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How to help a kitten to defecate

If you have just rescued or adopted a small kitten, you should know how to help him defecate. After each intake of cat-specific milk, the small cat must empty the intestine and relieve itself. We must do what every time we feed him.

It is very important that you pay attention to this detail, whether you have only one kitten or you have several, you must devote all your attention to the moment when you feed them one by one, making sure they defecate.

Keep reading this article to know How to help a kitten to defecate.

Should we help the kitten to defecate?

In the absence of its parent, we, as responsible for the life of the cat, must feed it, clean it, provide it with a stable temperature and if, in fact, help him defecate.

Under normal conditions, after each milk intake, it is the mother who should help the little kitten to relieve herself, but in his absence we will be the ones who should help him, without any shame.

How I help him defecate

After each feeding we must make sure that our kitten defecates, but how do we do it? The cat uses her tongue to stimulate this natural action of the body, and us?

We can use a wet wipe or a cotton garment with which we will gently massage the genitals of the kitten until we see that he does his needs. It is very important that you do this every time you feed, without fail.

More things

After helping him to defecate we must return the cat to the “nest” that we have prepared him, remember that it is very important not to touch him in excess when he is very small.

It may happen to you that the little kitten still has some urine on his body and soils his bed, so you should pay attention and wash your space regularly, not doing so can lead to the appearance of some diseases.

My kitten still does not have a bowel movement

Faced with a serious situation in which we observe that the child does not meet their needs in more than two intakes we must go to the specialist as soon as possible vet. Small kittens are very sensitive and can die when we least think about it.

You must act as soon as possible if you suspect that you are not feeling well.

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