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Is bread bad for cats?

Adopting a cat implies actively participating in all the care it requires. Take it to the veterinarian, provide fun and an own space, treat it with affection and respect or ensure your diet are just some of these responsibilities.

With respect to alimentación, it is usual that certain doubts arise about the proper food for the feline. Many people choose to offer homemade diets, but you should consider what foods are harmful to cats. Do you want to know if bread is bad for cats? Then you can not miss this article!

The feeding of the cat

Cats are animals strictly carnivores, [1] for that reason, their diet should be based mainly on the contribution of protein. Quality processed foods contain balanced percentages of the nutrients needed for the species, therefore, if your cat consumes homemade diets, the proportion of these foods should be adequate. For this we recommend consulting with a veterinarian.

But also, in feeding the cat can not miss the taurine, an amino acid that is included in the feed or that can be ingested through the viscera, such as beef heart or chicken liver. The fats, la Vitamin A and a food low in fiber They are also essential nutrients for your cat to be healthy.

Now, does the bread contain any of these components?

What is the bread made of?

The main ingredient of bread is wheat flour, but in addition, it is made using yeast, salt, milk, butter and sugar. Of course, other ingredients can be included depending on the type of bread, such as seeds, raisins, chocolate, oatmeal, candied fruit, among many others.

As you can see, the process of making bread turns it into a food high in carbohydrates, as well as fiber, cereals and dairy products. The human being provides different vitamins, calcium and you can find breads enriched with minerals and iron, which adds an extra benefit for consumption.

However, does the cat need any of these components?

Can cats eat bread?

If we analyze the bread components and the nutrients necessary for the cat, we can observe that the consumption of this food it does not provide benefits. In addition, high-quality cat feed includes only small amounts of carbohydrate, as these nutrients cause negative consequences for the animal’s health, such as obesity in the cat or nutritional deficiencies.

In some cases, cats may be attracted to this food, however, that does not mean it is a suitable food, much less a food that should be abused.

Consequences of the consumption of bread for cats

The consumption of small portions of bread does not cause serious health problems in the feline, however, the ideal is do not get used to it and choose to offer products suitable for the species.

La obesity it is the first problem that can appear after the continuous consumption of bread to the cats, especially in those felines of interior that lead a sedentary life. Being rich in carbohydrates, the feline’s body does not process these components well, so it will begin to gain weight quickly.

Along with obesity, other health problems appear, such as fatty liver pancreatitis and Heart problems. Also, we must not forget that the bread contains sugar, especially the bread we can buy in the supermarket. The habitual consumption of this type of sugar could cause diabetes to the long-term feline.

As you probably know, dairy products such as cheese, butter and milk cause imbalances in the digestive system of cats, causing Diarrhea. Many cats are driven mad by butter and cheese, but do not know the consequences of their consumption.

Can cats eat raw dough?

You must know that yeast drives cats crazy. Probably due to the smell, which usually arouses much curiosity. In fact, certain types of cat prizes contain yeast. However, does that mean that a cat can eat raw dough? The answer is no.

You must completely avoid offering foods rich in yeast, but not only by the false myth that ensures that the yeast will grow in the stomach of the cat, but because the fermentation can cause indigestion, vóMyths, diarrhea y general discomfort. Therefore, avoid the consumption of these foods.

If you want to offer your cat a treat or a treat, consider offering pieces of meat or salmon, cans of wet food or a product that you can find in specific stores for masota products. You can also prepare some homemade recipes, so in 3 we show you recipes for cat treats. Irresistible!

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