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I’m going on vacation, what should I do with my cat?

Before adopting a cat, or any other animal, it is very important to take into account all the responsibilities that this entails. In particular, where to leave a cat during the holidays is an issue that can not be overlooked in any way.

We are aware that feline health can be impaired when their guardians go on vacation if their care is not adequately provided. For this reason, in this article we will share our recommendations to know where to leave a cat on vacation, or what to do to ensure their welfare. So, if you ask yourself: “I’m going on vacation, what should I do with my cat?“, Then we solve your doubt.

Where to leave my cat on vacation?

Many people believe that the apparently more independent personality of the cat allows you to be alone at home without any problem, it is not true! The cats they require daily attention for our part, and leaving them with kilos of food and liters of water is not enough if we plan to miss a few days. As with dogs, domestic cats need someone to take care of them and supervise them to check that everything is in order, play with them and give them affection. It is true that not all cats accept human contact equally, especially when we speak of strangers, but this does not mean that we should not give them adequate attention. For this, there different options that we will have to value depending on the personality of our feline, like leaving it at home under surveillance, taking it to someone’s house or lodging it in a hotel or residence for cats.

Can I leave the cat at home on vacation?

The most common option among tutors is to leave the cat in the comfort of your home and ask someone you trust to visit and care for the animal every day. Definitely, the best environment for a cat is your house, therefore, it is always advisable to leave the cat at home on vacation. Of course, as we say, always under surveillance !, so the answer to the question “can I leave my cat alone on vacation?” Is a resounding NO. In other words, at home with someone yes, at home completely alone, no.

Cats are animals that are very susceptible to changes, so take them to an unknown place, either the home of a friendly person or a feline residence, with total probability will develop stress and anxiety in them, unless our feline is so sociable that he has the ability to adapt to any environment without any kind of problem. However, the latter tend to be a minority.

Feline ethologists and psychologists advise choosing this option whenever possible to minimize the animal’s anxiety. Obviously, especially in those cats more dependent, avoid missing their guardians is practically impossible, so in some cases it is possible to witness symptoms of separation anxiety. However, if we ask someone we trust for us and, especially, for the cat that moves to our home, this whole process will be much more bearable.

Recommendations to leave a cat at home on vacation

As it is not always easy to find someone willing to live in our house in our absence, if you visit the animal daily and dedicate time it will be essential that carry out the following tasks:

  • Clean the sandbox.
  • Change the food and clean the feeder.
  • Renew the water
  • Play with the cat.
  • Give medication if necessary.

Since cats are very sensitive, it is usual to see felines that stop eating during the absence of their humans. This fasting can bring health consequences such as hepatic lipidosis or kidney problems. The same thing can happen if the animal is completely alone at home, with large amounts of food for every day, since they tend to eat three times during the first days, staying afterwards with nothing and putting their health at risk. For this reason, in addition to insisting on the importance of delegating to someone the vigilance and care of our cat on vacation, we highlight the value of checking that the animal eats and drinks.

El water is essential, and if the sprue is dirty or the water is not in the right conditions, the cat may not drink anything, even causing symptoms of dehydration. In general, cats prefer water sources because they have this vital liquid in motion or, failing that, bowls with water to overflow, fresh and clean.

The litter box should also be cleaned daily, so it is essential that all this information is transferred to the person in charge of caring for the cat on holiday if he does not know it.

For all the above, the ideal is to ask a relative or friend lover of cats with availability to be able take care of the cat 1-2 hours a day, As minimum. Another option is to hire a professional to move the requested time home. Currently there are more and more professionals who add this service, including veterinary clinics, which guarantee adequate treatment and adapted to each particular case. If you consider this possibility, pay attention to the work method to always opt for those professionals who work positively and ensure the welfare of the animals.

Finally, the use of pheromones in diffuser, like those of Feliway, provide the cat with a relaxed and calm environment, highly indicated for cats with a tendency to suffer stress.

Can I leave my cat alone for a weekend?

Many tutors wonder how many days a cat can be alone at home or if it is possible to leave a cat alone for one weekend. The answer is no. We do not advise that the cat be alone at home more than one day. In a weekend many things can happen and if there is nobody who can call the veterinarian quickly the animal could suffer serious consequences. Something as simple as the cat eating all the food on the first day can develop health problems that require immediate attention.

For all the attention, if you go on vacation and do not know what to do with your cat, even if it is a weekend, ask someone to watch over and care for the animal or hire the services of a professional. The human company is fundamental to ensure that all the resources that the cat needs are present and in correct conditions, such as water, food, cleaning or toys. Likewise, cats that live without the company of other animals still need this human contact more meet your social needs, so it is very important that someone comes to visit every day to ensure their welfare.

Hotels or residences for cats

Si tu cat is outgoing, very sociable and adapts without problems to any environment, the option of choosing a hotel or feline residence can present multiple advantages. In addition to having constant attention, you will interact with other cats, enjoy new environments and be entertained. Likewise, this option to leave the cat on vacation is especially indicated for felines in treatment that require several administrations during the day, since many residences have a veterinary service the 24 hours of the day.

Now, if your cat is a healthy animal, tImmido and susceptible to changes (like most), this option It is not the most appropriate for him because of the emotional problems that can develop in him. For this case, decide for the above options.

What to consider when choosing a feline residence?

First of all the needs of your cat. Currently there are many residences that we can find, with varied services and different amenities. Therefore, the most advisable thing is that you check each one of their services and guarantee that they adapt to your feline, they offer permanent attention, care, quality food, play sessions and, ultimately, care about their welfare in your absence. For this, do not hesitate to consult your trusted veterinarian, I can surely recommend the best place!

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