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Is honey good for cats?

The palate of a cat is not easy to please, much less if we talk about domestic cats that have already adapted to a varied menu that can be formed by dry feed, cans of wet food and even a homemade recipe.

We know that pleasing the 100% to our cat could have serious consequences for your health, such as overweight, however, there are foods that satisfy your palate while improving your health. In this sense, have you ever wondered if honey is good for cats? The truth is that they generally like it and in this article we show you that it is also healthy.

Honey is healthy for cats

Honey is an exceptional food with multiple medicinal properties, although we must clarify now that this does not imply that it should be a basic pillar in the cat’s diet.

As we will see later, in order to take advantage of the properties of honey for cats, it will be necessary for us to know how often to give it and what problems we may find most useful. Let’s see below how honey can improve the health of the cat when it is given proper use:

  • It is a foodhigh energy, in fact, it is the unprocessed food that brings more energy.
  • Honey it is emollient, acts to protect the gastrointestinal mucosa and helps to overcome health problems located in this area, such as feline gastritis.
  • Has a high powerbactericide, so orally ingested helps to fight infections naturally.
  • Applied topically promotes the healing and healing of any wound or dermatological injury.

Honey in the cat’s diet

Now that you know that honey is good for cats, it is essential to learn how to introduce it into your diet. Thus, honey can begin to be administered orally to the puppy cat from the fifth week of life and until the eighth week, this is done mainly to enrich the milk. But, when we talk about feeding the adult cat Honey can not be a regular food. So, when should it be given? We must incorporate it in a complementary way to feed our cat when he is sick, as it is very energetic and also helps stimulate the immune system. We can also provide it in an extraordinary way when we delight our cat with a more gourmet, odorous and appetizing food. For this, do not miss our article with the best gourmet cat recipes.

You should keep in mind that when honey does not feel good to the cat, this is usually related to abuse of the cat, therefore offer it only in the situations we have mentioned and in a small amount, a teaspoon should be enough.

What kind of honey to use? Obviously the best option is an ecological honey of optimum quality.

Honey to take care of topical wounds on the cat

When we use honey topically to treat wounds in cats we can not use any type of honey, as it could be contaminated with a pathogen, for example, contain spores of Clostridium botulinum. In this case medical honey should be used, a type of honey that is sterilized by radiation, which eliminates any polluting agent but retains all its medicinal properties.

The honey should be applied daily on the wound until it is cured, but obviously this application will not replace the adequate hygiene of the affected area.

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