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How to know if my cat has confidence in me?

If you have adopted a cat and your new partner is in the process of adapting to his new home, you will surely ask many questions such as: “how to know if my cat trusts me? “Or” how to win the trust of a cat? “.

Of course, it is essential to understand that each kitten will have their own time to get used to their new environment and feel safe to explore every corner of the home, have a desire to play and interact with you. Therefore, it is vital that we respect this adaptation period of our pussycat, always offering a calm and safe environment that stimulates their curiosity and promotes their optimal physical, cognitive, emotional and social development.

You ask yourself How to know if your cat has confidence? Then, you came to the right page. In this article you will know some signs that indicate that your cat trusts you and loves you.

Signs that indicate that your cat trusts you

Cats are also sociable animals, although their nature makes them much more independent than dogs. Pussies can also build a bond of friendship and affection with their tutors, but they have their own and very special way of expressing their feelings and moods, which is different from ours, from dogs and from other animals.

When the cats they feel comfortable in an environment and receive from their tutors the essential cares and, above all, love, they will give sample of your appreciation and trust. But they will do it mostly through body language They use to communicate with us, with their peers and with their environment.

You ask yourself How to know if your cat trusts you? Then we show you 7 daily feline behaviors that reveal that your pussy cat has a lot of affection and confidence.

1. Want to be with you

One of the signs that indicate that your cat loves you and trusts you is that you want to share your time and your environment with you. When a cat has confidence in you, can invite you to play or simply settle by your side on the sofa to enjoy a nice nap knowing you’re there to take care of it.

Furthermore, if your cat wants to sleep with you, on your chest, on your feet or on your side, this is another beautiful demonstration of confidence. Remember that bedtime implies for cats to be more vulnerable to any possible threat in their environment. Therefore, when your kitty chooses to sleep close to you, you are not only looking for your body heat, but also the security that comes with being by your side.

2. It rubs with you

For some people, one of the rare things that cats do is rub or rub with his tutors. The body of felines produces and secretes pheromones that serve mostly to mark territory and indicate possession. Then, when your pussy cat rubs you, he is telling you that he loves you, he has confidence in you, and now you are “his property.”

3. It brings you food

Many tutors wonder why cats bring dead animals as a gift. Although there is still no agreement on the reason for such feline behavior, it is estimated that it is associated with the habit of teach each other (usually, moms to their puppies) within their community.

Then, your pussycat could give you his prey to teach you how to survive in his world, after perceiving that you are not exactly a good hunter. And this means that he considers you part of his family, as one of theirs.

4. It gets belly up to be stroked

We are accustomed to associate this behavior with dogs, but cats can also get belly up and show their belly. This position indicates that your pussycat is in a state of extreme relaxation and, therefore, it is a clear sign that your cat trusts you.

If your cat only shows his belly or sleeps in this position near you or by your side, it means that he feels very sure in your environment and trust you. However, most cats do not like to touch their bellies, as this part of their body is one of the most vulnerable. Therefore, before interpreting this position as an invitation to caresses, it will be essential to know the personality of your pussycat. Trusting you does not mean that you want to be caressed in that specific area.

5. I knead you

Many people wonder why cats knead, as this behavior is very curious. When they are babies, cats knead their mothers’ nipples to stimulate them and suck more milk. It’s about a natural movement which is part of the emotional bond that the kittens share with their progenitors.

This contact generates a feeling of pleasure and wellbeing, since they feel welcomed and safe with their mothers. Therefore, if your cat kneaded you is an excellent sign that he loves you, trusts you and feels very comfortable in your company.

6. Raise and twist the tip of your tail when it approaches you

Currently, it is known that there are several sounds that a cat can vocalize and their meanings. However, felines mostly use their body language at the moment of expressing their emotions, moods, needs and perceptions about their environment.

The body language of cats is very sophisticated and complex, comprising a great variety of postures, gestures and facial expressions. In this context, the movements and positions of the tail of your feline can tell you a lot about how you feel in relation to you and your environment. If your cat approaches you, raise its tail and slightly twist the tipIt is a sign that your cat trusts you. This behavior can also be observed in a group of cats where the individuals live in harmony and feel comfortable in the company of one another.

7. Purr

Have you already wondered why cats purr? The truth is that felines can emit this vocalization for different reasons, depending on their age and the context in which they are found.

Baby cats purr when they feel pleasure in sucking breast milk or when they are afraid of unknown stimuli, for example. And their progenitors also use this same sound to calm them during childbirth and guide them during their first days of life. Thus, Adult cats tend to purr mainly in positive situations, when they feed or feel confident, relaxed and happy in the company of their tutors. So, if you purr by being with you is a way to know if your cat has confidence, being yes the answer.

How to earn the trust of a cat?

As we discussed in the introduction, adapting the cat to a new home or a new experience is a process and Each cat will need its own time to feel safe in this new reality. However, it is also important that we dedicate ourselves daily to build a positive link with our pussycat, based on trust, affection and mutual care. In also we offer you the best tips to gain the trust of a cat and establish a positive link with our feline companions.

And if you have already discovered that your cat has confidence, Congratulations !, and keep in mind that these animals are very susceptible, so always use positive reinforcement, give all your love and he will thank you in his own way.

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