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How to receive the kitten at home?

There are many families that prefer to adopt a cat from your puppy stage. However, once at home different doubts begin to appear: But here the doubts begin: Where will you sleep? What to do if you cry? What toys can you have according to your age? What name to choose? It is normal to have doubts.

In we want to help you so you know How to receive the kitten at home. In this way, arriving home for him and for us will be easier and safer.

We must consider some points such as your age (infant or recently weaned), its origin and the family in which it will be integrated (will live with other animals, children or will be the only pet). But let’s go in parts:

Alone or accompanied?

This doubt should not be taken lightly because we must take it into account in particular, for the animal that is already at home when the new member joins. There are several opinions on this topic, there are experts who say it is healthy to have a partner to play and not be alone all day, but others argue that it is difficult to coexist for some animals that have not been properly socialized.

Si from the beginning they are raised together Surely the relationship is more successful, because cats that are considered very territorial animals and may come to feel invaded by the presence of a new partner. With a friend, we will avoid the “single child” feline syndrome that can be observed in animals that spend the whole day on the couch.

In the case of ya have an adult feline at home and incorporate a new small pet we can have some problems at the beginning. Some reactions can be observed due to fear, jealousy or rejection by the adult because we are “imposing” a new partner. We can see runs, huffed by fright, hunger strike or hide and not want to leave until accept the challenge. Urine can also appear in unwanted places. These reactions are considered normal for a few days, but we can consult a homeopathic or natural veterinarian to help us with the transition, it is usually a better future for family harmony. We avoid future problems on a physical, psychic and social level.

We must also pay close attention to the kitten education to ensure a happy coexistence. Within this training we must teach him to use the sandbox and teach him to use the scraper among many other things.

The most appropriate feeding

From birth and up to the 30 days of life, it is advisable that the cat feeds on breast milk because it provides colostrum, a substance that offers the immunity necessary to survive, as well as vitamins, proteins and minerals, such as calcium, necessary for the proper development of our little one. However, if we have orphaned kittens on our side, we can feed them artificial milk.

After, and up to the 60 days of age, we must begin with the incorporation of solid foods so that when leaving the nest, the kitten is able to self-supply. It is important Do not change your diet if you are adopted for a new home. We must try to first adapt to their new environment and then make the transition that we create the most suitable for the kitten.

Here we can choose between industrial (dry and / or wet) or homemade diets. We can ask our veterinarian for advice the visit we will make for vaccines and controls in the first days. Do not forget to watch so you always have your diposisicón fresh and clean water that we will renew daily.

Health and other cat care puppy

Paying attention to the health of your kitten is very important. Unlike the adult cats, the puppies are susceptible to contract more diseases and that these affect him in a much more intense way. Especially if our puppy comes from a neighbor or shelter, the usual thing is that the cat has more than 2 months of life, is dewormed and at least with a vaccine in his book.

Otherwise, it is important go to the specialist to deworm both internally and externally (remember that the puppy cat can not be dewormed with products for adult cats) as well as start the vaccination schedule with the leukemia and trivalent vaccines.

Although I am not personally in favor of vaccination in cats, as a veterinarian I recommend following it in small animals whose origin is not entirely clear. In some cases, when they could not be properly breastfed, they do not have enough defenses to face life away from their mother. In any case, it is always good to have the child under observation since the changes of home to our children usually affect them emotionally and sometimes, physically, visiting the veterinarian to help us in this new start would be of great help as well.

Regardless of health, it is very important to offer our cat a set of essential items for your day to day life: the bed, the sandbox, the scraper. And the toys! Do not forget that a set of varied toys for cats is the key to stimulate your cat mentally and physically. Choose those that are different in size and shape so that you find them attractive and we also recommend you to look for different intelligence toys, like the kong. Of course, do not forget to participate in the game, essential to have fun and form a good relationship.

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