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How to improve the breath of my cat?

Cats are animals that have a very genuine character and a considerable degree of independence, however, people who live with an animal of these characteristics know well that cats also need attention, care and enough affection.

It is possible that at some point of proximity with our feline we notice that it gives off a very unpleasant odor of its oral cavity, which is known as halitosis, since this sign is estimated to affect 7 of each 10 adult cats.

In this article we show you how to improve your cat’s breath and provide the best oral hygiene possible.

Bad breath in the cat

Bad breath or halitosis can become common among adult cats and is a sign to which we must pay enough attention, since although in most cases it is indicating poor oral hygiene, accumulation of tartar or problems with feeding , as well may be indicative of a pathology that affects the stomach, liver or kidneys.

If your cat suffers halitosis it is important that you can go to the veterinarian so that it discards any serious pathology but also to be able to treat a possible oral disease, since the American Veterinary Society affirms that from the 3 years, the 70% of the cats suffers some problem with your hygiene and dental health.

Warning signs in feline halitosis

If your cat gives off a bad breath it is of great importance to go to the vet to make sure that the halitosis is not caused by an organic affectation, but if your pet shows some of the signs that we expose you next you must pay special importance because they indicate serious pathologies:

  • Excessive brown sarro accompanied by excessive salivation,
  • Red gums and difficulty eating
  • Breath with a smell of urine, which may indicate a renal pathology
  • Breath with sweet, fruity odor, usually indicates diabetes
  • The foul smell accompanied by vomiting, lack of appetite and yellowish mucous membranes indicated a condition in the liver

If your cat experiences any of the exposed manifestations you should go immediately to the vet, since the animal may need urgent treatment.

Feeding in the cat with bad breath

If your cat suffers halitosis it is important check your diet and introduce some change that can be very helpful:

  1. The dry feed should be the main food of the cat with bad breath, because the friction that requires its intake helps to eliminate and prevent the accumulation of tartar.
  2. The cat should drink at least between 300 and 500 milliliters of water a day, enough liquid intake will help an adequate salivation, which aims to drag part of the bacteria found in the oral cavity. To achieve this, dispose several bowls full of fresh water in several areas of the house and sporadically offer wet food.
  3. Reward your cat with specific foods for dental care of felines, this type of snacks can contain aromatic substances and be of great help.

Catnip against cat bad breath

Catnip (Nepeta cataria) crazy to any feline, our friends cats love to rub against this plant and even bite and we can take advantage of this fact to improve your breath, because this type of herb has a menthol odor, it is also known as catnip or cat basil.

Give your cat a pot of catnip and let him play as much as he wants, you will end up noticing him improving his breath.

Oral hygiene in the cat

At first it may seem an odyssey to wash our cat’s teeth, however, it is a necessary fact. To do this we must not use toothpaste for human beings under any circumstances, since it would be toxic, we must acquire a toothpaste specific for cats, there are even some convenient presentations in the form of an aerosol.

We will also need a brush and the most recommended are those that are placed around our finger, try to wash your cat’s teeth at least 2 times a week.

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