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How to teach a cat to sit

The cats are very intelligent animals to which, like dogs, we can teach tricks. With patience any cat can learn simple tricks. If your cat is young it may be easier but even an adult cat can perform tricks with the right motivation.

It is a very rewarding experience that will unite you and your cat much more. You should have some patience to observe the results but in a short time you will be boasting about your cat’s abilities.

In this article we will explain how to teach your cat to sit, in a normal way and on its hind legs.

How I teach tricks

You must choose a time of day in which the cat is active. Do not wake him up to do tricks. It must be a moment of play between the two. You must complete several training sessions before your kitten understands what you are asking for.

Use always the same order for the same trick, you can choose any word, but it must always be the same. “feel“,”sit“Or”Seated“Are some of the options you can use for this order.

Use as a reward something your cat loves, otherwise you will lose interest right away. You can use cat snacks or some tin food. You can also use small pieces of chicken. The main thing is that your cat likes it a lot and gets his attention.

You can use a “Clicker”, combined with the reward. This small device emits a sound that your cat will associate with the reward.

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Sit under order

It’s the simplest trick you can teach your cat. You can teach him two variants of this trick.


The cat sits and stays still under order. It is the usual sitting posture of our cat. It is the simplest trick with which you can start training your cat.

Standing on its legs:

In this position the cat is supported on the hind legs, raising the front. You can start with the first one and once you master it, move on to the next one.

Training session

To teach your cat to sit on your two hind legs you must follow these tips:

  1. Get your cat’s attention. He must be active and calm, in an environment that he knows.
  2. Raise the reward over your cat without being able to reach it.
  3. Tell him “Above“,”Up“Or the word that you choose.
  4. Do not let him reach the food and tell him “No“If you try to touch it with your paw or reach with your mouth.
  5. Gradually adapt your body posture depending on the distance of the reward.
  6. When he stands still on his legs it is time to give him the reward.

You will need to several sessions for your cat to understand. Although everything depends on each cat, some understand it right away and others will need some more time.

Remember that you must have patience and avoid shouting or scolding your cat. The time to teach something new should be fun for both. If you get tired and lose interest during a session it is better to leave it for another time.


Teach him how he feels is still easier than the previous trick. The posture we intend is more natural so your cat will immediately sit under your order.

The training sessions will be very similar to the one described above. Use a different word like “Sienta”, “Abajo” or the one you choose. It will not be necessary for you to try several distances. The essential thing in this trick is that you do not try to take the reward. You must sit down and wait for you to give it to him.

You can use this trick in many situations and little by little you can eliminate the rewards. Although it is always convenient to repeat a training session every so often and reward it.

Be patient

Remember that each animal is unique, each one has its personality and character. Any cat can learn tricks but not everyone will take the same time.

You must be patient and take it easy, even if your cat understands everything quickly, you will need to repeat some training regularly. This way he will remain motivated and will not stop doing the tricks after a while.

Never get angry with your cat if it does not obey, or get tired training. You must understand his character and adapt a little to him. Stimulate it with your favorite food to train and you will see how your interest arises again. Always use positive reinforcement.

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