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Kurilian Bobtail Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The Kurilian Bobtail Cat is a breed that comes from the Sakhalin Islands and the Kuril Islands. They are good rodent hunters, in Russia they enjoy a lot of popularity for it.

This breed is a product of the crossing of the Siberian cat and Japanese bobtail cat. The length of its tail is due to a recessive gene product of selection over time.

Images and photos of Kurilian Bobtail Cats

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What is a Kurilian Bobtail cat?

The Kurilian Bobtail is a cat that comes from the Kuril Islands in Russia as from the islands of Sakhalin and the Kamchatka in the Russian peninsula.

There are two types of Kurilean bobtail cat, the Kurilian Bobtail with short hair and Kurilean with long hair or longhair. Both cats have a body similar to a semi cobby.

The Kurilian Bontail cat is also known as Kurilian Bobtail Cat, Kurilean or Kuril Bobtail, Curvy Bobtail.

What is the origin of the Kurilian Bobtail cats?

Although the cat Kurilian bobtail is native to Japan. Its history comes from a chain of islands such as the Kuril Islands, which extend from Russia to Japan, the island Hokkaido.

The Kurilian bobtail It is known as Kuril bobtail or Curilsk bobtail because the Kuliles islands of Russia own this race. Promoted as a race native to Russia and independent of Japanese Bobtail.

This breed is also named the cat of the islands of Kuril bobtail, Kuril bobtail (Kuriles is misspelled) and Curilsk bobtail.

The Kurilian bobtail cat is recognized by the TICA (The International Cat Association) and by the FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline)

The WCF (World Cat Federation) recognizes the Kurilean bobtail of short and long hair as a single breed. The CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) does not recognize it anymore from 2011.

What are the most common features of the Kurilian Bobtail cat?

The body of the Kurilian bobtail cat is semi cobby, muscular, toned, rounded and compact, his chest is strong. The males are larger than the females and can reach a weight of 7 kilograms.

The head is large, wedge-shaped. With curved profile, medium and wide muzzle, strong chin. Wide face.

Ears medium, triangular and wide at the base. Oval to round eyes, the coloration of them depends on the mantle of the cat.

The most characteristic of the race is the short tail, spongy with 2 to 10 vertebrae, this should not be of a length of more than 12 centimeters.

The hind legs are longer than the front ones. They are strong and muscular. The back is slightly arched.

The mantle of the Kurilean bobtail cat is soft, dense. It has thick skin due to its cold environment. In the breed tabby patterns, white spots are allowed. Some tabbys or chocolate, cinnamon or variants are not allowed. The Kurilean bobtail breed admits in its mantle long hair o short hair

How is the behavior of a Kurilian Bobtail cat?

This breed of cat, is an excellent fisherman, which makes the cat Kurilean bobtail likes to play with water.

The look of the Kurilean bobtail reflects the wild temperament of the breed.

His character is intelligent and gentle, active, playful and agile. Your behavior in the open air he is a hunter and fisherman.

The bobtail kurilean cat is good with children, with an early socialization will get along well with other cats, making it good for your family.

They are excellent parents taking care of their litter.

How much does a Kurilean Bobtail cat live?

The Kurilian bobtail has life expectancy is very high, it is around the 15 to 20 years.

How can you get the confidence of a Kurilian Bobtail cat?

This Kurilian bobtail cat stands out for its good temperament, is very docile and easy to handle. He is not aggressive and gets along well with children and other pets. They are very intelligent cats and they learn fast the orders of his master.

They are active felines and like to observe everything around them, they like to play a lot with their owner. Respects and maintains strong bonds of union with its owner.

Therefore, to get along with a cat Kurilean bobtail plays a lot with him. Give him games that challenge your cat’s intelligence. If you do something you do not like, do not reprimand him or you will make him fear and ignore you.

How to care for a Kurilian Bobtail cat?

To take good care of your Kurilean bobtail cat you do not need much effort, just brush it once a week so that you keep a shiny and healthy coat. Its fur does not tend to get tangled up so with a weekly brushing it will be enough.

He takes great care of his hygiene, cleaning of ears, eyes, cuts of nails and periodic reviews with the veterinarian.

How to clean a Kurilian Bobtail cat?

Regarding its cleanliness, like any cat you should check its eyes and ears, because you should clean it at least once a week. You can use cotton or moistened gauze.

A cut of nails is ideal, then, this way you take care of your cat and you avoid that it plays with your furniture.

