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How to give medicine to a cat?

Few things are so stressful when caring for our pets as giving them the medication indicated by the veterinarian. We can get to convince them the first time and, some, for trust or negligence, fall into our trap but, the cat does not forget and when you try with the second dose you will imagine what can happen. For this reason, des, let’s answer your question how to give medicine to a cat And not die trying. It does not matter if it is a liquid, a pill or some strange paste that you do not know how to do to swallow it, you will see that with this article you will have no more doubts about how to face our beautiful pussycat.

Details to keep in mind before giving medicine to a cat

We are going to offer you some tips so that this procedure is not so traumatic, neither for us nor for them. The first thing we must keep in mind is that we should not use rough methods that scare him We must, at the moment of beginning with the maneuver, have everything near so that it does not distrust and does not think that we only want to approach to force it to something. It is common to think that it will be a tense moment, since it is normal for the cat to see us approach with something in our hands, that is not food or toys, flee and hide. For this reason, it is advisable that we take care of them naturally and that it is not always the same person who applies them.

It is very important speak soft and low and never lose patience, since otherwise we will lose the play and we will not be able to give the medicine to the cat. We can explain what we are going to do, in the correct tone of voice, go slowly, to your times. It is true that sometimes we do not have so much time and we want you to take your medication to leave or continue with what we are doing, however, the cats detect this and will make the task more complicated.

Another very useful advice to give medicine to a cat without being disturbed is to perform relaxation exercises before carrying out the task. For this, we recommend consulting our article on “How to reassure a nervous cat”. It is essential to create a relaxed and safe environment so that the animal does not run away and achieve our goal, which is none other than to help you recover.

How to give a pill to a cat?

In general, there are few pills that can not be placed in the food. You can crush or, if they are capsules, open and mix with a teaspoon of spreadable cheese, and if you do not like it, with a little moist food or tuna. Must be able to mix without the cat detecting the taste of the medication. The latter is very important, because if you detect it, you will discard that food forever or, for a very long time of your life.

It’s not much use trying to hide the pill on a piece of cheese or other food that you like; even the dogs detect this small trap and eat the food to then spit out the pill. The problem in these cases is that the cat will begin to suspect and distrust us, so it will not want to eat more and will be somewhat more stressed.

If cats are very tame and accustomed to our paws we can open your mouth gently prying between the fangs and placing the pill at the base of the tongue. Then, gently close his mouth, while we massage the neck to encourage him to swallow it and, thus, give the medicine to the cat. If you have not had luck in the first attempt, do not lose your calm. Caress the animal to relax it and try again. There are many tips for giving pills to a cat, but undoubtedly the best trick is to be very patient and understanding.

For the globules of homeopathy we should not touch them (because with the heat of the hand we release the homeopathic medicine found in them) we recommend mixing them with a small piece of food, but not in the food dish, but take advantage to give it something that he likes to eat as long as it is not prohibited for them. To find out what foods to give, see our article on “Prohibited Foods for Cats”.

Can I dissolve the cat pill in water?

No, it is not recommended to dissolve the sideburns in water, so if the above advice does not work and there is no way to get the medicine to the cat, it is best to go to the veterinarian for him to do it.

How to give syrup to a cat?

If it is a liquid that we must give on an empty stomach, we can use a syringe, without a needle, that we will put in the sides of the mouth to avoid drowning. If it is not necessary to be fasting, the task will be much easier.

To know how to give syrup to a cat, we can mix the medicine with a little bit of food, but not in its daily ration because it will be lost a lot and we will not be sure that it has really eaten it; It may be on the edges of the feeder or, if they detect it, they will not want to eat that food and, in more extreme cases, never again of that feeder. Therefore, the mixture of liquid with some food (pate or steaks) is always the best option. Also, if we offer you between 5 and 10 game minutes after this moment, it will be ideal so that you do not keep the memory, something very important.

In homeopathic medicines it is important to notify the pharmacy that it will be for a cat, since they prepare it with less alcohol and it will be easier to hide it in the food. Anyway, there are animals that just shake the bottle, they sit down and wait for their daily dose. This is a good task for the owners, it is not impossible, they just need time and patience.

And if you can not give your cat syrup in any way, you should go to the veterinarian to tell you how to do it or to assess the option to change the medication.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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