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Is a cat happy on a floor?

Despite years of domestication, cats still maintain innate instincts that they share with other wild cats, which is why many owners wonder if they really have a cat at home is good. If you have also ever let your feline out of the home, you will have observed how he enjoys climbing trees or stalking small animals he finds. And that ends up bringing as a gift!

However, all those who do not have the opportunity to let the cat out for any reason they wonder if a cat is happy on a floor. In this article you will find the answers you are looking for, explaining what the ideal situation would be and how to make a cat happy if this option is not possible. Keep reading and find out everything about indoor cats!

Are cats happy at home?

When your cat is at home sleeping peacefully, eating or playing with you, the last thing you think is that you may be sad or that you are not offering everything you need. On the one hand it is like that, the animal welfare of the cat is covered if you give him the attention and care he needs to live in a dignified way.

But on the other hand, to affirm that all cats are happy or unhappy to always stay at home is incorrect, since each cat has its own personality and specific needs. Did you know that there are 5 feline personalities? According to Lauren Finka, there are different personalities in which we could include the whole feline population and, for example, in the case of the cat-human, we would not observe serious problems when leaving it at home all day. On the contrary, the cat-hunter could experience frustration and stress being locked in and not being able to develop the innate behavior that you so much want to experience.

If your cat is very active and even hyperactive, it is probably far from the typical image of “domestic cat” that does nothing but sleep and enjoy a peaceful life at home. What should we do then? Should we let them out or bet on improving their quality of life?

Advantages and disadvantages of having a cat on a floor

When adopting a cat, we must guarantee the five freedoms of animal welfare, which will ensure that your emotional state is positive. Precisely for this reason, in order to avoid any misfortune, many people decide to prevent the cat from leaving home, even if they have a garden. Is that adequate? Let’s review the advantages and disadvantages:

Do not let a cat out of the house:

  • You can ensure that the cat has at all times what it needs: food, a bed, water.
  • In very active cats can generate frustration and stress not being able to leave.
  • The hours of fun, enrichment and stimulation depend on the owner.
  • We can simulate in a more or less realistic way the outer space with trunks or other objects.

Let a cat out of the house:

  • The cat performs the physical activity it needs.
  • You can experiment at all times with the stimuli you find.
  • You can develop hunting behavior without limits, which is innate in the feline.
  • It could be an unwanted pregnancy.
  • You risk being lost, poisoned or run over.

A cat that is not happy at home or does not get the care it needs will show it stopping eating, overeating, developing obesity, urinating outside your health tray or showing different behavior problems. In the most serious cases it must be consult a veterinarian u etologist to know the causes that are really causing this behavior and adopt the necessary measures.

On the contrary, if you ask yourself “How to know if my cat is happy with me?”, You will have to learn more about feline language and analyze some of the signs that show that a cat is happy to make sure that you are fulfilling its needs correctly and that the lack of access to the outside is not a problem for him.

How to make an indoor cat happy?

So, can a cat live in an apartment? Of course! But how can we prevent the suffering or stress that some domestic cats can experience? The key is in environmental enrichment, which will help us provide enough physical and mental stimulation to avoid problems of behavior, frustration or anxiety.

Cats are curious animals, which significantly improve their quality of life and their entertainment with the most unexpected objects, such as a simple cardboard box. You want to know more? Here we give you some tips so you know how to make an indoor cat happy:

  • Get interactive toys for the cat to enjoy in your absence, such as toys with sound, mental games or food vending toys. There is a wide variety of toys on the market!
  • Did you know that scratching and sharpening your nails is one of the favorite activities of cats? This behavior does not only serve to file the long nails, it is also a form of marking and communication. Get different types of scrapers so you can experiment.
  • If you have space on the walls, bet on installing bridges, walkways and other structures for your cat. The felines love the heights and will greatly enjoy this new personalized space.
  • Have you ever tried catnip or catnip? This plant has a powerful effect on the cat, as it helps to stimulate it. You can rub your toys with it or spread it on the floor. If you have never experimented with catnip before, you should try it.
  • At home you should spend time playing with your cat, avoiding using the same toys that you leave within your reach when you are alone. Get a fishing rod and enjoy while your cat chases the feathers.
  • So that your best friend keeps showing interest in your toys, leave them all in a box and rotate so that each day has a different one.
  • How long can a cat be alone at home? Although they are independent animals, remember that they need our company to be happy and receive the dose of daily socialization they deserve. Never leave a cat alone more than 24 hours.

Now you know some tricks that can improve the feline’s home and also help you to be mentally active and physically fitter. Do you dare to try them?

How can we ensure that a cat is happy in an apartment?

Cats are habits animals, therefore, you can guarantee a positive emotional state even if you do not go outside if you fulfill the necessary cares and follow the same routines. Remember that a change that seems insignificant to you can greatly destabilize him.

When you are at home, make sure you feel loved and that you receive the attention you deserve. And, although not all cats are equally affectionate, that does not mean they do not need you or that they feel love towards you. Each one shows their affection in a different way, depending on different factors.

We can not always guarantee that an indoor cat is happyHowever, we can strive to ensure the best conditions, provide the necessary enrichment and offer, as far as possible, the experiences you want to experience.

For example, you can try to teach your cat to ride on a leash and thus satisfy a part of their curiosity while ensuring their safety. Likewise, you can also allow it to have access to the balcony or terrace, previously placing a Safety mesh that prevents a possible fall.

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