Normally the Kurilean bobtail cat is very neat, so only baths are needed every two weeks. Only in case you have messed up too much you should bathe it more often.

How to bathe a Kurilian Bobtail cat?

To bathe a Kurilean bobtail cat will not be very difficult, because these cats love water.

Make ready to bathe, such as cat shampoo, towels to dry, water jug to wet it. You can use the sink in your house and put things around it

Wet your coat gently with warm water and see spreading the shampoo to form foam. Massage it gently and clean it completely.

Then rinse your coat with plenty of water with a plastic jug. When finished dry with towels gently rubbing your cat.

After this you can trim your nails, because with wet nails you can see the living part of your cat’s nail and avoid cutting it badly.

How to clean the litter box of your Kurilian Bobtail cat?

You must keep your cat’s litter box clean, because if you do not, you may not want to use it.

It is advisable to clean the box partially once a day and clean it completely once a week.

To clean the litter box every day, you must remove the solids from urine and feces. Use latex gloves and chinstrap to prevent toxoplasmosis that is in the feces of cats. Help yourself with a plastic shovel and discard them in a garbage bag.

Once a week you must remove all the sand, remove the sand in a garbage bag and place it in a trash can. Then wash the litter box, use an unscented detergent and let the box dry. After that fill the sandbox and put it in a good place.

Where should you place your Kurilian Bobtail kit’s litter box?

To find the best place to place the litter box, think like a cat. You will want a clean place, away from people, private and quiet to relieve yourself.

Do not place the sandbox behind the doors, nor places with movement of people. Try not to place the sandbox in noisy places like the laundry room. If you do not succeed, avoid using the washing machine when your cat wants to do his things

What does a Kurilian Bobtail cat eat?

Kurilean bobtail cats do not need a different type of food than other cats.

The Kurielan bobtail should always have dry food, try to have your feeder with this. You can also give him canned wet food. Offer natural food too. It is recommended that you can combine the three types of food to maintain a balanced diet.

For a Kurilean cat you must provide enough fish like salmon, puppies for chicken, which allows them to vary their food tastes. This takes care of your digestive system and maintains your ideal weight.

Fructo oligosaccharides and prebiotics are responsible for proper digestion. Avoiding obesity and giving them enough energy.

As the years go by and your cats grow, start giving them larger pieces of food. Do not give them pig meat.

How to train a Kurilian Bobtail cat?

A Kurilean bobtail cat, is a very docile and intelligent breed, therefore it will not be very difficult to train and teach some easy tricks.

Educate him how to give the leg, get used to asking for his leg, if he does it and you will see that later on they will repeat the action.

Teach him to play with his scraper and his toys. It is a need that cats have to scratch. However, they tend to get used to scratching furniture and other objects. Just show him your scraper and with a strong NO tone, move it away from the cabinet and take it to the scraper. There will be no problems changing the toy.

If you find stool behind the furniture, it may be that your box is dirty or you do not like where it is. In that case, check if it is properly located, has the correct sand without aroma, that is clean. If you still do not use it you can persuade it with a scent of lemon or mint where it is getting used to.

What disease can the Kurilian Bobtail cats have?

As they are cats from natural selection, raised over the centuries, they are very strong cats. In general the cat Kurielan bobtail has very good health. Well, they do not know of diseases of the race.

However, they can have conditions of any kind due to carelessness or deficiency in their diet.

You must take good care of your oral health, as you may have problems with plaque and periodontal disease. With this they can be seen with loss of teeth.

There may also be weakness in your teeth due to lack of calcium and dental fractures.

How to keep a Kurilian Bobtail cat healthy?

To keep your Kurilian bobtail cat healthy you should take care of its diet and the hygiene of its eyes, ears and teeth. In addition to brushing your coat at least once a week. If you do these activities your cat will feel good and healthy, and he will thank you for giving you all his affection and respect.

How much does a Kurilian Bobtail cat cost?

The price of a Kurilian bobtail cat is defined from the place where you purchased it. There are professional breeders that can offer you a Kurilean bobtail cat for about 600 dollars.

Where to buy a Kurilian Bobtail cat?

We recommend that a cat of this breed can acquire it in a professional breeder, because this way you avoid inconveniences. In addition, they will give you the cat with their certifications, vaccines and pedigree.

If you know of someone who has his Kurilean bobtail cats and wants to sell it, keep in mind that he must give you a kitten more than two months old, that is healthy, clean and well fed.

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