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How to sleep a baby cat?

The experience of adopting a cat puppy It is unique and unrepeatable. It is not only about winning a friend for life, it also takes us into the world of care and behavior of these incredible mammals. During this period it is normal that some doubts arise as a result of possible behavioral or health problems, such as the hours of sleep, fundamental for the development of the child.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to sleep a baby cat taking into account the hours of rest it requires.

Rest, essential for the puppy cat

Have you ever wondered how many hours a cat sleeps a day? An adult feline can sleep up to 15 or 17 hours, spread over several naps. However, a puppy cat will need even more hours to grow properly.

Baby cats, up to 4 or 5 months, can get to sleep Up to 20 hours daily As they grow up, this time of rest diminishes and you can observe how they spend more time eating, experiment, play and socialize.

Sleeping not only helps replenish energy, it also strengthens the immune system, helps improve mental abilities and keep the body healthy. Thus, you should never interrupt rest of a small cat.

Make sure that the environment is comfortable

To sleep well the necessary hours, the kitten must to feel comfortable in your enviroment. If you have recently separated from your mother and siblings, you should understand that you may feel scared or sad and that, due to this, you may not be resting well. That can also cause negative behaviors and depression.

It is important that the environment in which you reside is temperate, have a warm bed if it is very small, water and food at your fingertips. It is also necessary to make sure that you have done your needs on a regular basis. We can improve and enrich the cat’s environment with relaxing music and the use of pheromones, yes, we recommend you remove the toys some moments of the day to promote sleep.

Finally, and not least, offering company constantly to the child should be a priority for the family. When creating a strong emotional bond With the kitten we will be helping you to feel comfortable and safe.

Implements a routine and fixed schedules

Cats and many other animals appreciate certain daily routines, as it allows them to have a day-to-day organization. Therefore, we recommend you plan a meal schedule for your cat. Of course, you should keep in mind that cats tend to ask for food. Avoid doing it at the 6: 00 in the morning before going to work or school, otherwise your cat will start waking up on Saturdays and Sundays at that same time.

It may also be interesting to set some days of the week to clean the sandbox and renew your water daily. That is not only because they are very clean animals, cats can go so far as to reproach dirt by urinating in unsuspected places.

Even at rest we must take this point into account. A routine and stable habits will help you better sleep, something very positive so that it rests properly.

Perform a relaxation exercise every night

Next we will show you an exercise to help your cat to relax naturally, yes, enough repetitions are required for the child to understand correctly:

  1. Create a relaxed, silent and positive environment.
  2. Get a piece of clothing, such as a blanket, or a comfortable cushion and call or bring your kitten to lie on it. It is very positive that he comes himself on his own initiative, you must never force him to stay there.
  3. Offer a session of soft and relaxing massages. If you feel like playing, ignore it for a few seconds until you understand that it is not a moment and offer it again.
  4. Make a session of 5 minutes and at the end, remove the cushion or the blanket chosen.

You can perform this exercise once or twice a day. Little by little, you will begin to observe that, just by taking out the chosen garment, the kitten will come quickly in search of relaxation and affection. At the end of the session do not forget to congratulate him and help him understand that he has done very well.

Problems and doubts frequent in puppy cats

To finish this article we will show you some common problems that may be causing your puppy cat not to rest as he should, as well as some frequent doubts or methods to use:

  • The hyperactivityThis problem can be considered serious in adult cats, but not in puppy cats, since at this stage it is totally normal for them to experience actively and have a high energy level. However, it is something that we can work on. Some of the symptoms of hyperactive cats are lack of sleep, anxiety, stress or reinforcement by owners, who accentuate certain behaviors because they seem funny. Until a certain point. The hyperactive cat bites, spider and plays like any other baby cat, however, tends to get out of control more easily. The remedies for hyperactive cats are based on an improvement of well-being through exercise, mental stimulation, affective bond.
  • Problems during the nightMy cat does not let me sleep at night!“It is one of the phrases most heard by ethologists and specialists in feline behavior. It may happen that the cat makes noise at night, mauve or try to wake the owner in different ways. In this case you should act by applying the tips that are mentioned in the article, paying special attention to routines and schedules.
  • Is the cat allowed / able to sleep?: you should not lock a puppy cat in a room to learn to sleep, deprive him of access to certain places or close our door to isolate him. Remember that it is a social animal, which in a wild environment would sleep with its congeners to obtain heat. While it may interest us to teach him to sleep in his bed, we must also understand that he is still a puppy and that social isolation can cause depression and stress.

Some people they send us their Dudas on a daily basis, some of the most common have been “How can I make a wild cat sleep?“In the case of wanting to rescue him,”How to sleep a cat to cut his nails?“,”How to sleep a cat to travel?“,”Can I make my cat sleep with some medication?

We thought it was interesting to make a small mention and highlight some details that we consider important. To begin with, it is essential to point out that cats groom their nails themselves, for which they must provide a scraper and teach them how to file their nails. On the other hand, as for making a cat sleep, whatever the purpose, you should consult a specialist. An excessive dose could put your life in danger and / or cause different health problems. You should not self-medicate a cat.

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