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How to make a house for wooden cats?

Surely we all know cats who have access to the outside or who live in neighborhoods on the street. Now in the winter, especially during rainy days, getting a protected place can be complicated for them, but also for those people who care about leaving food, in the case of cats that lack caregivers. In this article, we are going to explain how to make houses for wooden cats and tetrabricks in an economical, simple way and, in addition, reusing materials. If you know cats that spend the winter outdoors, keep reading!

Materials needed to make the house for wooden cats

To make a house for wooden cats the first step is to gather the materials. The necessary ones are the following:

  • Wood Ribbons: its length depends on the size that we want to achieve, since we can calculate the house for a cat or for several or even just to protect the feed. The thickness will be approximately 1 cm, so that the resulting structure is resistant but not excessively heavy so that we can handle it easily. If we are skilled with carpentry, we can cut these slats ourselves. If not, we can buy them with the measurements we want in a carpentry shop.
  • Tetrabricks: serves anyone (juice, milk, broth, etc.) of 1 or 2 liters. The amount we have to save will depend on the size of the house we want to obtain. We have to expect that we will use them open.
  • Cutter or scissors great for cutting the tetrabriks.
  • Nails or thumbtacks to attach the tetrabricks to the slats. Staples could also be used.
  • Hammer, drill or stapler, depending on the fastening method we use to secure the tetrabricks to the slats.
  • American tape (optional): to reinforce the structure and increase the waterproofing.
  • Cardboard (optional): if we want to make the interior more cozy. We could use other materials.

Steps before the assembly of the house

First of all we have to cut the tetrabricks. To do this, we stretch them, cut the top flap where the opening system goes and open them to clean them with warm water and soap. Once dry, they are ready to be used in the elaboration of houses for handmade cats. It is indifferent if we put the part of the aluminum inside or out. Of course, we will get a uniform color and, therefore, more discreet.

On the other hand, we must have the woods ready. In principle, for each house we will need four. We can form with them a square or, better, a rectangle, in which case we will need ribbons of two sizes. If we want to make a house of big size we must include another strip in the middle, at least in the face that it makes of ceiling, since it is more than probable that the cats are raised and, without that ribbon, the tetrabricks could yield.

Assembly of the wooden house for cats step by step

When we have all the materials gathered, we can move on to our house for wooden cats, taking into account the following steps:

  1. Make the wooden frame forming a rectangle or a square. For this we must join the slats with nails.
  2. After, we have to line the structure with the tetrabricks, which we will fasten to the wood with nails, thumbtacks or staples. The ideal is to make the house the size of the extended tetra brick, since the fewer pieces we put, the more compact the house will be for house cats.
  3. We can reinforce the structure and the joints between the tetrabricks using American tape. This will prevent water or air from entering. We can paste this tape both inside and outside the house.
  4. On one of the walls we cut out the tetra brick for make the door, taking into account the size of the cat and trying to make it as small as possible so that the house is kept more sheltered.
  5. Inside we can put cardboard to increase the thickness of the floor, as well as some other material that we consider, keeping in mind that it is possible that it has to be changed often because it will get wet and the cats will scratch it.
  6. Now we just have to find a good place to put our house made of wood for cats.

Notes on handmade cat houses

Although these houses are designed for use abroad In order to protect cats from rain and cold, we can also do them indoors. Of course, for interior materials are more materials such as fabrics, foam or wickers, since you do not need to isolate the water, no cat will resist to get into a box so this type of wooden house is an economic option to provide an object that will serve to enrich the environment, made, in addition, with recycled material.

On the other hand, we can make this type of wooden houses for cats in a smaller size to use exclusively in order to protect the food from the rain. In this case, it is not necessary for the house to be large enough for the cat to enter, so that only the head can be introduced to eat. In this scenario, they would also serve as food protection for dogs, simply by making them a little larger.

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