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Is it better to have one or two cats at home?

The behavior of cats has nothing to do with the behavior of dogs, and the result of this difference, have spread many myths far removed from reality, as for example that cats are rough, they need hardly care or affection or They bring bad luck when they are black.

However, when we talk about cats it is important to know them in depth, understand that they are not as social as dogs and that they get stressed very easily when there are changes in their environment, since they live in harmony when they feel they can have everything under control.

If you live with a feline you have probably considered the possibility of hosting a second one, but you may have asked yourself more than once, One or two cats at home? As is often the case, this question does not have a single answer, which is why we address it deeply in this article.

If you want to have two cats, better from the beginning

If you have already hosted a cat in your home but after a while you decide to increase the feline family, you should know that this is possible and there are many ways to get two cats to get along, however, this situation also involves some risks.

It is very possible that the cat already established in the home does not adapt adequately to this change, showing signs of stress that can eventually lead to aggressive behaviors, which you should know that they also have a solution, however, it is possible that you should finally play a good strategy of cat separation and progressive approach.

To make it easier, the ideal is to receive two cat puppies, preferably from the same family, since unlike dogs, cats are more susceptible to family ties showing a better relationship between siblings.

Thus, both cats will be accustomed from the beginning to the presence of the other and should not trigger an adaptive response when another feline enters the home.

Do you have enough resources?

Two cats with the same space delimited by their human family, with the same feeder, drinking fountain and sandpit, will hardly get along, since everyone must have their own space and feel that you can exercise total control over it, otherwise, stress can make an appearance.

It is important that the home has the proper dimensions to allow each cat to organize its territory, and to place the accessories of a feline at a sufficient distance from those of its congener.

It is also suitable large home with exit to the outside, because in this way the organization of the territory occurs more naturally.

Two cats are a good option

If conditions permit, having two felines in our home also contributes various advantages like the following:

  • The two cats will feel more accompanied and less bored
  • Each cat will help the other to stay in shape as they will play together
  • When two cats play together their instinct of predators is properly channeled, and this will diminish this feline behavior with the human family

Obviously, before making this decision it is important that you meditate, understanding that two cats will require twice as much care, which includes time, vaccination, food and veterinary assistance.

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