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Intelligence games for cats

It is not new that we tell you that cats are animals very smart and sensitive, which reveal an active and curious character. Even if your feline can seem like a real lazy during his mid-afternoon naps, it’s enough to show him his favorite toy or propose an activity that awakens his hunting instinct and you’ll see how your feline companion enjoys put your senses to the test and work your intelligence to get what you want.

At present, we can find numerous interactive toys, smart scrapers, mazes, hiding places and even wellness centers (“Wellness Center“) Specially designed for stimulate the body and mind of our pussycats The basic idea of ​​these complements is to make the cat exercise his body and, at the same time, work on his senses, express his curiosity and thus develop his intelligence. Of course, these intelligence games also offer a compensate to the feline to recognize his effort and encourage him to continue learning, without frustration interfering with his learning.

However, it is also possible to perform intelligence games for cats home with simple and cheap materials, even recycled many times. In this new article from, we show you 4 homemade and super fun ideas to train your cat’s intelligence at home. Keep reading to discover them!

Homemade puzzle with cardboard box to stimulate the mind of your pussycat

Undoubtedly, puzzles are among the best games of intelligence for cats. And if you share your home with a beautiful feline, you will know very well that cardboard boxes are a world of possibilities for stimulate the body and mind of your classmates

With this economic element, we can do shelters, hiding places, labyrinth and even intelligence games for home cats. This time we will teach you how to make a very funny puzzle to work on the intelligence of your feline. Also, remember that you can find many other versatile ideas to make toys for cats with cardboard.

To make a basic home puzzle you will need:

  • Heavy-duty cardboard box that is not too deep
  • Scissors or a cutter
  • Your cat’s favorite toys
  • Candies

The elaboration is very simple: with the help of the cutter or the scissors, you must make several holes in the upper part (or lid) of the cardboard box. If you want to make neat circles, you can use a glass, a compass or any other container with a round mouth and mark the circles before cutting them. But you can also make cuts of different formats, always respecting a minimum size that allows a pussycat to introduce your leg inside the box to “catch the prey

Then, you must take your feline’s favorite toys, such as balls or mice, and some goodies and place them inside the cardboard box. Ready! You can already offer this economic puzzle to stimulate your cat’s mind to work to discover how to catch the prizes.

Another very interesting idea is to make a puzzle using a tupper or other resistant plastic container with lid. For this, you can apply the same elaboration process, making the holes in the lid of the container and introducing the juice and snacks inside of the tupper. The advantage of this idea compared to the cardboard puzzle is that, being a transparent container, your cat will be able to see more easily the prizes that await you inside the puzzle, which will also stimulate your vision.

Intelligence games for cats with rolls of paper

Rolls of toilet paper or kitchen paper are used to make various recycled toys for our cats and we can also use them to stimulate the intelligence of our cats. One of the simplest ideas of intelligence games for cats with recycled rolls is to join them in a build a pyramid, using non-toxic adhesive tape or glue to fix this structure. Then, we will take advantage of the holes in the rolls to hide treats, toys or croquettes of their feed. In this way, your cat can entertain and exercise his nose and mind to find the prizes he wants to get.

With the same scrolls, you can also reproduce the body format of some animals to awaken your cat’s hunting instinct, make it spend energy and work its intelligence to reach its prey. By joining the rolls with a sturdy string and reinforcing the joints with non-toxic adhesive tape or glue, for example, you can make a “snake” of paper for your pussycat. In addition to playing to chase the prey with your pussycat, you can also make small holes to hide the snacks favorites of your pussycat.

Playing hide and seek with your cat: an economic and effective mental stimulus

Cats really love to play hide and seek, especially if you spend a good time of your day to have fun sharing this activity with him. Although it may seem a very simple game for us, the truth is that playing hide and seek with your cat is an excellent way to stimulate your senses and train your obedience, teaching you to come to your call. And the best part is that you only need some goodies to practice with your feline.

To present the game to your cat, you will start with the basics: you should call him from a place where he can see you and then offer him a treat, a toy or another compensate once you come to your call. Then, you will repeat this procedure from a place where your feline can not see you and again offers a reward to reward him for his good behavior. When your cat has successfully executed these first two steps, you will be able to increase the complexity of the hiding place. Then, you should go changing rooms while you keep calling your feline, always remembering to give him a reward every time he finds you.

Homemade trilero for your cats

El trilero is one of the classic games of intelligence that can be practiced with cats and dogs, at any time and without leaving home. To practice it with your cat you do not need to have any specific toy, you just need to have some sweets or croquettes from your feed and three small containers or small vass that you can recycle from yoghurts, for example.

The idea of ​​this game is as simple as the materials you need to practice it. Enough with hide the snack in one of the cups and then mix the containers so that your pussy catches the candy. To begin, you must perform slow a simple change when mixing the containers so that your pussycat can accompany the movement and discover in which glass your prize is.

Little by little, you will be able to perform faster and more complex movements to increase the difficulty of the game and challenge the intelligence of your pussycat. Of course, you should always give your pussycat his well-deserved reward every time he finds the treat.

Tips to play and train your cat’s intelligence

Playing with your cat offers numerous benefits to your physical and mental health. In addition to giving them the opportunity to entertain themselves while strengthening their muscles and bones, which is essential for the management of a healthy weight and a balanced metabolism, intelligence games also stimulate their cognitive abilities, social and emotional. It is also worth noting that physical and mental stimulation is key to preventing behavioral problems and stress symptoms in cats.

However, intelligence games for cats must be objective and concrete for do not generate frustration. These activities should allow the animal to exercise its hunter instinct, express their curiosity and develop their skills freely, always being rewarded for their effort and gaining the possibility of enjoying enjoying the success of catch their “prey” or prizes In addition, it is essential to offer games appropriate to the age of each pussycat, always starting with a basic difficulty level so that, little by little, they can propose more complex activities.

Last (and not least), we want to remind you that environmental enrichment is a key factor in providing a stimulating environment to your pussycat, which allows you to stay active and entertained even when you stay alone at home. Sensory stimuli, such as interactive games and videos, as well as catnip, for example, are also excellent ideas to stimulate your cat’s senses and complement the intelligence games you propose.

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