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Is tuna good for cats?

Tuna is one of the healthiest fish, nutritionally speaking, since it not only provides proteins but also beneficial fats for the health of the cat, in addition, these little cats love it, but we should not take this information as a free way to give it any kind of tuna to our cat.

It is true that cats can eat fish, however, the inclusion of this food in your diet should be done carefully and taking into account several factors, we anticipate now that it is wrong to base the diet of the cat mainly on fish. To what extent is tuna good for cats? In the following article we address this question completely.

The tuna that your cat likes the most is the least recommended

Regardless of the nutrients provided by the fish and the fact that including it properly in the diet of the cat can be positive, what is obvious is that this cat is passionate about fish.

Because of the comments and concerns of many owners of cats it is easy to know that they go crazy and take their most gluttonous part when they have at their disposal a canned tuna can, but this is the worst way to give your cat tuna.

Let’s see below why canning tuna is not an option for your cat to eat this food:

  • Canned tuna contains mercury, a heavy metal that is usually found mainly in blue fish, which is toxic and that contributed to the body of the cat in large quantities can affect the nervous system.
  • The canned container contains Bisphenol A or BPA, another toxic whose effects are still being studied. The simple fact that the tuna has been in contact with BPA is enough to drag traces of it to the cat’s organism.
  • Generally these tuna preserves contain high sodium levels, which is not suitable for the cat and can compromise your general health.

Although it is not serious that your cat swallowed a can of tuna in a timely manner, you should avoid offering canned tuna regularly, as it could cause damage to your body.

Can I tune my cat in other ways?

Of course, then we are going to provide you with two options so that you can bring your cat tuna, however, you should bear in mind that although in these cases the mercury content is lower, it is not non-existent either, therefore, necessary moderate the consumption of tuna.

The first way to give tuna to a cat, and the most recommended, is that it is raw, but this can only be done if the fish is fresh and it comes from the most recent fishing, which is not always going to be possible.

When the tuna is not fresh, but frozen, first we must wait for it to thaw completely so as not to alter its properties, and then we will submit it to a light cooking, although it should never be so cooked as if it were prepared for human consumption.

Some tips to tuna your cat

You can Incorporate tuna to your cat’s diet In the way we have shown you before, however, we recommend that you consider the following:

  • Raw tuna should not be given on a daily basis, since an excess of raw fish can cause a deficit of vitamin B1.
  • Fish should not be the main food for your cat, any type of fish should be given occasionally.
  • It is not a good idea to only give blue fish, because although its fats are very healthy, it is also the one with the highest concentration of mercury.

Remember that your cat will also enjoy obtaining proteins from other foods such as unpasteurized meat and dairy.

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