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My cat does not want to eat, I think, what can I do?

Sometimes our cat will not want to eat feed. What can we do? We ask ourselves on those occasions.

Do not worry too much, They are usually transient episodes They usually have a simple solution. Observe carefully the behavior of your cat and apply the advice that we will offer next. If in spite of everything your cat is reluctant to eat feed, it will be time to go to the veterinarian to help you solve the problem.

Continue reading this article in which we will propose different solutions when you observe that your cat does not want to eat I think, and you ask yourself: what can I do?

A new feed

Sometimes the reason why the cat does not want to eat feed is due to a reason as simple as does not like. This happens frequently when there is a change of brand or type of feed and the new one is not attractive to the cat.

However, it also happens that said change is forced for reasons of cat health. For example, when the puppy reaches adulthood and must change diet; or after sterilization when you must consume an appropriate feed for your new state.

Trick: Perfume the feed

A simple solution is “Perfume the feed” with an irresistible aroma for the palate of the cat. The ideal products to elaborate the aromatic essence are sliced ​​york ham or chicken. The way to prepare the aroma is as follows:

We beat a slice of ham or a piece of roasted or fried chicken, mixing it with a little water and a few drops of sunflower oil. The resulting emulsion will pour it over the feed and we will thoroughly reboza all the feed so that it is well impregnated with the irresistible aroma.

Normally this trick works well, and little by little you will have to reduce the amount of aroma of chicken or ham until the cat adapts to the new feed.

The usual feed

Another thing is when the cat suddenly ceases to eat your usual feed.

In this case we will have to give our mascot malt for cats, since it is very possible that the poor suffer trichobezoares. We can also smear with pharmaceutical paraffin the leg of the cat. Trichobezoars are the balls of hair that form in the stomach and intestine of the cat when it licks its hair to preen itself. Is a common problem that usually resolves when the cat regurgitates the hair or defecates it. However, it can become a very serious problem if it is not solved promptly, which could endanger the life of the cat.

The malt for cats and pharmaceutical paraffin facilitate the expulsion of the trichobezoars.

Also when we make perfume for animal feed, we can substitute sunflower oil for pharmaceutical paraffin oil. This dietary oil (quite expensive), is not absorbed in the intestinal tract of the feline, so the entire amount that enters comes out. Lubricating and facilitating intestinal clogging a lot.

Why does not the cat want to keep eating its feed?

– Environmental factors

Summer heat, thirst, heat and stress can significantly decrease appetite of the cat. Let’s watch that our cat never lacks water.

– A significant change

A relevant event can suddenly dislodge our cat. Births, deaths, or the arrival of a new pet at home can cause the cat to become stressed and stop eating. If this happens, it is normal for normality to return in a couple of days.

– Other animals in the home

Another factor that we must observe if we have more than one pet, will be that our cat will eat part or all of the other people’s feed. Among pets it is a very common practice to demonstrate their hierarchy by eating the other and preventing their feed from being consumed.

The cat does not eat or drink water

If our cat does not eat its feed, but does not drink water either, we should take it without delay To veterinary.

The most common cause of this anomalous behavior is usually a poisoning of our pet. It can be accidental, as for example that the cat has been purged with a poisonous plant; or that it is some bad person from the neighborhood who has offered poisoned food to the cat.

Such is the pain that the cat feels when ingesting anything, that he prefers to abstain from eating and drinking. The quick visit to the veterinarian is imperative.

Why does not the cat want to eat or drink water?

The rabies produces hydrophobia to the animals attacked by this deadly disease. Hydrophobia, as the name suggests, means water phobia. So if we observe that our cat shuns the liquid food can be a sign of contagion of this terrible disease.

A bite from a rat, squirrel or any other infected animal can spread rabies to our cat if it is not vaccinated. Obviously, if the cat stops drinking it automatically stops the intake of foods that increase thirst.

As well it may be some other disease that is not rabies but in the same way, these symptoms reveal a serious problem, go to the specialist.

The wet food

There are cats that preferentially eat wet feed, although this type of feed should only be given in a circumstantial way, since it causes tartar and pestilent faeces.

Sometimes the feeder is not clean and the feed is spoiled. Usually the cat will reject said I think. It can also happen that we have left the can of fresh feed open and outside the refrigerator, fermenting by heat or insects the rest of the feed

A quick way to find out if the lack of appetite of our cat is mild or severe, it will be to offer you a sliced ​​slice of ham. If you reject it, it is quite likely that we have to go to the veterinarian.

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