we will see will be the anus, of normal pricelessness, of an intense red color and of an increased size. Sometimes, even, we will observe a “mass” of mucous aspect, as of entails, hence the confusion of many people who think that it is a gut. This mass protrudes from the anus even several centimeters. Therefore, we will be facing two different conditions, in the first we will have a inflammation and redness of the outer tissue, while, in the second, we will be before the prolapse of the anus or the rectum. This last case would be the most serious.

Let’s see now why our cat can have an inflamed and red anus.

Causes of inflammation, redness and anal irritation in cats

Generally inflammation, but also prolapse, it has its origin in profuse diarrhea, this is the elimination of numerous liquid stools in a short interval of time. This diarrhea is usually caused by the presence of parasites, so it is more common in kittens of a few months and hence the importance of proper deworming, according to the guidelines recommended by our veterinarian, which will adjust to the age and type of parasite. Remember that from the 15 days of life the kittens should be dewormed and we always have to deworm the cat that comes home.

In addition to diarrhea, it must be taken into account that the opposite case, the constipation, can also be responsible for inflammation and anal prolapse in cats, as well as pathologies that cause efforts to urinate, such as cystitis, tumors or hernias in the area. In general, all those disorders that make defecation difficult or urination and suppose an effort can be the cause of this problem, which also includes labor, which can lead to prolapse in some cats. For all this, excluding the deliveries, it is more common to see kittens with the anus “out”, inflamed and red, or geriatric cats, although one must also bear in mind that there seems to be a certain individual predisposition and / or muscle weakness in the zone. This also points to the possibility of the episode repeating itself.

As we see, it is equally important to identify and treat the primary cause, hence the need to go to the vet to resolve the inflammation and redness of the anus.

What to do if my cat is inflamed and red?

As the main causes of veterinary urgency, the treatment should be established by the specialist according to the problem. Once the primary cause has been determined and treated, our cat should improve its inflammation, redness and anal irritation quickly. We can favor your healing by applying a droplet of some moisturizing or soothing product, like aloe vera or petroleum jelly, if the veterinarian has not prescribed another type of cream (sometimes anti-inflammatories may be required). We can repeat the application a couple of times a day until it improves. It is important that, as far as possible, avoid licking because the raspy tongue of cats can contribute to irritation and even cause small wounds that complicate the picture.

Yes, in addition to redness, we are before a prolapse, as we said, we should go immediately to our veterinarian. We can make the transfer covering the protruded part with a wet gauze in physiological saline, to avoid friction and licks and keep the area wet during the trip. It is the veterinarian who, by examination, will determine if we are facing anal or rectal prolapse to act accordingly. In both cases it is necessary to reduce them, that is, to introduce the affected area in its place inside the body. Depending on its severity, it will be necessary to proceed to a manual or surgical reduction.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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