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My cat does not want to go to the vet

Going to the vet with a nervous, excited and even aggressive cat is a problem that owners all over the world have in common. Although it does not always happen for the same reason, the reality is that the councils are versatile for various cases.

Removing a cat from its comfort zone is something that most cats do not like but we must do everything possible to achieve a better acceptance of the situation.

If you want to know the tips keep reading this article about my cat does not want to go to the vet to know what you should do and achieve once and for all take your cat to the veterinarian without incident.

Improve the perception of the cat

It seems that the moment you take the cat carrier he already knows your intentions, something very true: cats perceive and remember situations already lived, especially if they have not been to your liking.

The reality is that in order to take our cat to the veterinarian without incident we must get used to it from small to travel and meet new people who touch and inspect him.

If it has not been possible until now to try to familiarize you with the situation we give you some tips:

You should be natural and keep a calm attitude throughout the process, if you get nervous the cat will notice it right away. So it is also important that you take your time to ensure serenity at all times.

Finally we advise you that even if you get very nervous do not try to take it by force, that will make your perception of the situation much worse.

Steps to take to take your cat to the vet

If you want to go to the vetrerinario with your cat, follow the advice that follows.

  1. To begin we must get our cat into the carrier so it will be basic to make it comfortable, comfortable and appetizing. For this it is important that we leave it open in the middle of the home days before going to the vet leaving treats inside (for example): this way he will enter and leave every day and relate to do it in a positive way. In addition to using food we can include a blanket or objects of your liking so that you start to like the carrier or at least it does not seem so bad.
  2. Once the relationship between the cat and the carrier improves, we should prepare for the visit to the veterinarian and when the cat is inside we will offer him a treat and we will close it. Ignore the meows outright and reward him when he is quiet and peaceful.
  3. During the trip it is advisable to drive calmly and that the cat does not perceive the situation as stressful, we can cover it a bit to promote a better acceptance.
  4. At the vet we will offer you more treats and try to be affectionate with the cat, you can consult the specialist if there is a homeopathic product to relax and improve the quality of the visits.

Finally, comment that if the trip is too long, take the recommendations to travel by car with your cat.

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