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Longhair Seychellois Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The Longhair Seychellois Cat is a beautiful medium sized cat, with long lines, long legs and good musculature. This cat comes from oriental cat bicolor and Siamese; They are very playful, active and naughty, but they have a marked character.

What is a Seychellois Cat with long hair?

The Seychellois cat with long hair or Longhair belongs to the oriental cat family; It is medium in size, slender, elegant, with long lines, elastic and with good musculature. Its appearance is like that of the Siamese cat but it has white spots. As characteristic features, legs are thin and long; also the ears are large, broad at the base and at the tip.

They have a naughty, playful behavior and marked character. They are very intelligent and quite meowing. They have a nature of being curious, they like to explore in outdoor areas, they adapt very well in houses with gardens.

What is the origin of Seychellois long hair Cat?

The long-haired Seychellois cat although its name gave the indication to come from the Seychelles Islands, but it emerged in the United Kingdom. It appeared as a product of the grow between oriental cats bicolores, carriers of the Siamese and Siamese gene.

The experiments to originate this race was in United Kingdom. Most of today’s cats come from the Lindajean Cricket hatchery of the year 1979. At first this race was not accepted within the recognized breeds, they were simply registered in RIEX (experimental record) for being an unrecognized color. After a lot of work, it was possible to meet the requirements to present it as a race before the TICA in 1983 and in the general assembly of the FIFE in 2003; and it was here that both breeds of Seychellois with long hair and short hair were recognized.

What are the most common characteristics of the Cat Seychellois of long hair?

This race is characterized by being an active, athletic race. In this section we show you the main features about this pussycat.

Size: the long-haired Seychellois cats have a medium size.

Weight: The weight of the seychellois is 2.5 to 5.1 kilograms

Body: He is long, slender and muscular.

Eyes: of medium size, almond shaped and oblique. Intense blue color.

Nose: It is long and straight.

Ears: They are large, broad base and pointed.

Head: It is medium, balanced with a wedge shape.

Extremities: They are long and thin. It has small and oval feet.

Tail: It is long and thin.

Fur: It is semi-long, silky, fine, shiny and close to the body.

Coat color: The colors are varied but always contains white. There should be a clear contrast between the points and the color of the rest of the mantle.

How is the character and behavior of a cat?

The long-haired Seychellois cat is a playful, mischievous cat, but possesses a marked character. He likes fun activities, where he can move nimbly. He is a friendly and affectionate race, but even with his family, he gets along very well with children.

They are intelligent cats, but with strangers it is usually very distrustful. One aspect that many people do not like is that it is quite a meowing. They are quite curious, active and intrepid cats, they like to explore in external areas.

It is important to train them, maintaining a loving relationship. From small you have to take a little rigorous action, controlling your active and dynamic attitude.

How much does a cat live?

The long-haired Seychellois cat can have a longevity of 12 to 15 years. A cat with all the care and attention will have a much longer life expectancy; as long as you do not have inherited genetic diseases.

How to care for a Seychellois cat with long hair?

This cat needs a balanced diet, brushing and frequent baths to care for its fur.

Brush at least once a week, eliminating dead hair, so you will not swallow your hair in your daily hygiene. You can also bathe your cat only when you need it, or once every 2 months.

Give your kitten a proper, balanced and quality food. This will benefit your fur and its growth.

Dedicate part of your time, if you took a cat Seychellois or any other cat, you need to pay attention, your time to play, and take him regularly to the vet. The most important thing for the care of any pet is the affection and affection that you can provide.

What do Seychellois cats with long hair eat?

Seychellois long-haired cat breeds need good nutrition for their development and growth. Give your kitten a quality and nutritious food at every stage of their lives to live a healthy life.

Since most cat breeds feed on meat, that is why the food of cats must contain a large part of proteins; This food should be low in carbohydrates and vegetables. You can give dry food mostly and occasionally wet foods, so your cat does not get bored or bored with its food.

Water is very important in any pet, it is very necessary to provide clean and fresh water at your disposal.

What diseases are most common in the Seychellois longhair cat?

Seychellois long-haired Siamese cats are very recent animals, which is why we have been investigating the possible diseases of this breed. It is important to remember that the typical diseases of the Siamese cat could affect your feline; diseases such as cataracts, amyloidosis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy are pathologies inherited from Siamese.

But do not forget to take visits to the vet every so often to prevent any illness from your kitten.

How much does the Seychellois cat with long hair cost?

The long-haired Seychellois cat is a cat that is gaining more popularity little by little, due to its rarity. You can find it at a price of 150 to 400 dollars.

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