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Ideal toys for small cats

Cats like to have fun since they are very young and although fun objects do not usually vary much with age, there are certain aspects that you should take into account when choosing toys for baby cats.

Toys for kittens They are usually small objects that help our pet to satiate their curious instinct and hunter. Anything will get your attention and sometimes, the simplest homemade toys will win you in preference to expensive and sophisticated objects. Cats are very active and not only like to play but they like you to play with them.

If you want to find the best options for ideal toys for small cats, offers a varied proposal with which your cat will be very happy.

I have a new kitten

If you have a new kitten at home, one of the most important things, after finding an original cat name, is knowing how you can make it happy. Like food, the games for cats They are very important, since they help them develop their hunter instinct and keep them active, remember that cats are pretty lazy by nature.

If it is a baby cat, before hunting you need to learn to stalk and chase objects, so pampering and keeping it happy will be much easier than you think. The most important thing is that you keep in mind that you are not the toy but the playmate; kittens have very thin teeth and claws that can hurt you and it is better to focus your instincts on special toys for it and not on you or on the furniture at home.

Types of cat toys

Within all the immense range of toys for cats there are some types that interest us for smaller cats. Here we explain what are the ideal toys for small cats:

  • Scrapers: The scrapers are one of the basic toys for both adult cats and kittens. With a scraper your cat will stay active, it will help you keep your nails healthy and strong, it will be your special place, your territory. In addition, with a scraper you ensure that your pet does not scratch the furniture. And if you want to save money, I recommend you make your own homemade cat scraper, it’s very easy!
  • Invented dams: Cats are hunters and their feline instinct pushes them to hunt and pursue anything that catches their attention, remember that in addition to being a bit lazy, cats are also curious by nature. Invented dams or teething toys are perfect for your kitten to be distracted and learn to have fun with toys and not with your hand.
  • Rod: Another classic for cats, the fishing rod or the fishing-cats is an ideal toy for small cats, although adults also have a great time with this type of games. It is a thread with a striking toy on the tip (a mouse, feathers, a ball) that will have to hunt while you move it and hiding throughout the house. With cat fishing toys you can interact directly with your pet, teaching him to stalk his prey.
  • Award dispenser: The dispensers of prizes are also very popular among dogs, but when it comes to kittens this type of toys are excellent for our pet to have a good time entertaining, it will stimulate them and it will be useful to give it to them when they stay alone at home.

Of course there are other toys for cats such as intelligence, but these are more for older cats. Small cats are very active and curious about everything, so we have to take advantage of this time to make them feel safe and learn to have fun with you in their space.

Before playing with a baby cat

While it is true that small cats just want to play, you have to take into account some aspects to avoid any kind of risk for both you and your cat.

  • Supervise always play with your kitty. As with babies, you should be careful with the toys you leave for your pet. Avoid those that have small pieces that can be broken by biting or long threads that can be swallowed.
  • Do not leave everything available to the cat. Save the toys special items or those with dangerous parts such as gums or threads that can be swallowed. The rest of toys such as the scraper or a special one to bite can always be left at your fingertips.
  • Beware of the sharp claws of your little friend As we have said, the claws and teeth of smaller cats are very thin, which makes them extremely sharp. Even if it is the most tender kitten in the world, if you are not careful, it can hurt you unintentionally, so avoid your hand being the prey, teach him to play with his toys and use his scraper.
  • Dangerous objects and toxic. When it comes to homemade toys avoid using plastic bags, as they can suffocate or swallow pieces of plastic when biting them. Be careful also with toxic foods such as chocolate or coffee, which may be a reward for you could kill your kitten.

Some tips for game time

Cats are special. Although we believe it will be difficult, if one day your pet does not want to play do not take it personally, your cat still likes to play and be with you. All cats have a special personality and also enjoy their long naps and the company of their owners in the distance.

Varies toys. Have several types of toys and have different models of each; Do not worry about money, because making homemade toys for cats is very economical. Cats get bored easily and with a wide range of game options you will always be active and happy.

Play with your pet. Cats, more than playing themselves, like to play with you, so do not focus only on having fun alone but spend a special time to share with them. Do not forget that the game is also necessary to keep your cat healthy and healthy.

Stalk and hunt. When you have fun with your cat making him stalk or prey, remember to make the game as attractive as possible. Cats like to play hide and seek, so hide the prey, do not see it but give it clues so that it learns to look for you, that way you will awaken their instincts and you will be very happy.

Rewards. Use rewards dispensers to let your cat when he is alone but do not spend with this type of toys, remember that cats are easily overweight. Manage these rewards well and when your kitten learns to hunt prey that are well hidden give him one of these awards.

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